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10 Ways How to Improve Backyard Deck Ideas

To welcome summer every new year, you may want to extend your living space by building a backyard deck. There are many ways to choose if you want to customize your backyard deck so you can match your needs and preference design. You need to search for some ideas before you start to build the backyard deck that you think best for you. In this article, you are going to be inspired by more ideas to customize your backyard deck.

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1. Checkerboard Floor | Hometalk

1.SIMPHOME.COM Checkerboard floorIf you think that your backyard deck is boring, why not add some colors? Pick a color or paint the deck floor in a pattern. A checkerboard pattern can be a brilliant idea. Using exterior paint to give your plain deck color or pattern with give the plain and boring and plain deck become more alive.
1.SIMPHOME.COM Checkerboard floor 2
Put a cafe table and two chairs with cushions to make a place to relax and enjoy some afternoon tea. You can also put greens to freshen up the place or herbs and you have a mini supply for your kitchen.

2. Put color and as well as Protection on the Wood | Thisoldhouse

2.SIMPHOME.COM Put color and as well as protection on the woodWhen the spring comes and then summer is in your door, it is the right time to fix and redecorate the backyard deck that has been facing the harsh winter. Without renewing the outer protection, it is almost impossible for woodwork like your backyard deck to survive for a good period of time. Sun rays, water and other elements of nature can become enemies to the wood as it can slowly rotting the wood and cause it to decay. The use of paint or exterior stain can help you make your backyard deck more colorful and alive as well as put protection against nature.

3. Add a Pergola | Thisoldhouse

3. SIMPHOME.COM Add a pergolaIf you do not have any idea where to go or simply no budget for summer vacation, spending time in your backyard is always a good option if you have a spot where you can get sunlight freely. Try to put a pergola in your backyard deck. Pergola function as a shield for strong sun rays but still allow you to enjoy some light. By installing a pergola, you can spend summer without having to go anywhere, it is also sweet to have coffee with your family or friends under the pergola in the afternoon.
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4. Latticework Installation | Thisoldhouse | Apexext

4.SIMPHOME.COM Latticework installation

Latticework is a crisscrossed framework in a building, it can be made by wood, metal, or even plastic. This piece can serve as a decorative and functional purpose. It can be used to divide spaces in rooms and it also good to look at. If it is installed in your backyard deck, it will create a private space without blocking the breeze and blocking the view.

5. Border for the Bench | Thisoldhouse

5.SIMPHOME.COM Border for the benchWhen you have a low deck in your backyard, there is no need to build a railing. You can make a bench around it. While it is useful for seating it also will provide enclosure sense around the deck. The bench around the deck is enough for many people to sit, therefore it is the perfect place for you to gather with your friends and family on the weekends.

6. A Green Wall Project Idea | Myplantconnection | Hna-design

6. SIMPHOME.COM Green wallPutting some green walls around the backyard deck is a brilliant solution for you since it provides you private space and all other green benefits. By putting green walls you can reduce the heat, especially if you live in an urban area it can also decrease the smog. So by installing a green wall, you are cooling down the area around it, makes it even more comfortable space for you to spend time. However, you need to keep in mind that green walls that using real plants need maintenance as if you are having a garden. It needs watering, fertilizer and constant treatment to keep it nice and alive.
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7. Plant Fence | Thisoldhouse

7.SIMPHOME.COM Plant fenceA low backyard deck can be completed with a fence made of plants to create borders as well as a green area with all its benefits for your backyard area. Plants with flowers will create a beautiful view, while herbs can be beneficial for your kitchen.
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8. Deck Garden with Plant Containers | Hometalk | Apexext

8. SIMPHOME.COM Deck Garden with plant containersPutting containers full of plants and spread it all over the backyard deck can add garden feeling to your backyard. It is perfect for you who not wanting to wait long enough for the green walls or plant fence to grow. Pick the plants that can stay alive even in drought, this will reduce the effort in maintenance.

9. Make use of the Trees | Thisoldhouse | Heiancup

9. SIMPHOME.COM Make use of the treesThe trees have a lot of functions while serving as an oxygen supplier, shade when it is too hot and it can also act as support for your pergola. Build your deck in the middle of big trees and on top of it put the pergola using the trees as supports. Provide room tables with some seats around it, you can use the spot for lunch together with friends and families.

10. Space below the Upper Deck | Wahoodecks

10. SIMPHOME.COM Space below the upper deckIf you live in a house with a high deck or a balcony, there must be a space below it. You can make use of that space by putting seats and create a comfortable seating area. The upper deck or the balcony can act as shade to space below, making space a good place to rest and relax without getting stung by the harsh sun rays in the summer. Provide stairs linking the upper deck to space below to make it easy to access from one deck to another.

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There are many more ideas to improve your backyard deck. All you need to do is find the right one to inspire you that suits your needs and preferred design. If you already have the deck then you need to make changes to avoid boredom and to make the place more fun. If you are still planning to build one, make sure that the design you have is suitable for the size of your backyard.

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