11 Creative Ideas How to Improve Concrete Backyards

Home is the last place you want to be, after a long day at work. Home is where you can spend your weekend along with people you love. I believe you will do anything to make this place to be as comfortable as possible. However, one spot that often is forgotten when you are decorating your home is the backyard. The backyard is that very place in the back part of your lovely home and this place can be very functional if you know how to improve it.
Most of you may have a concrete backyard and feel stuck on how to make it prettier and more functional. This is the right place for you if you are trying hard to come up with some ideas on how to improve the appearance as well as the functionality of your concrete backyard.

If you are somebody who throws a party often, patio and backyard is probably the most important spot in the house. This very place is perfect if you have a barbecue party with families or neighbors or to do some warm conversation after the dinnertime. Here are some ideas to improve your patio and your boring concrete backyard.

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1. Concrete with Wood Plank Stamped on It.

1 3. Concrete with wood plank stamped on it Curved flagstone stamped concrete Stone firepit idea via .jpg
11 Amazing Concrete Backyard Ideas – Tavernierspa

These wooden textures will give lessen the stiff feeling to the ordinary concrete. Wood can also give more warmth to the eyes and feet. So feel free to show your bare feet here.

2. Curved Flagstone Stamped Concrete.

A curved stamp will give a more relax feeling, add some chairs with a table in the middle. It will be perfect for some teatime with family or friends. You can enjoy time with some heartwarming conversation accompanied by coffee or tea and also the view of trees around you. (Source:

3. Stone Firepit

The firepit will never go wrong, include the design of a fire pit in your back yard is a brilliant idea, so you can always hang around in the backyard even when it is a little bit colder the outside. Feel free to pick the stone in making the firepit. You can even build a fire pit out of bricks. (Source:

4. Combination of two models of concrete in a small backyard

4. Combination of two models of concrete in a small backyard via
Concrete Finishes For Patios And Walkways Broom Finish Concrete with Concrete Backyard Ideas – Tavernierspa

In an attempt to make your small backyard seem larger, you can combine curved and symmetric concrete along with the small part of the soil for some small plants in the empty area. This design will give you fullness and width at the same time.
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5. Concrete Backyard Basketball Court

5. Concrete backyard basketball court via
The Concrete Slab Basketball Court Is Great Exercise For The Whole inside 11 Genius Ways How to Upgrade Concrete Backyard Ideas – Tavernierspa

If you love sport, especially basketball, I am sure that no matter how busy you are, you are going to spare some time to go to basket ball court even only for the weekend. Or you just wish to play basketball with your children but finding the best time for you and your children is a hard task? Why not build your own basketball court in your backyard? You can simply play whenever you wish. You just have to follow some steps to start building the court in your backyard. First, you need to know the size of the space in your backyard and suit the size of the court. the second is the concrete, while it is okay to not using concrete such as using rubber sport tiles, but if you want you cour to be long-lasting and strong, concrete is just right for you.

The third step is to collect the materials, time to find the materials that you need such as hoop, concrete, stencil, tape measure, tamper and twine or stakes. The next is to set the floor and hoops. In this step, you are going to move the soil and pour the concrete to the marked area. The concrete at least 4 inches in thickness. The last one is to add surface for your dried concrete but if you think that is not necessary, it is okay.

6. Use Stamped Concrete

6. Use stamped concrete via Simphome.comStamped concrete has so many patterns and colors, this will save you from boring concrete decorating your backyard. Add some chairs with some small tables and do not forget the element of nature, the plants, and flowers. Now rather than stressing over the boring backyard, you have a colorful place to spend extra time with your family.
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7. Combine the Concrete with Grass

7. Combine the concrete with grass via

It is always good to see green. To make your concrete patio less boring, you can plant some grass in between or surround the concrete. The backyard will look neat and relaxing at the same time. Image source

8. Use Colorful Random Stamped Concrete for Small Backyard

8. Use colorful Random stamped concrete for small backyard via Simphome.comThis will be useful for you who live in town and have a small portion of the backyard in your home. Use colorful random stamped concrete combined with stones and plants. Even with a small-sized backyard, you can put all beautiful elements to maximize it.

9. Natural-like stamped concrete

9. Natural like stamped concrete via .jpgUse the stamped concrete with the color resembling natural stones, or bricks. This will give your backyard a more sense of nature. If you want more you can always put a small fireplace in the corner and some concrete pots for the flowers and plants. The fireplace will function as decoration as well as a functional item to keep you warm while spending time with your coffee and favorite book.
Image Source:

10. Big Ashlar Slate and Stone Firepit

10. Big Ashlar Slate and stone firepit via Simphome.comNow if you have a large backyard and do not know where to begin. Combine a big ashlar slate pattern and put the stone fire pit in the middle. This kind of backyard will be best for you to have a big scale party and with the firepit, it is always possible to hold the party outside.

11. Flagstone Concrete backyard concrete patio images
Backyard Concrete Patio Images Home Design Interior Designs Small with regard to 11 Genius Ways How to Upgrade Concrete Backyard Ideas – Tavernierspa

This type of stamped concrete gives a beautiful contrast with the grey stain and in combination with the white colored surrounding.

Concrete is never boring if you know how to play with it.and it has so many choices from colors and shapes, allowing you to create your own attractive backyard where you can enjoy your time with your loved one, or even by yourself. Be creative with the concrete and other decorations around will make you achieve your dream backyard.

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