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10 Bedroom Flooring Makeover Ideas

The bedroom is the best place where you may want to spend most of your time. Unfortunately, as the time goes along, your bedroom might not look as attractive as it used to be. If you think your bedroom begins to be dull, maybe it’s time for you to makeover it.
You can do many things to give your bedroom a facelift, including doing a new flooring makeover. But, hold on a second! Before doing a makeover, check out these 10-bedroom flooring makeover ideas that could probably turn your mundane bedroom into a new place that you have will always missed.
And cheaper compare to any home contractor’s offer you usually contact with.

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10. DIY Vinyl Bedroom Flooring Makeover idea | Ourfauxfarmhouse | Thespruce Bedroom Flooring IdeasIf you are longing for an ultimate new look for your bedroom, but you are short on cash, try opting for vinyl flooring.
Vinyl is a man-made material that can resemble the rustic look of wooden floor. It also comes in a wide array of patterns that can jazz your bedroom up in a jiffy. It is resistant to resistant to stains, rips, tears, damage, and water penetration. More importantly, it is easy to install.
This bedroom, for example, looks awesome after the homeowner replaced the carpet with vinyl flooring. All you need to do is removing the carpet, sweep it all up to make sure that there is no bump left in the ground as it can ruin the look of your vinyl flooring.

Measure and cut your vinyl sheet. Make sure it fits in with every corner in your bedroom perfectly. Then, using a u-shaped trowel, apply a thin layer of adhesive. Apply it in every two-feet section. Roll out the vinyl sheet over it. Then repeat it until your bedroom flooring is completely covered with vinyl.

9. Try Laminate your Flooring | Thespruce | Bestlaminate Try Laminate your FlooringIf you are planning to redo your bedroom yourself, you might be interested in installing laminate flooring to replace your carpet.
For a room that is least prone to moisture like your bedroom, laminate flooring can be your top-notch choice. It can mimic the natural look of hardwood flooring or the elegant look of tiles because it is a synthetic flooring that is made from a layer of printed plastic material along with some other layers. Therefore, it comes in a wide array of patterns.
Besides, laminate flooring is easy to install and to care. You can wipe any spill, stain, and dirt using cloth or mop without breaking a sweat.
However, you also need to consider its drawbacks. Laminate flooring can be dented and scratched when it is used overtime. It is also quite noisy as it can transmit the sound of footsteps to the room below. For this reason, you need to consider installing insulating materials beneath the laminate piece.

8. Paint Your Existing Wood Floor | Heatherednest Paint Your Existing Wood FloorIf you feel bored with your hardwood flooring and thinking about replacing it, think again! Hardwood flooring is somewhat expensive. So, why don’t you try a more affordable and practical option like painting it?
Normally, you will have to sand your hardwood flooring before painting it. But it will be arduous and time consuming. If the area is large, you may need to rent an industrial grade sander. You can find it at a local tool rental company near you. But still, it is too much trouble.
Next, I am going to show you how to paint your hardwood flooring without sanding it.

First, you have to clean the floor thoroughly by sweeping and mopping it. Nothing fancy.

Next, tape all your baseboards, and begin to prime the floor. Make sure you use good primer. Once the primer is dry, it’s time for you to paint. You can use porch and patio paint. You don’t need to seal it with polyurethane because the patio paint is quite long lasting. If you not confident with short words I just gave, check link available on the subtitle.

7. Traditional Look with Herringbone Parquet | Directwoodflooring Traditional Look with Herringbone ParquetIf you want to bring in elegance to your bedroom, try this Herringbone Parquet. It has been widely used since 16th century, and it never gets old. It suits not only traditional homes but also contemporary ones as it comes in a wide variety of colors to meet your need and style. Besides, it will add more patterns to your bedroom.

6. Soothe Your Bare Feet with Carpet | Reallycheapfloors | HGTV Soothe Your Bare Feet with Carpet

This will be the best option for those who seeking an ultimate comfort. Carpets. They are arguably soft and comfortable, which can soothe your bare feet. They can reduce noise effectively, so you will find less noise transferring to the room beneath it.
However, it entails some drawbacks too. The most daunting task is when it comes to cleaning time. Some spills and stains may remain there. The materials can unravel, and it can get worse overtime.
But if you are aware with its drawbacks already, and still want to opt for carpet for your bedroom flooring, consider cleaning and vacuuming it quite often, especially if one of your family members is prone to allergies. If durability is your priority number one, buy a carpet made of a natural wool fiber or silk and wool blend. But if you are short on budget, synthetic fibers will do in a pinch.

5. Kids’ Bedroom Flooring Project Idea | HGTV Kids’ Bedroom Flooring Project IdeaThink about the kids, think about their safety. They like jumping, running, rolling, and doing other acrobatic stuff. For this reason, choosing the best flooring for your kids’ bedroom is essential.
Actually, you can use hardwood, tiles, or concrete for bedroom flooring. Bamboo or eucalyptus can be a great choice as they are sustainable, durable, and economical. But one thing for sure, never use wall-to-wall carpet for your kids’ bedroom as it is prone to tear and spill.
Many parents think that kids’ bedrooms have to be bright. If you agree with that, try colorful soft tiles that are fun and ensure safety.

4. Sleek Tiles for Modern Look | Homezenith | Icanhasgif | Thespruce Sleek Tiles for Modern LookWho says that tiles can only be found in the bathroom and kitchen? Apparently, tiles are also a great option for bedrooms.
Tiles come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, which will perk up your bedroom immensely. Unlike carpet, cleaning tile flooring is just a breeze. You only need to sweep or mop it.
Unfortunately, it is quite hard and cold, which can be shocking for your bare feet in a cold winter morning. To overcome this problem, you can lay an area rug near the bed. Problem solved.

3. Marble-Look Tile Flooring Project idea | Thespruce Marble Look Tile Flooring Project ideaNothing can beat the luxury of marbles. Unfortunately, they can be quite pricey somehow. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have this look. Try ceramic tiles with the vein of marbles for a luxurious look that meets your budget well. To make it look seamless like the real marble, apply grout with similar hues.

2. Dark Oak Flooring | Directwoodflooring Dark Oak FlooringOak is one of the most durable flooring that you should try for your bedroom. It suits any bedroom style nicely. What makes it look better is dark stain.
To copy this idea, use liquid dark stain for your oak flooring to protect as well as accentuating its unique markings and texture. The natural grains that have been highlighted with the stain can be a spectacular backdrop for any color and décor, including the white-colored bedsheets.

Lastly number 1. Concrete Flooring Project idea | Homedit Concrete Flooring Project ideaSome people think that industrial look is one the coolest thing a new house could ever have. If you’re one of these people, begin with installing concrete flooring just like the image you see in the video.
Concrete is extremely durable. The good thing about concrete is it is not fussy. All you need to do is just seal or wax it every 3-9 months to protect the surface and get a fresher look.

However, if you want to have this idea part of your daily life, consider its drawbacks too. The durability of concrete flooring can be a new problem of the future. If you accidentally slip, you’ll get hurt. Not to mention the cold surface that can be freezing. To self this problem of course, you can lay a rug or bamboo floor (which of course would consume your financial saving).

So, those are 10-bedroom flooring makeover ideas that you can try at home to get a more comfortable and stylish bedroom. Good luck with your choice, stay indoors, and God Bless .

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