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  • 10 Small Space Ideas to Maximize Small Bedroom via simphome com featured

    10 Small Space Ideas to Maximize Small Bedroom

    Not all homeowners are blessed with a spacious bedroom where they can invest in any furniture they like without worrying about cramming it. Some homeowners have to get by with limited space, which means they have to downsize all furniture that is prone to make their bedroom become smaller. If your […] More

  • 10 Cozy Open Plan Living Room Ideas

    The open-plan living room is a popular interior choice today. It is perfect for a house with very limited space and budget. It generally serves a family without any barriers or walls, and it limits the use of bulky living room furniture and cabinets. However, it turns out that the […] More

  • How to build a New Bedroom Dresser

    To build a new bedroom dresser in your bedroom your instructions are: Step 1: Use the level to make sure the frame is level. If your floor is uneven, then measure from the bottom of the frame to the floor and subtract that number from your height measurement. Step 2: […] More

  • How to Add New Aesthetic Closet Appeal?

    Other detail to add new aesthetic closet appeal you can: No 1. Add a mirror Mirrors are not just pretty. They will double the storage capacity of the wardrobe by giving you alternatives for additional items to hang. When shopping, consider big mirrors that you can turn into an accent […] More

  • How to Improve your Bedroom Window?

    To enrich your bedroom window with new trims, your instructions are: No 1. Choose wood, metal, and other materials as your window trims. No 2. Choose the size and shape of the trims to fit your windows. Unless you have many windows of different sizes, you can keep them consistent […] More

  • How to build a Window with a Walk-in Closet Or More Storages

    To build your walk-in closet complete with a window, your instructions are: Start by installing a closet system for the base. Use a simple, standard model with tracks and adjustable shelving. Install a support beam or wooden struts to support the weight of the window seat from underneath the bench […] More

  • How to Build A Vertical Hanging Garden?

    How to build your vertical hanging garden? 🔊20 Creative Indoor Garden Video: Step 1: Pay attention to your space, and consider the plants you want to place in your small garden. Step 2: Find a wall or fence that can hold your plants as you hang them. For example, if […] More

  • How to Make An Attractive Garden Pathway

    How to make an attractive garden pathway? No 1: Choosing the right kind of mat You can choose either a synthetic one or an organic one. Or, you could also use some natural materials such as wood or pebbles if you prefer them. If you choose the last option, make […] More

  • 10 Kitchen Interior and Layout Ideas for Cheap

    10 Kitchen Interior and Layout Ideas for Cheap

    A kitchen is where households spend a lot of their time; it’s also the most expensive room in the home to design, renovate and update. With so many options and variations to choose from, you can easily find yourself going up against an overwhelming task. A few simple questions will […] More

  • 10 Minimalist Kitchen Organization and Storage

    Everyone fancies a minimalist kitchen design—one that is always neat, sparkling, and where your stuff parks in the right place. The storage is well-planned and handy. Reality check: we open the cabinet, see a box of scraps, incompatible lids, and jumbled spice boxes. Calm down. We have the answers. Follow […] More