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10 Tiny Studio Bedroom Improvement Ideas

When you feel like suffocating in your small apartment, you may need to alter some things in it, such as the layout, color, or add some new features instead. It’s not a secret that a fresh look of an interior can give some positive vibes.
Sometimes, all you need to do is completing small tweak to your small bedroom to refresh it. When you can get nothing done, it’s probably because you’re having a bad mood at the moment, or you have no idea what to begin with. For this reason, I’ve rounded up 10 tiny studio bedroom improvement ideas that will “I hope” turn your petite space into comfy and stylish one. 10 tiny studio bedroom improvement ideas Featured Pinterest Image
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10 Tiny Studio Bedroom Improvement Video:

Before I start the count down, I am going to present you first a super relevant video that is completed with a professional voice over production and editing process. I bring this video to enrich your learning experience and to appeal your love. I hope it works. BTW, Feel free to enjoy or share it with anyone close to you in social media. Thank you for your time and have a good day


10. Swap Your Old Bed for a Day Bed | HGTV Swap Your Old Bed for a Day BedBy placing an old bed adjacent to the window, you can create a daybed that works as a couch. You can also add some throw pillows on it. This can work with a limited space studio in order to provide some seating while maintaining the good-quality sleep. To upgrade this first idea check link to find a unique idea on How to Build A Window Seat Made FROM IKEA STOLMEN

9. DIY Couch and Bed Combo | Mettespotteridanmark DIY Couch and Bed ComboThese mattresses can be switched either as a couch or a bed with a simple move. Here it is, use hooks to connect the bed’s legs to build a huge couch and unhooked it to build a single bed.
This hack works nicely when you’re having guests pay a visit. Just provide one basket to keep bed linens next to this couch and you have double functioned your limited space. As living room and guest room.
This idea won’t cost you a lot and you can perfect it with one idea sitting on number 8.

8. Hang a Curtain | Thespruce Hang a CurtainCurtains have some crucial roles when it comes to home or room improvement. They not only functioned as a shield from sunlight, but they can also be an alternative for dividing a room.
Adding some more privacy is one of the advantages you can get with it. Thanks to it, you wouldn’t get too distracted by what others are doing in the next room or area. As long they are not too noisy of course. In the end, with your utmost mix and matching skill, with this simple trick you could improve the look of your interior in terms of elegance.

7. Multipurpose Room Divider idea | Apartmenttherapy Multipurpose room divider ideaBesides curtains, using furniture to divide a room is also possible. This rack, for instance, can be a small storage to save some common things in the bedroom while making a clear separation between the bedroom and the living room. You can put your favorite books and knick-knacks there as well. Once the job done, you can grab your favorite book to read more easily.

6. Go with Light Color Palette | Freshome Go with Light Color Palette

Dark colors tend to make a room appear smaller. If your room is small, you should avoid them and opt for light ones instead. Light colors help to create a wide image, which fits for a small studio. Better if you have huge mirror.
However, to create a visually appealing look to your studio interior, you should avoid monotonous color too. Inspired by this image, try to mix two bright colors with a dark one. The idea of adding a dark color palette is to keep your room stay balance and less mundane.

5. Install Sconces | Mydomaine Install SconcesLighting will always be a part of a tiny room studio. Without it, you won’t be able to see the beauty of your room decoration and furniture display. Installing sconces can improve your studio look as well as make it feel slightly spacious.
If you have another cash to spend, use some paintings to decorate your wall and frame it with LED light. It would be a nice backdrop when you have to accept teleconference invite from your boss or someone who have authority over your current career.

4. Think about a Built-in Wardrobe and Bookshelves Combo | Home-designing Think about a Built in Wardrobe and Bookshelves ComboWhen you need to save some more space, this idea would be a perfect to be applied for your compact studio. What is much better than a built-in wardrobe and bookshelves like this in the picture?
The built-in wardrobe is centered among a collection of books, and makes it look like levitate. If you don’t have interest in collecting books or read them, you can adopt this idea to expose your favorite action figure, pins, DVD, or game consoles.
To get this shelf you can go to IKEA store and customize it using tools you could find in Amazon or service you could find in

3. Brilliant Wood Panels project idea | Home-designing Brilliant Wood PanelsFor you who might not into open areas where everybody could take a glance at whatever stuff in your room is, it might be a good option to split it up. This is another brilliant idea to separate your room with a sliding partition, similar to idea number 8.
This time we are using wood panel and rail. It helps build privacy much better than using a curtain and you could install a floating slim shelf here too. In the same time, the panels can be used as a shield with which you can use to cover the TV when they’re open, or vice versa. The wood panel is definitely leaving a subtle stylish and elegant look to any studio room.

2. Boost the Visual Interest with an Accent Wall | HGTV Boost the Visual Interest with an Accent WallWalls take up some significant space in any room. This means any color or wallpaper applied to them will pretty much affect the whole space. Applying an accent wall can turn the wall as the center of attention.
You can pick one that coordinates with things inside your apartment or try something that gives a contrast instead. This one was selected to match the bed, wall, and furniture in it.
Depending on your taste, you can paint or put something that much more suitable for your preference. To detail this topic follow link to find 10 Nice and sweet Bedroom Color Palette Ideas

Lastly number 1. Get a Murphy Bed | Thespruce | Ana-white Get a Murphy BedAnother solution to your tiny studio bedroom is to get a murphy bed. You would absolutely agree with this notion as the main discussion we’re having here is improving the bedroom.
A Murphy bed can be folded up against the wall, which will give some extra space to use. This kind of bed is available at stores with a variety of sizes, prices, and quality. But if you can find one that really fits your apartment, you might want to build it yourself.
In short, Firstly, create the box, back supports along with front support and fasten them using 2” screws and glue. Fix the side trim to the box.


, fasten the front top trim using 1 ¼ “ nails. Nail the ends to fasten the side trim and the sides.
Attach the top back piece to the top. Fix the top as the previous step. Make sure you leave a 1” overhang on front and sides. Screw the bottom 1×8 board to the plywood bottom to create the mattress box. Secure the sides to the bottom.
Fix the door pattern to the face of the door using 1/4″ thick hobby stock. Attach with glue, 5/8” nails and clamps. Attach the mattress box to the wall box using the hinges.
To prevent the door from falling open when shut, you may also use a clasp. To finish, use screws for the installation to fasten through the 1×4 support boards into a stud on the wall.

DONE, So, with 10 tiny studio bedroom improvement ideas you already read, I hope you can make your tiny bedroom apartment feel more comfortable and manageable. More during this long pandemic crisis.

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