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10 Clever Landscape Design Plans and Improvements for a Small Backyard

The house as a private residence has specific criteria for each person. In contrast to rental homes, in our own private homes, of course, free for us to design our landscape in accordance with our taste and satisfaction.
Now, most home owner designs their house using a minimalist concept.
This is because this concept emphasizes simplicity and elegance at the same time.
Also, this concept mostly requires little land, minimal maintenance or furniture properties and small backyard space.

Now, to take advantage of that limited space, this is 10 Clever landscape concept and improvement plans that you can use to optimize any small backyard. As always, this list is compiled for you by and some images here are exported from my sister site Tavernierspa.

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1. A Minimalist Outdoor Living Room idea | Destaman

1.SIMPHOME.COM Minimalist living roomThe living room does not have to always be indoors. If you are creative, you can design an outdoor living room like this. Later you can use the unused space into a living room like this. Simply decorated with some rocks and ornamental plants, then you can put the wall on the plants that can be attached to the wall, and in the middle place chairs and tables for guests and hosts as needed.

2. A Fish Pond and Relaxation Corner | Gayarumah

2.SIMPHOME.COM Fish pond and relaxation siteIf you like to admire swimming fish, you can use your small backyard corner as a relaxation center included with a fish pond and mini waterfall as a compliment. That way, even though it’s still in the area of the house, at least you can enjoy the atmosphere that is close to nature and close to your budget. You only need to place a pond, plug-in electricity, plants, chairs, and manual constructions to make it similar to this concept.

3. A Mini Fountain Project idea | Media Taman

3.SIMPHOME.COM Mini fountainIf you want a crowded atmosphere but not with a lively visual anyway, you can take advantage of your unused space in a small backyard by building a mini fountain like this. You can choose any ornamental fish below or anything else, according to your personal taste, later. First thing first, pick a right spot for your makeover project and consult it with other family member in your house.

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4. An Outdoor Family Room idea | Dekadeko

4.SIMPHOME.COM Outdoor family roomDo you want to gather everyone in your house in an open space? No problem, you can try this concept. By following this idea, you’ll get enough green space you can dedicate to any kids who need more physical activities, enough area for your flowers, and sufficient space you can use to accommodate your favorite privacy trees.

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5. A Minimalist Garden project idea | DesainRumahnya

5.SIMPHOME.COM Minimalist garden

Parks are the best option if you are confused about making use of your empty backyard. You don’t have to make a big, wide garden in your house. You can follow a concept like this which utilizes a minimalist concept with a minimalist garden. The mini park is decorated with water ponds, plants, and tile boxes as pedestrian sections. You can also add a few chairs if you feel you need them. Once again, it’s back to your taste.

6. A Tropical Garden project idea | Destaman

6.SIMPHOME.COM Tropical gardenDo you want to create a beautiful tropical backyard landscape? You can follow this concept. First, you need to catalog plant or trees that fit with your budget, a piece of paper to sketch your plan, and few Google search queries to locate nearest backyard builders that you can contact. It will take longer than a month. But once all the works are done, you can use your new landscape as a gathering area or a playground for children, guests, families, and pets. You can even set up a small tent when holding events there or a BBQ grill or outdoor engagement party or outdoor wedding.

7. An outdoor Family Room Project idea | Woodstyledeco

7.SIMPHOME.COM Classic family room
Garden Designs For Small Back Gardens and Small Garden Design Ideas UK — Batchelor Resort Home Ideas – OUTDOOR HOUSE

If you want a family room that has a classic theme, by combining nature with a family area, you can try this concept. With chairs and TV as the main component, you’ll have a unique outdoor area that everybody will love. You can also complement this space with synthetic grass, walls to limit the view from the outside, and plants or flowers that you like. With this idea, you’ll have a perfect combination of outdoor and indoor activity completed with fresh air and sometimes rainfalls. One thing, you can also roofing this area if your budget allows.

8. A Limited outdoor Living room concept | Pinterest

8.SIMPHOME.COM Living room outsideThis interior design is also suitable for your application if you want to create an outdoor living room completed with grass, chair, table and wooden fence tall enough to protect whatever you are doing in this area from prying eyes outside. Dedicate a little space of your limited backyard space to build a new dog kennel and if you don’t know what it is or how to build it, you can follow this link. There you’ll find more than 10 ideas include with relevant links and images. Or this link for 12 Ideas How to Improve Dog Backyard Landscape.

9. A Formal Park idea | Honeysucklelife

9.SIMPHOME.COM Formal parkIf you want to follow a formal garden concept, then you should try this one design concept model.
This image is already giving you enough words to hear. You can upgrade this idea or eliminate some elements that you don’t like. Some people still favorite the formal garden concept like this. So perhaps you should give it a try.

10. A Modern Garden Concepts | Enhancedhomes

10.SIMPHOME.COM Modern gardenThe last garden concept is another favorite one. The idea is not demanding large area and you can upgrade the edging by constructing slim fish ponds. Other than common furniture such as chairs, table and grass or plants or trees on the opposite side of the area. You can also have an outdoor fireplace here. Simply set your eyes on the fountain area of this small backyard and call your nearest backyard builder in your area. Discuss your idea and once you’re done visit hyperlink for more small backyard improvement ideas.

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