10 Clever Ideas to Trick Petite Kitchenette

If you only have limited space for your kitchen, you need some tricks to bring its best function. Having a small kitchen means that you have to be creative with the decoration and utensils. One may be just a simple thing like changing the lighting or color scheme.

Even the tiniest space can be at its best with some innovation or little investment. Check up our list of 10 clever ideas to trick little kitchenettes. So, have a look and start designing your kitchen. Maybe one or two is perfect for you. And as always, follow the link pasted inside the description area to find more detail, or perhaps a special offer limited for today.

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10 Clever Ideas to Trick Petite Kitchenette
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10. Update the Lighting

10. Update the Lighting by simphome.comLighting is an important part of a room. The amount of light determines the comfort you will get while doing things in the room. However, you can make the lighting more stylish with pendants or chandeliers. Not only will you make the room brighter, but also draw the eyes to look up. So, you will not focus on the limited area of the kitchen.
As ambient lighting, chandeliers and pendants are a perfect choice. The size of the lighting you will install depends on your room footage. Well, you don’t want them to take most of your space, do you?

9. Replace the

9. Replace the Upper Cabinets by simphome.comCabinets can keep your kitchen from unsightly views, such as a jumble of dishware while making it look tidier. However, a little kitchenette would look even smaller.
Some kitchens don’t even have room for upper cabinets. So, they use open shelves instead of bulky storage. This picture, for instance, uses open shelving to display favorite cups and dishes. As a result, the space feels clutter-free and airy.

8. Liven up With Plants

8. Liven up With Plants by simphome.comPlacing greenery in the kitchen makes the room feel fresh. However, if you want to decorate your kitchen with plants, several things to consider.
First, the plants should thrive indoors. The types of greenery that can serve this purpose are ivy, aloe vera, cast-iron plant, aluminum plant, spider plant, basil, or snake plants. While beautifying the room, they can also purify the air.
Second, if you have pets, you should choose plants that are safe for them. Third, low-maintenance plants will make your life easier. When you are busy preparing the meal for your family, you don’t occupy your mind with the plants that require new attention.

7. Go for This New Cabinet Organizer and Storage Idea

Be clever with your storage. Maximize every corner, end, in-between, and even inside the cabinets.
Adding a lazy Susan or a cabinet turntable, for example, make a good bottle organizer. You can also try to assemble pull-out cabinet drawers like in the picture. They are perfect for maximizing the space as you can stack your pans and pots.

Are Interested? Here are the steps.

  • First, install the adjustable shelf with the screws provided.
  • Next, select your area and make sure the hinge move freely.
  • Next, Release the slide by pushing the black trigger UP on the LEFT side and DOWN on the Right side.
  • Then, Remove the organizer from the slide frame by pulling it forward.
  • Next, Align the front side and screw the side frame into the cabinet.
  • Align and reinsert organizer into slide frame and finally, Push organizer into slide frame until it CLICKS into place and ready to use.

6. Kitchen Island and Dining Table Combo

6. Kitchen Island and Dining Table Combo by simphome.comYou are sometimes confused about having a kitchen island or dining table in a minute kitchen. Well, why don’t you have both?
Doubling the kitchen island as a dining table is an innovative solution. It is excellent to add a different surface while keeping the room pleasant.
You can choose an island with drawers for extra storage. The countertop should be high enough, so the stools fit snugly. You can also add a rack of baskets below the table to store extra linens and dishware.

5. Go Minimal

5. Go Minimal by

If you like something simple, you will like this idea. Free up your small kitchen space by removing the rarely used appliances. Just keep what you use most and go minimum.
Use open shelves for storing your favorite items. Install an intelligent storage system for the cabinets below and arrange your appliances there.
Avoid displaying too many items above your countertop. By doing this, your tiny kitchen will look more spacious. Because you want it to be simple, decorate it with subtle colors that make the room feel lighter.

4. Use a Table as Room Partition

4. Table as Room Partition by simphome.comUsing a kitchen table as a room partition is a clever idea. When you don’t use it for eating, it can act as a wall divider.
A dining table is commonly used as a divider between the kitchen and living room. The size should fit the area immensely. Just enough to serve you when having a meal.
Using a dining table as a room divider is both functional and classy. Moreover, you can quickly expand the room by removing the table.

3. Organize your Drawers

3. Organize the Drawers by simphome.comDrawers are prone to a mess. When not well organized, it is challenging to find things inside. To overcome this perpetual plight, try to invest in dividers.

There are many types of dividers available in the store to help you organize things better. This way, you can see the items clearly and easily access them. With the proper organization, you will know which utensils you need or not. Removing unused tools helps you to save extra storage.

2. Extend your kitchen Cabinets to the ceiling

2. Extend the Cabinets to the Ceiling by simphome.comDon’t leave any dormant space, including the area above the cabinets. Therefore, you need to extend the storage to the ceiling.
Tall cabinets will make your space appear larger. While adding more storage for the kitchen utensils decreases your household chores as you do not have to dust the area above the cabinets anymore. Finally, install cabinet doors with invisible handles to look seamless.

Lastly, Number 1. Boost the Mood with Color

1. Boost the Mood with Color by simphome.comKitchen color can boost your mood considerably. The right combinations also affect the perception of the viewer.
The best color scheme can make a petite kitchenette feel less claustrophobic. You can use whites, pastels, or earthy tones to personalize your kitchen.
Before painting your kitchen, carefully think about the mood you want to create and the amount of natural light the room will receive. Two or three shades of color would be sufficient for a tiny kitchen. But you can add vibrant tones here and there to add a lively look.

Although you have a little kitchenette, you need not worry. You can make your small space at its best function while maintaining a stylish look with some tricks. Our ten clever ideas to trick petite kitchenettes will add a different look to your home. Be inspired and stick with us!



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