10 DIY Decor Projects for White Living Room

When you can’t decide what color will be the best backdrop for your living room, you can always rely on white as it is clean, serene, and easy to the eyes. However, it can be stark too, which can make people feel reluctant to stay for a while. The good news is white belongs to one of the most versatile colors, which means you can pair it with any color to your liking.
Casting around for the best decor for your white living room? Check out these 10 DIY decor projects for white living room.

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10. Mid-Century Inspired Plant Stand | Hunker | Urbanrythm

10.SIMPHOME.COM Mid Century Inspired Plant StandNothing can beat the charm of nature. And that’s why bringing some elements of nature like flowers or greenery in your white living room is such a superb idea. To better this idea, your indoor plant need something that can enhance its look ─ a planter.
You might come across lots of planters at Ikea or Amazon. But why do you have to sacrifice your savings to get a chic one if you can make it yourself?
Let’s begin with this super easy plant stand. If you are a big fan of Mid-Century modern style, you need to give this one a shot.
To make this plant stand, you’re gonna need a large ceramic pot, 1-inch wood dowels, 1 1/2-inch-by-3/4-inch pine board, 1/4-inch dowel pins, drill press with 1-inch Forstner bit, chisel, saw, sandpaper, wood glue, and wood stain.

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9. Live Edge Coffee Table | Abeautifulmess

9. SIMPHOME.COM Live Edge Coffee TableGive your white living room a little bit touch of rustic look which is impressive without looking tacky. And this coffee table is what you are looking for.
To make the table top, determine what lumber you need ─ whether it is burl round, tree round, or tree slab. Burl round is the rarest one, which makes it expensive. Tree round, just like its name, is typically round slice of wood which shows the rings. Tree slab is long slice of a log. It includes the tree’s raw edge.
To get the best slice that meets your need, you can try find it on Craigslist. Or, you can call tree removal services to ask whether you can pick up a lumber or ask them to cut the slice you need.
Once you’ve got your slice, do some finishing touches like curing the lumber, filling the holes and gaps, smoothing the edges, and seal it. Now, it’s time to pick the table legs. You can get them online or at the home-improvement store near you. If you like modern flair, hairpin legs will be the best choice.

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8. Marble-Like Coffee Table | Modustrial Maker Youtube Channel

8. Marble Like Coffee Table idea via 1A marble coffee table can make your white living room look lavish. However, it can cost an arm and a leg. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have one.
You might think that this coffee table is made of marble. Actually, it is a concrete coffee table. To get this look, you’re gonna need to cut some 4x4s, and cut them in 35 degrees to make the legs. Once you have made the legs, burn them so that they can result in crocodile-look legs.
Now, it’s time to make the concrete table top. It is like the way you make the usual concrete table top. But you can cut half inch pieces of insulating foam to reduce the weight. Insert the pieces inside the concrete.
To make the marble effect, take some concrete mixture, set aside, put some quikrete pigment into it, and swirl it. Drizzle the white mixture into the form of the concrete first, then add some darker mix using your hand to swirl around to resemble marble.

7. Colorful Abstract Painting | Lollyjane

7.SIMPHOME.COM Colorful Abstract PaintingSometimes an all-white living room can seem awkwardly hygienic and stark. It needs something that sparks interest, like this abstract painting.
This painting consists of various blue hues and white that evoke coastal retreat. The gold accent has made this painting look more appealing.
You don’t need to be Picasso to create it. Just grab your canvas, acrylic gesso to cover it, acrylic paints, large painters brush, cardboard to apply the paint, Gold Foil Flakes, and Elmer’s glue.
Begin with applying acrylic gesso on the canvas using a thick painter’s brush. Don’t forget to lay butcher paper on your table as this project is gonna be messy. Apply a thin layer of Elmer’s glue on the spot where you want the Gold Foil Flakes to be. Then, apply the gold leaf flakes. After that, you can begin coloring by squeezing the paints directly on the canvas. Stroke down the paint using a piece of cardboard.

6. Carved Wood Flower Medallion | Artucreate

6.SIMPHOME.COM Carved Wood Flower Medallion

This piece of art will adorn the blank wall in your living room as well as adding the touch of elegance. Here is how to craft it.


1. Print out some a pattern, and trace over the lines using a drawing pencil with a soft lead.
2. Flatten Creative Paperclay using a rolling pin until you get ¼ inch thick.
3. Place the clay on top of a wood panel, and cut the edges.
4. Place the pattern face down, and press it down gently to transfer the pencil lines.
5. Cut the design.
6. Once the pieces are fairly stiff, glue them down onto the wood panel. When the ppattern dries, sand them.
7. Paint the wood panel and pattern, and add beads, pebbles, or whatever you like to round out it.

5. Hanging Shelves | Whydontyoumakeme

5.SIMPHOME.COM Hanging ShelvesThese hanging shelves will add more style to your white living room without breaking a sweat. To make these shelves, you just need wooden boards, rope cord, scissors, metal rings, drill, saw, and a little bit of elbow grease. They are extremely simple, and you can make them yourself for sure.

4. White Ottoman | 4men1lady

4.SIMPHOME.COM White OttomanA white Ottoman with tufted surface is a great option for a classic white living room. It is a great choice when it comes to decorating a living room as it serves a double duty. You can use it as a coffee table where you can set down snacks and soda. It can also be an additional seat when you have more guests.
You can find various tutorials on how to make an ottoman. You can try making one so that you can cut down more expenses

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3. Make a Statement | Countryliving

3.SIMPHOME.COM Make a Statement
If your white living room happens to be narrow and look like a tunnel, try creating an accent wall that can be the center of attention. Installing an exposed brick wall with white-washed finish is a great way to bring in the rustic charm. You can also add wood paneling that holds some pieces of art.

2. Incorporate Something Green | Urbanrythm | Elblogdeldecorador

2.SIMPHOME.COM Incorporate Something Green
Adding the touch of nature to the living room is kinda on trend now. And greenery will be the best choice as it can add a subtle nuance to the white living room.
There are many kinds of greenery that you can incorporate into your white living room. You can place succulent on the coffee table, snake plant by the window, or larger plants like Kentia Palm to fill in the awkward corner space.

Lastly number 1. Round Side Table Sugarandcloth

1. SIMPHOME.COM Round Side Table
This side table is amazing. The peg legs make it suit any modern living room immensely. You will not find any difficulty in making this table as it is made of unused cake pan and round wooden circle. And the most wonderful thing is it incorporates additional storage solution.
Having a white living room is not that bad. Consider it as a huge canvass that is ready to be tapped into. And these 10 DIY décor projects for white living room will add more colors and interest to your white canvass.

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