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30+ Ideas How to Craft Fun Backyard Picnics

There were few things in your life which is pleasing as you spend in the well-maintained yard on cool summer or evening. You are able to provide a time and maintenance to keep your patio, garden or porch – so why don’t you show it for gatherings or parties? There are so many ideas to improve the natural beauty, lush of your outdoor area on any occasion that you have.
We all know that summer calls for tasty drinks, great company and of course – delicious meals. Whether it uses for the BBQ for the first season or just weekly gathering, you can try some ideas for your DIY decor projects and party tips as well. Your family and friends will keep going to your house during the summer long.

These ideas are mostly easy and inviting – but still give rooms left for your creative touch.
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5 Simple Tips How to Produce Amazing Picnic ideas for your Backyard

If you have a yard that looks inviting enough to hold a picnic, please understand that you have a charming asset at your disposal. Not all families have access to such space. Do yourself and your family a big favor and hold a few picnics at your backyard. All you need is just the right weather and a little bit of imagination. You can throw picnic parties for a wide variety of occasions. Maybe it’s for somebody’s birthday. Perhaps it’s the 4th of July, or maybe you just want to bring family and friends together.

Whatever the case may be, when you have a lot of space in your backyard, you have something that can give a lot of people you care about a good time. Here are some tips that you can use to make sure that your backyard will be an excellent place for any kind of picnic party. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is. You would be able to put together a picnic party that would make for great memories. The current trend is to bring the comforts of your indoor spaces to your backyard. It’s as if you are planning an indoor party, but you’re holding a picnic outside.

It may seem weird, but it’s all about bringing the best of both worlds together, the typical picnic blanket and basket just won’t do, it’s just too basic. People are looking for a comfortable and classy experience outdoors, and the best part is that it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You can take out your covered duvet or washable bedspread and pillows to set up. For added protection, you can even place a tarp on the ground. This way, people don’t have to worry about muddy shoes or grass stain on their footwear as well as their clothing.

Tip 1. Create an exotic ambiance with Candles and Potted Succulents. Potted succulentThe more indoor plant life you bring out and place on tables and other outdoor furniture, the better. This context is where the case of more being merrier will genuinely work. Just make sure you scatter them all over makeshift wooden or plastic set up, set these pieces of furniture low on the ground so your family and friends can sit Indian-style on the ground. It’s a great way to bond, and you have a shallow center of gravity, and it feels very natural.
You don’t get dirty because you have a tarp underneath, but you can feel the ground beneath you. It’s a great natural way to enjoy the outdoor ambiance and bringing in a little bit of an exotic touch to your next outdoor party.

Tip 2. Take out your Christmas lights and Wrap them around your Backyard Trees for a Magical picnic party. Christmas lightsLet’s get one thing clear, Christmas is that magical time of the year. Kids of all ages look forward to Christmas pretty much throughout the year. It’s as if Christmas just happened and kids and adults can’t wait for it to come along once again. You can bring some of that old-school Christmas spirit to life by only taking out your Christmas lights from their boxes and wrap them around your backyard trees.
You can add the candles at the bottom, and these small lights are pretty much the only source of lighting. This way, you have a very natural light source while at the same time, bringing out the year-end holiday accents that make for great memories. Of course, to keep the theme, you probably would want to serve food that is typical for winter.

Tip 3. Use portable Bluetooth Speakers and Play Ambient Music. portable bluetooth speakerWhatever the intended atmosphere of your outdoor picnic party may be, make sure you use portable Bluetooth speakers to provide the right kind of mood audio. Now, the downside to this is you can’t set the volume too high. You also cannot play music in your backyard all hours of the night. You have to be thoughtful and considerate of your neighbors. With that out of the way, a little bit of Bluetooth speaker music can go a long way in adding a lot of ambient music as well as mood to the atmosphere of your picnic.
If you think your outdoor festivities are already a lot of fun, wait until you play some music that everybody likes. The key here is to focus on creating good memories for everybody that you invite, and music can go a long way in making that happen.

Tip 4. Use Country-style Dishware. Country style dishwareAs the old saying goes, it’s the small details that count for a lot. When you use country-style dishware, you not only enjoy great kitchenware to hold your food as your talk to your friends and guests, but the actual look and color add to the overall atmosphere you are trying to create in your backyard party. If you’ve ever thrown at least one party in your life, you know that atmosphere counts for a lot. You don’t have to have a big budget.
It doesn’t have to be the social event for the year, but if you can nail the right mood or the right theme, this increases the chances that everybody is going to have a good time. It would make for better memories and what better way to add a little bit more accents to your backyard picnic than to use country-style dishware. You can also include trays, drinking glasses, utensils, and plates that have specific themes or come from a particular color set.

Tip 5. Prepare a Menu that is Easy to eat while at the same time packs a lot of Flavor and matches the Mood of the Party. prepare menu

This idea might seem like a tall order, but it isn’t because when you have a social setting where people are standing around talking to each other, holding food and drinks, your choices of party fare is quite limited. We’re talking about salads, sandwiches, dips, side dishes, and desserts. You can also experiment with the type of summer drinks that most of your guests would enjoy. You might also want to include fruit and seasonal desserts. The key is to create an environment that people could fondly remember.

Next, I am giving you 36 backyard picnic ideas (video, pictures, and sentences) categorize to three different sections. Enjoy and let dive first section of this long list.

10 Ideas How To Make & Complete Backyard Picnic Video

Intro: I know that everybody is longing for going on vacation or simply going on a picnic. Unfortunately, it’s just a pie in the sky as the Coronavirus has made everyone stay at home. That’s a bummer!
Don’t give up having a great time with family because you can still go on a picnic. Yes! I am telling you to enjoy the holiday vibes by going on a picnic in your backyard. More about that discussion later.

Next, check out these 10 ideas on how to make or build an amazing backyard picnic for an unforgettable fun experience with your family.

1st 10 Ideas How To Complete Amazing Backyard Picnic Projects:

Following view basic backyard above, this is 10 backyard picnic project ideas extracted from the video

10 Ideas Of How to Build Amazing Backyard Picnic via
10 Ideas Of How to Build Amazing Backyard Picnic Poster


10. Build A Convertible Picnic Table and Bench

10.Convertible Picnic Table and Bench By Simphome.comIs this a picnic table or two benches? Or maybe both? Yes! This picnic table and benches combo will allow you to enjoy the meals and beverages with your family comfortably. If you just want to sit around and catch up, you can flip the top of the table to form two benches.9
Don’t worry! This picnic table won’t break your bank because it will set you back about $80. The first thing you need to do is assembling the legs that look like an “A” Repeat the steps until you get 4 leg sets. Attach the stretcher that connects one leg with another one. After that, attach the legs to the bench top you’ve made. Assemble the arms, supports and another table top using hinges. These hinges will allow you to fold and unfold the table, turning it into a bench.

9. A Simple Yet Romantic Picnic Idea

9.A Romantic Picnic With Portable luggage By Simphome.comYou don’t have to eat out in a fancy restaurant to impress her. All you need to do is bringing your suitcase in your backyard and have a picnic.
But, wait! What is the suitcase for?
Well, if you add a twist to it, you’ll get a suitcase that you can use to carry all the things you need for a picnic, a portable picnic table, and a speaker system that you can connect with your iPod or smartphone.
This wonderful suitcase is not available in any store, so you’d better make it yourself. It’s super easy. Even if you are a complete novice, you will be able to do it well.
How to follow the project?
First, attach the legs to the suitcase using hinges. Make sure there is enough space between where you will mount the hinge to the suitcase and the edge of the suitcase. After that, remove hardware from the speakers and prepare the suitcase before you attach the hardware to it. For extra safety, add some ribbons, snaps, and elastic so that the food and drinks will stay in place.

8. No Picnic Table, No Problem

8.No Picnic Table No Problem via Simphome.comIf you don’t have a picnic table, nor much time to make one, don’t worry because it’s not a big deal! Going on a picnic means you enjoy your leisure time with your family, not adding more workload which is a bit much somehow.
To enjoy your picnic without any tables is by laying a mat on the lawn or ground in your backyard. As simple as that. It doesn’t have to be a special mat, though. A duvet with a removable cover, or a washable bedspread will do in a pinch. If the ground is damp, place a tarp underneath to protect them.

7. Prepare the Menu

7.Prepare the Menu via Simphome.comAbove all, don’t forget about the food. The ultimate goal of going on a picnic is to enjoy delectable food while blending with nature. The food you bring to a picnic can be anything depending on what your family are really into. But if you want something delicious yet simple so that you don’t have to slave over a hot stove, try to pack,

Menu such as :
• Egg Salad Sandwiches
• Turkey-Avocado Wraps
• Red, White, and Green Panini
• Red Potato Salad
• Coconut Macaroons
• Tarragon-chicken sandwiches with red grapes
• Balsamic grilled chicken salad

Egg salad sandwiches will be your kids’ favorite. To make this sandwich, you need to boil some eggs, peel, and chop them. After that, make the egg salad by stirring the eggs together with sweet pepper, pickle relish, mayonnaise, and mustard. Now you can begin to assemble the sandwich by laying lettuce leaves on the croissant, spread the egg salad, a cheese slice, and finally the other croisant. Secure the sandwich using wooden toothpicks.

6. Don’t Forget about the Drinks

6.Don’t Forget about the Drinks via Simphome.comSince you bring some food with you, you will also need to bring the drinks too. Besides, staying hydrated while shooting the breeze is good for you.
Fizzy and sweet drinks may appeal to you, especially if you are going on picnic on a hot sunny day. Homemade lemonade and fruit juice would be nice as they are everyone’s favorite, including your kids. But don’t forget to bring lots of water along with you, too.
To make it look more appealing, you can put the lemonade and juice in some mason jars with holes. To make the holes, punch through the lid using think nails, sand the sharp edges. Insert a straw.

5. Drive Out Bugs

5.Drive out Bugs via Simphome.comYour picnic is supposed to be fun. So, don’t let bugs ruin your special moment. Some herbs like lavender, mint, rue, and tansy are renowned for their fragrance that act as a natural insect repellent. Try laying lavender centerpiece to spice up your picnic while holding the irritating insects at bay.

4. Decorate It Wisely

4.Decorate It Wisely via Simphome.comWe all know that going on a picnic is not about enjoying scrumptious food and drink outside. You are looking for something that can please the eyes too, right? Therefore, you should decorate the spot where you are going to have a picnic wisely.
Some balloons and ribbons will make a great decoration on the chip. If it is an evening picnic, some lanterns or battery-powered candles will add a romantic nuance.

3. Ensure Your Kids Beyond Happy

3.Ensure Your Kids Beyond Happy via Simphome.comKids are typically exuberant. They can’t stay still for a longer period of time. So, you need some games for them to blow off steam.
There are many fun games for them. One of which is musical chairs. Set up several chairs in a circular shape. All the players have to stand outside the circle. Play the music. Stop it randomly. When the music stops, the players have to grab a seat. The one who doesn’t manage to sit has to be eliminated.
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2. Play the Music

2.Play the Music via Simphome.comDon’t let your fun picnic become boring. Play the music can eradicate the boredom like a charm. If you can play the guitar, it will be a bonus. You can bring the guitar along with you and play it for your family. There is no exact rule in choosing the best music for a fun picnic. The music that meets your taste will be always the top-notch choice. Feel free yourself in regard music instrument you want to fetch and stay few seconds to grab best idea of the video.

1. Light the Picnic Up

1.Light the Picnic Up via 1You can go on a picnic in the evening sometimes. Enjoying the meals while looking at the glittering stars is such a spectacular idea. To enhance the serene and romantic ambiance, add some lanterns or string lights that illuminate the space nicely.
1.Light Your Picnic Space Up via Simphome.comDone, Now you know that you can do lots of fun things at your own backyard. Stay at home safe, healthy, and try out these one of these 10 ideas on how to make an amazing backyard picnic. One other thing, continue your reading to find dozen bonus ideas related to our current topic.

2nd 10 Inspiring Ideas How to Craft Fun Backyard Picnics:

SIMPHOME.COM 10 Ideas how to craft backyard picnic ideas Featured Image
This next 10 ideas are uploaded before 10 previous ideas. It comes without video, but I assure you that the list is also cared with same love and dedication. Enjoy

1. Creative an Exotic Escape area

1.SIMPHOME.COM Creative an exotic escape areaIf you have a small table for two persons in your backyard, it may be difficult to get dressed specifically for the BBQ or birthday parties as well. You should know that it is too small to spread out the drinks and meals, but it is also too large for the single ornament. This backyard decoration is perfect for the smaller tabletops and you need to combine a few tropical details for your meeting. To get this impressive look, you need to set up a big bowl vase in the center table. You need to place one or two artificial leaves inside the vase to light up the exotic nuance. Finish this look by filling up the glass plate with fresh tangerines and put it on the table next to your vase. Kolekcionarkauspomena.

2. Held a party on the Ground

2.SIMPHOME.COM Held a party on the groundWhy not hold a party with the picnic-style? What looks like the glamour set-up may bring you to a few minutes to be assembled. You can use several crates as the table and make a blanket and pillows on there – all people here will be so nice with you and they just feel comfortable while they are having dinner. This is perfect for a party with no too many guests – you can get more intimated nuance.

3. Starry Night Party

3.SIMPHOME.COM A Starry Night PartySo, you can bring the bohemian ambiance to the pergola and your outdoor dining space with this backyard party idea. Whether you want to get friends to lunch or having tea or coffee with desserts, then this look is so perfect for the green space around your home. You can suspend a big LED light in the center of the pergola so that it uses as the light fixture. Then, you can lose it to the linen table runners to bring the gauzy shade and texture in your decoration. The last, you can decorate your table with leafy plants such as the boxwood to get more summer vibe here.

Other Outdoor Lighting Ideas :

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4. You can Light up your Trees too

4.SIMPHOME.COM You can light up your trees tooOne of the easiest ways to make a backyard party space looks better than before is purchasing some string lamps and wrap it up around your trees. It never takes a lot of time to adjust anything and they will be sinning all night long. It helps your space look more magical and beautiful. You do not need too much decoration anymore since it can be a focal point as well.

5. Potted Succulents

5.SIMPHOME.COM Potted succulentsYou should know that potted succulents are perfect jewelry for the outdoor summer meeting. For this evening backyard party idea, you need to line some potted succulents down to the middle of picnic or a kind of farmhouse table – it would be surrounded by the glass to hold the fuel cells and tealights. There are many great things to do with this idea.

6. Decorate your Table Creatively

6.SIMPHOME.COM Decorate your table creativelyTo make the easiest way to decorate your outdoor party, all you need is folding the bandanas in half diagonally, you need to connect it by knotting those corners together – that’s it, you need to hang them. You can have fun to mix and match the prints and colors – there are so many ideas available online at cheap prices. After the party is over, you can give them to kids for their cowboy costumes.

7. Country Look Candles

7.SIMPHOME.COM A Country look candlesIf you want to get a country-inspired BBQ setting of a backyard picnic, then you can try these sparkling lights in the table or your patio as well. To get a rustic look, you need to coat the bottom of a glass vase and fill it up with the rest of the water. You need to put the floating candle in each jar and each of them will be tied around the neck. To get this look, then incredible lighting for warm and summer vibe

8. Warm and Glowing Party

8.SIMPHOME.COM A Warm and glow partyThere is no kiddie party without having the helium balloons that they can light up the night. You can buy the mini LED lights from the party stores. They are so cheap and can last for eight hours. All you need is putting them in each balloon when you blowing it up. You can group them to get maximum the starlit nuance.

9. Beautiful Picnic idea

9.SIMPHOME.COM A Beautiful picnic ideaYou can host a memorable backyard picnic idea with your friends using these techniques. First, you need to find out a large blanket to be spread in your lawn part. Then you scatter beautiful pillows in various sizes in the edge of a blanket– giving your guests with something that can be a place to lay down. So, it can be your best idea. Classhome.

10. Save the Best One for the Last

10.SIMPHOME.COM Save the best one for the lastYou can see the ice-cold bubble is the paradise for the hot summer night and its highly recommended to change your desserts into something chilled – you need to chill them well and pour one a scoop of favorite sorbet into it. It will be so good if you go with mangoes and raspberries. Ensure that you serve it along with the spoon so that your guests can enjoy each bit and sip on your treat.

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