10 Unique and Unusual DIY Vegetable Garden Ideas

Maintaining vitamin and mineral intake through consuming vegetables are important. That’s why a lot of people choose to grow edible plants at home so they can enjoy fresh vegetable every single day. More than that, vegetable garden is also a fruitful way to improve the curb appeal.
Although the vivid red of tomatoes and soothing green of lettuce are enough to comfort the eyes, unique and unusual design will add new aesthetic visualization that will impress your guests. Keep on reading (or playing next video) because I’ve listed 10 Unique and Unusual DIY Vegetable Garden Ideas that you can borrow for your own garden space.

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10. Hanging Wooden-Pallet Vegetable Garden

10. Hanging Wooden Pallet Vegetable Garden idea via Simphome
Some herbs like basil, mints and parsley will taste better when they’re still fresh, so it is the perfect option to have them at home. Because of their small size, they don’t require much space and can be planted together in a container.
Hanging wooden pallet is one of the best ideas you should try. You only need to add a wooden plank under each shelf available in the wooden pallet. Don’t forget to make some holes for the drainage.
Attach the wood pallet, then plant the herbs. Make sure it is hung on the place where they can get enough sun to grow. The last, write down the name of each plant in order not to be confused when picking it.

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9. 3-in-1 Vegetable Garden idea

9. 3 in 1 Vegetable Garden via SimphomeThe more plants you want to grow, the more space you need. It will be a big issue for an avid gardener who has to get by with limited space. However, this 3-in-1 garden project idea will get you covered. It allows you to have 3 different vegetables in a single container that surely will save up the space. If you live in a small place like an apartment, yet you want to have fresh vegetable, this idea is highly recommended.
Just like planting any other plants, you need soil, seeds, and a container with drainage holes which is big enough for the plants. Make sure to give enough room for each vegetable you plant to grow up. Last, set them in the place where they can get six to eight hours of sun.

8. Vegetable Garden on a Dining Table project idea

8. Vegetable Garden on a Dining Table via Simphome
This vegetable garden idea will awe your guests for sure. Just ask them to come over for dinner, and let your edible plants amuse them.
This is actually a regular table that also functions as a raised bed. You can make it yourself. You just need to get some boards, and attach the legs to the table top using screws or L-brackets. And here is the most crucial part – make some space as the raised beds where you can grow your plants, and an irrigation system in the middle. Don’t forget to leave some space on the table top to serve the dishes.

7. An Old Wagon Wheel Raised Bed Project idea

7. Old Wagon Wheel Raised Bed via Simphome
Who would have thought that an old wagon wheel can turn into a beautiful mini garden for vegetable? Moreover, it gives your garden a rustic touch.
The spokes divide it into different sections so it can contain several different vegetables and herbs at once. All you need to do is putting the wagon on the ground and fill it with soil. Once you think it’s enough, cultivate the vegetables you want in each spoke.

6. An Upside-Down Planter project idea

6. Upside Down Planters via Simphome

Does your house not even provide you some inches backyard for tomatoes?
Do not let it ruin your plan to have a vegetable garden because from now on, you can have your tomatoes garden with this unusual upside-down planter project idea even if you are short on space.
First you need to prepare a five-gallon plastic container and cut a three-inch hole in the bottom center. Next, make two or more holes for the chord that will hold the bucket up. Basically, this planter is suspended from the ceiling so they will not overtake the floorspace. Next, place some layers of newspaper on the bottom and fill it with soil. Cut a slit in the newspaper and insert the tomato in.
Once the plant is securely in place, hang the bucket and fill it completely with soil.

5. Color Up Your Garden Space with Colorful Tires

5. Color Up Your Garden via Simphome
Beautiful garden doesn’t have to cost you much. You can bring a lot of fun and beauty by repurposing old tires which are painted in different colors as the pot for your vegetables. Not only one or two, you can pile up three or more tires to get the height you want. After that, you only need to fill them with soil and vegetable seeds.

4. Vertical Gardening with Shoe Organizer idea

4. Vertical Gardening with Shoe Organizer via Simphome
It is 2019 and gardening is no longer about buying pots and having large yard. Instead, you can repurpose the old stuff that you no longer use like a shoe organizer. Having plenty of pockets, it allows you to have numerous vegetables that you can hang everywhere.
To make this project you’ll need a shoe organizer, pole, hook, and plants. Start with attaching the pole on the wall where you are going to hang the shoe organizer, then add very strong hooks to support the weight of the garden later. Next make drainage holes in case it doesn’t drain well. Add the soil into each pocket, and begin to cultivate the vegetables. Don’t forget to water them and to give them enough sun.

3. Get your plants Inside the Box

3. Let’s Go Inside the Box via Simphome
What if your drawers are filled with vegetables instead of clothes? I know it’s unusual but that’s what makes it interesting. With some drawers, boards and a little effort, you can get this unusual vegetable garden set up.
First make a stair-like construction from scrap or boards that acts as the brackets that support the drawer. Cut four shorter boards for each drawer and attach them to the support board. These woods will act as the railings so you can pull and push the drawer. Next, fill the drawers with soil and the vegetable you want. Don’t forget to drill some holes at the bottom of each drawer for good drainage.

2. Indoor Herb Garden with Baking Tin project idea

2. Indoor Herb Garden with Baking Tin via Simphome
A herb garden inside the house? Why not?
It will enable you to pick the herb you need more easily. Moreover, herbs do well in any small planter, even in a baking tin. Sounds weird but it only takes several minutes to follow or completed and its final look is really satisfying.
So first you need a circle baking tin, plastic sheet, gravel, herbs and its soil. Following the diameter of the baking tin, cut the plastic sheet semi-circle and join them together with glue. Once it’s dried, put the gravel, the soil and the herbs in sequently. The last, put it everywhere you want, either on the wall or on the countertop.

Lastly number 1. Recycled Plastic Bottles gardening project idea

1. Recycled Plastic Bottles via Simphome
The amount of plastic waste keeps increasing, which can be harmful for the environment. So, let’s try to decrease the plastic waste by recycling plastic bottles. One of many ways to recycle them is to use them as the containers for vegetables or other plants.
First, collect the plastic bottles as many as you want, then cut them half. Make some holes in the covers for drainage and attach them on a wooden pallet. Fill them with soil and vegetables. Lean it on the things that can help it stay vertical or add more woods to support it stand vertically.

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