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There were few things in your life which is pleasing as you spend in the well-maintained yard on cool summer or evening. You are able to provide a time and maintenance to keep your patio, garden or porch – so why don’t you show it for gatherings or parties? There are so many ideas to improve the natural beauty, lush of your outdoor area on any occasion that you have.
We all know that summer calls for tasty drinks, great company and of course – delicious meals. Whether it uses for the BBQ for the first season or just weekly gathering, you can try some ideas for your DIY decor projects and party tips as well. Your family and friends will keep going to your house during the summer long.

These ideas are mostly easy and inviting – but still give rooms left for your creative touch.
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SIMPHOME.COM 10 Ideas how to craft backyard picnic ideas Featured Pinterest
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1.Creative an Exotic Escape area | Kolekcionarkauspomena.
1.SIMPHOME.COM Creative an exotic escape areaIf you have a small table for two persons in your backyard, it may be difficult to get dressed specifically for the BBQ or birthday parties as well. You should know that it is too small to spread out the drinks and meals, but it is also too large for the single ornament. This backyard decoration is perfect for the smaller tabletops and you need to combine a few tropical details for your meeting. To get this impressive look, you need to set up a big bowl vase in the center table. You need to place one or two artificial leaves inside the vase to light up the exotic nuance. Finish this look by filling up the glass plate with fresh tangerines and put it on the table next to your vase.

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2.Held a party on the Ground.
2.SIMPHOME.COM Held a party on the groundWhy not hold a party with the picnic-style? What looks like the glamour set-up may bring you to a few minutes to be assembled. You can use several crates as the table and make a blanket and pillows on there – all people here will be so nice with you and they just feel comfortable while they are having dinner. This is perfect for a party with no too many guests – you can get more intimated nuance.

3.Starry Night Party.
3.SIMPHOME.COM A Starry Night PartySo, you can bring the bohemian ambiance to the pergola and your outdoor dining space with this backyard party idea. Whether you want to get friends to lunch or having tea or coffee with desserts, then this look is so perfect for the green space around your home. You can suspend a big LED light in the center of the pergola so that it uses as the light fixture. Then, you can lose it to the linen table runners to bring the gauzy shade and texture in your decoration. The last, you can decorate your table with leafy plants such as the boxwood to get more summer vibe here.
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4. You can Light up your Trees too.
4.SIMPHOME.COM You can light up your trees tooOne of the easiest ways to make a backyard party space looks better than before is purchasing some string lamps and wrap it up around your trees. It never takes a lot of time to adjust anything and they will be sinning all night long. It helps your space look more magical and beautiful. You do not need too much decoration anymore since it can be a focal point as well.

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5. Potted Succulents.
5.SIMPHOME.COM Potted succulentsYou should know that potted succulents are perfect jewelry for the outdoor summer meeting. For this evening backyard party idea, you need to line some potted succulents down to the middle of picnic or a kind of farmhouse table – it would be surrounded by the glass to hold the fuel cells and tealights. There are many great things to do with this idea.

6. Decorate your Table Creatively.
6.SIMPHOME.COM Decorate your table creativelyTo make the easiest way to decorate your outdoor party, all you need is folding the bandanas in half diagonally, you need to connect it by knotting those corners together – that’s it, you need to hang them. You can have fun to mix and match the prints and colors – there are so many ideas available online at cheap prices. After the party is over, you can give them to kids for their cowboy costumes.

7. Country Look Candles.
7.SIMPHOME.COM A Country look candlesIf you want to get a country-inspired BBQ setting of a backyard picnic, then you can try these sparkling lights in the table or your patio as well. To get a rustic look, you need to coat the bottom of a glass vase and fill it up with the rest of the water. You need to put the floating candle in each jar and each of them will be tied around the neck. To get this look, then incredible lighting for warm and summer vibe

8. Warm and Glowing Party.
8.SIMPHOME.COM A Warm and glow partyThere is no kiddie party without having the helium balloons that they can light up the night. You can buy the mini LED lights from the party stores. They are so cheap and can last for eight hours. All you need is putting them in each balloon when you blowing it up. You can group them to get maximum the starlit nuance.

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9.Beautiful Picnic idea | Classhome.
9.SIMPHOME.COM A Beautiful picnic ideaYou can host a memorable backyard picnic idea with your friends using these techniques. First, you need to find out a large blanket to be spread in your lawn part. Then you scatter beautiful pillows in various sizes in the edge of a blanket– giving your guests with something that can be a place to lay down. So, it can be your best idea.

10.Save the Best One for the Last.
10.SIMPHOME.COM Save the best one for the lastYou can see the ice-cold bubble is the paradise for the hot summer night and its highly recommended to change your desserts into something chilled – you need to chill them well and pour one a scoop of favorite sorbet into it. It will be so good if you go with mangoes and raspberries. Ensure that you serve it along with the spoon so that your guests can enjoy each bit and sip on your treat.

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