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10 Storage Ideas for Bedrooms without Closets

In order to have a minimalist yet spacious bedroom that can be easily cleaned or declutter, a room owner, may be decided to have a bedroom without any closet.
However, clothes, apparel, garments, outfit, include costume are integral part of any modern human existence. But luckily,
Human have evolved to produce other storage options that erased a chance of a closet to become a sole option when it comes to securing, preparing, or concealing fashion wears.
More about that later,

Next, I present you 10 storage ideas for bedroom without closets that you can take to organize your bedroom. Whether it is big or small. Rented or owned.
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10. Get a Clothes Pipe Rack | Lifehack Get a Clothes RackAn open clothes rack offers storage idea that doesn’t only fit a compact room. It also helps decide what to wear as you can easily glance at it, and you would soon know what you’re going to wear.
You can build it or purchase it at the stores. Buying a store-made one can be an option if you don’t have much time to make it, but it may be expensive. Creating your own clothes rack can save money and there’s a satisfying feeling you can get from the activity too.
Clothes rack can be created with plenty of materials you can think of. They can be wood, pipes, wrought iron, and of course with the tools or equipment required. So, be creative!
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9. Use a Tree Branch | Lifehack Use a Branch

This might be the simplest storage for the bedroom. As seen here, it just requires a single branch and some ropes or chains to hang it on the ceiling. It may be cuter if sprayed with any colors you think suit the bedroom.
A branch is also ubiquitous, which allows you to pick which shape you like the most. This idea is just perfect to complete a small room. Besides, it’ll make your room free from dust that typically piles up over your closets.

8. Opt for Loft Bed | Lifehack Opt for Loft Bed
If space is very important to you, then consider having a loft bed. This idea would give you extra space and new centerpiece too. One thing to note, make sure it’s high enough for you to walk in and out so you won’t bump your head.
As the image stated, the space under the bed gives you seating area and the stairs aren’t only designed as a path but also as drawers that you can pull out or in. Last, the daybed or seating bed has secret compartment or drawers too. Suitable rooms you can use to neatly store your socks and scarfs or cowboy hats.

7. Hang Your Shoes | Makespace | Mydailytime Hang Your Shoes.2
Shoe racks are common with square or rectangular shapes that can hold many pairs of shoes. However, If you feel like creating an alternative idea to build a new shoe rack, you may want to take a look at these notions.
You wouldn’t have guessed that crown moldings can be turned into shoe racks, especially for high heels. If you’re not very fond of them, you can change it with a ladder or wire mesh instead. Hang Your Shoes

PVC pipes can also make a good option for storing shoes or decorating the wall. All you need to do is just cutting them into some pieces, and glue them together. This rack fits snickers, and you can stack them up. You can even spray with different colors and arrange them into making a beautiful pattern on the wall.

6. An Ottoman Storage Bed Idea | Realhomes Ottoman Storage BedA bed typically comes in a large size, which consumes a lot of space for the bed alone. It becomes an issue when you want to add some chairs or ottomans in the bedroom. However, with this ottoman storage bed idea, you shouldn’t be worried anymore.
It really comes in handy when you need a room without having to move ottoman to another room. You can simply store them under the bed because the bed it finished with wide enough room to secure them.

5. DIY Trellis Clothes Rack Idea | Fallfordiy DIY Trellis Clothes Rack
Trellis clothes rack is easy to make as it doesn’t require difficult steps to follow, and the project can be finished quickly. It can be an alternative idea for a clothes rack or as a substitute for a closet.
It’s slim and light that you can move it anywhere around your house. First, to follow the project, you’re going to need strip woods, glue, a pencil, jigsaw, and measuring tape.
Cut strip woods into size you want, and glue each joint of beams with wood glue. Then, let the glue dry out.
You can use stainless steel corner brace joints to secure your new clothes rack.

4. Tap your Headboard | Makespace | HGTV Tap the Headboard
A headboard is a part of the bed that can be doubled as a new storage although some people prefer to use his or her headboard only as a focal point for his or her bedroom.
This kind of bed with headboard storage is available at the stores.
And If you think you’re in need of a wider headboard with bigger storage, you can create it yourself.
Next, here is the list of materials and tools you need to prepare first.


• (5) sheets 3/4″ plywood
• (8) 1×2 x 8′ primed pine or poplar boards
• (1) 2″ x 2″ x 3′ walnut board
• 7/8″ diameter dowel, 1′ long
• Chop saw


• Circular or table saw
• Trim nail gun
• Drill and
• 7/8″ Forstner drill bit
Follow inside subtitle to find details on how to combine or use all materials you already prepared.

3. Install Floating Shelves | Apartmenttherapy Install Floating Shelves
Floating shelves are quite popular among DIYers. They can be used to fill empty space on the wall and pretty much add a sense of interest. They are fairly straightforward and convenient to watch at once.
Not only shoes, things such as bags or baskets, and other accessories would be suitable for these shelves too. They are fine without doors or windows, easily decluttered, and the owner could clean them up easily too.

2. Declutter and Sort Things Out | Lifestorage Declutter and Sort Things Out
Clothes are worn every day, it means there should be a pile of clothes somewhere in the house at the end of the day. It takes up some space in the closet in particular. It can too be a tiring daily routine you have to deal with every day.
To deal with this routine, separate what or which clothes or outfits you are not going to wear every day, and save them in different storage. By doing so, you will have wider space left after eliminating some of your wardrobes.

Lastly number 1. Keep Being Organized with Transparent Plastic or Mesh | HGTV Keep Being Organized with Transparent Plastic
Sometimes, finding things in a drawer or closet can be problematic because you forget where to put them in the first place.
However, you don’t have to face that kind of situation if you use transparent boxes or storage like this in the picture. In case you have lots of things, you can simply label them.
Last, when you’re in hurry, you can pull them up and return them up quickly.

I hope you like these 10 storage ideas for bedrooms without closets.
Some of these brilliant ideas are definitely going to short your bedroom storage problems out and in case you need more ideas you can “once again” visit link inside description area.

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