10 DIY Bookshelf Organization Ideas that will also Decorate Your Room

Looking at the same rooms for years can be somewhat tedious and frustrating.
You might be thinking that it’s time for you to spruce up your home with some pretty adornments.
Why don’t you take this idea to the next level? Instead of investing in some decorations that will merely lessen the stark look, you can opt for accessories that also incorporate storage solutions, just like these 10 DIY bookshelf organization ideas.

They will not only decorate your room, but also help you banish the clutter.
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10. Invisible Bookshelves project idea | More Design Please

10. SIMPHOME.COM MDP DIY BooktoShelf Mount1
10. Invisible Bookshelves project

Is it a magic or a visual trick? Well, whatever it is, you are highly recommended to copy this idea as it will awe your guests immensely.
The secret behind this “floating” books is the use of L brackets. Doing this DIY project is easy peasy ( I think). You only need to screw some L-brackets to the wall and stack up the books onto them. A pile of books will conceal the brackets.

10. SIMPHOME.COM MDP DIY BooktoShelf Mount2
10. Invisible Bookshelves project

As a result, they look as if they were floating in the air.

9. Show off Your Treasures Efficiently | Redbookmag

9. SIMPHOME.COM Show off Your Treasures EfficientlySometimes working with the existing shelves is the best way to jazz your home up on the cheap. You just need to be more creative in rearranging and decluttering them.
Bookshelves are meant to host some books. But they also offer potential space to show off your treasures. You might think that simply put everything you have on the shelf is the end of the story. However, a thoughtful arrangement can level up your living room well.
Rather than storing your books vertically, you can try stacking up a few books horizontally to enrich the look.

Although a bookshelf helps you get rid of clutter, it doesn’t mean you can cram everything on it which makes it look overwhelmed and messy. Leaving out some empty space wouldn’t be that hard, right? Adding a vase or a box among the books can make a splash of style and shape.

8. Flower-Inspired Bookshelves project idea | Mymodernmet

8. SIMPHOME.COM Flower Inspired BookshelvesIf your family members are avid readers, good for you. But what makes it bad is when you don’t have enough space to store your books.
If that’s the case, this idea is worth copying. Try making lots of cubbies and attaching them on the wall. It sounds easy and common, right? Let’s go beyond the ordinary. You can try making some cubbies with different sizes, and arrange them to form a giant flower pattern. It will help you organize things efficiently as well as beef the bland wall up.

7. Wooden-Crate Bookshelves project idea | Creatingreallyawesomefunthings

7.SIMPHOME.COM Wooden Crate Bookshelves

Wooden crates are extremely versatile. They can be upcycled and transformed into many kinds of furniture, including bookshelves.
Making these bookshelves are fun. You only need to get some wooden crates, sand them down to smooth the surface and eliminate any splinter. After that, you can paint, stain, or apply any finish you want. Stack and arrange the crates to your liking.

6. A Cable Spool Bookshelf project idea | Smalltowncraftfair

6. SIMPHOME.COM Cable Spool Bookshelf
Don’t let limited space limit your creativity. If you think your compact living room doesn’t allow you to have a bookshelf, think again! You can always invest in a piece of furniture that serves a double duty ─ even better, you can make it yourself with ease.
As main material, you only need a wooden spool and some casters. You can get it from eBay or flea market near you. You will also need some wooden dowels to make the bookshelves, and three casters that allow it to move easily.

5. A Minimalist Bookshelf project idea | Livefreecreative

5.SIMPHOME.COM Minimalist Bookshelves
A bookshelf doesn’t have to be cube or rectangle. It can be anything that add a personality boost and match your home decor perfectly. And these bookshelves will accentuate the minimalist look of your home.
The crisp white finish matches the wall nicely, making these bookshelves a superb adornment that holds the clutter at bay.
Actually, these bookshelves are available in home-improvement stores, and they come with a base plate that allows them to stand up on the floor.
But you can always copy this idea and add a twist to the original design to meet your need and budget.
To make these bookshelves, you will need some boards.
One larger board is attached on the wall using screws to hold the other smaller boards that act as the “branches”.

4. DIY Ladder Shelves project idea | Apairandasparediy

4. SIMPHOME.COM Ladder ShelvesDo you have any unused ladder in your storage room? Don’t leave it untreated as it lies dormant and needs tapping into. All you need to do is just harness your creativity and use a little bit of elbow grease.
To make a ladder shelf like this, you need to make the ladder stand up in the location where you want it to be.
Slide all the planks through each rung, and secure them using L-brackets and screws.

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3. Colorful Bookshelf for Kids project idea | Karapaslaydesigns

3.SIMPHOME.COM 2 Colorful Bookshelf for KidsTalking about versatility, in addition to wooden crates, another thing that you can use for any storage purpose is a pegboard. It can be even turned into a colorful bookshelf for your kid’s room.
All you need to do is just hanging a pegboard on the wall, insert some colored pencils into the holes, and get some craft cords.
3.SIMPHOME.COM Colorful Bookshelf for Kids
The colored pencils will act as the hooks and shelves that hold your kid’s books in place.

2. A Bridge-Inspired Bookshelf project idea| Instructables

2.SIMPHOME.COM Bridge Inspired Bookshelf
Rather than a plain board that is attached on the wall to host your books, you can try making a small bridge to make your bookshelf look more appealing.
To make this shelf, you need to get Statlig board and Ekby Bjarnum shelf holder pair. You can get both of them from IKEA. Then, cut the board to size. Make sure that it fits snugly with the shelf holder. Drill two holes into each cut, and feed two pieces of rope or paracord through the pieces of wood. Then, tie a knot. Attach the shelf holders to the wood, and screw them to the wall.

1. DIY Tree Bookshelves project idea | Instructables

1.SIMPHOME.COM Tree BookshelvesIncorporating plants to decorate a home is a dime a dozen. But this tree will add a striking look to your room.
To make this tree bookshelves, you will need 3 sheets of 3/4 inch thick 4’x8’ plywood, wood glue, and screws. First, Cut the boards to make the branches. Don’t forget to make a certain angle to each cut. Attach one piece to another to form the branches using wood glue, and screw them to the background that you’ve prepared.

So, A bookshelf doesn’t have to be blah and mundane. With these DIY bookshelf organization ideas, you can store your books and knick-knacks in an unusual way, which can steal anyone’s focus.

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