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10 Inspiring DIY Dresser Makeover Projects That Will Give You New Storage Solutions

No longer need the old dresser in your bedroom? Or have a dusty dresser taking up room in your storage shed? Don’t leave it neglected.
It’s time to transform it into something new and useful.
More than just new hardware and color, these DIY dresser makeover ideas show you how to take a simple piece of furniture that some might deem as trash, and turn it into a unique one. Grab your saw and hammer, try one of these projects, and gain more storage in every room you have.

This is 10 Inspiring DIY Dresser Makeover Projects That Will Give You new Storage Solutions and upgrade.
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10. Turn Your Old Dresser into A Storage Bench | myrepurposedlife

10. SIMPHOME.COM Turn a Dresser into Storage BenchWho would have guessed that an old dresser can be turned into a bench with storage that you can put in the mudroom? To make this bench, start by removing the cabinet doors, the drawers, and the top of the dresser. Then, remove the partition that hold the right drawer in place and keep the left drawer section. Next, cut the top to size so that it can fit the left drawers snugly.
Then, make a bench seat out of the remaining original dresser top. Screw the left dresser top and the bench seat on. To make the seat sturdy, you need to make a support in the center using another section of the original dresser and L brackets. Once you have trimmed and sanded the half-ready dresser, paint it semigloss pearl white.
Next, install all the hardware. Last, make cushion and pillow to make the dresser more comfortable.

9. DIY Bookcase makeover project idea | involvery

Dresser comes in various design and shape that gives you many makeover ideas of re-purposed furniture. This one, a single-column-dresser can be turned into a bookcase that will suit your living room or kid’s room. You don’t need to sweat too much to follow this project. First, pull out and remove all the drawers, then install some wooden boards for the shelves. To brighten it up, you can sand and repaint the dresser. For the inside, you can paint with different color or paste with fancy wallpaper.
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8. An Old Dresser into a TV Stand project idea | attheparks

8.SIMPHOME.COM An Old Dresser into a TV StandLet’s make another old dresser new. An old dresser can give you a new beautiful TV stand with lots of storage. First, remove the drawers and support beams inside the dresser. Keep the top left and right dresser but take out the pulls. Then, cut a long board and install it to the bottom for additional support for the baskets. Next, sand, prime, and paint the dresser. Use a glass overlay to protect the top of the stand and to add modern vibes. Last, install the drawer and place the baskets to house your DVD player, game consoles, etc.

7. A Storage Bench project idea | myrepurposedlife

7. SIMPHOME.COM Storage BenchThis storage bench can perk your hallway up as well as incorporating additional storage solution. And the best thing is, you don’t need to make it from scratch. Just add a twist to your old dresser, and you’ll get this lovely table.
The main material for this project is the top layer of an old dresser and unused table legs.


First, determine how tall you want the bench to be, and cut the legs to size. To create bench base, flip the dresser on its side, and set the legs at each end of all four sides. Screw the legs to reinforce them.
Second, to balance the top that looks too heavy, make a lower brace with a plywood shelf.
This shelf is also used to place baskets.
Third, after patching and sanding it all down, your bench is ready to paint.
Fourth, install the knob and place the baskets.

6. An Old Dresser into a Coffee Bar Project Idea | artsychicksrule

6. SIMPHOME.COM Old Dresser into a Coffee Bar

A little modification to this dresser-turned-coffee-bar is changing the curvature of the bottom and the legs of the dresser to make it look dated.
First, pull off the front trim piece and cover it up with two pieces of baseboard and decorative trim. Next, cut and attach the wood support and feet for the dresser. Then, apply some coats of lovely blue paint for a new look. Next, make a wash with the Snow White and water. For the pulls, paint them gold before installing them.

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5. A Dresser into a Kitchen Island project idea | involvery

5. SIMPHOME.COM Dresser into a Kitchen Island
This kitchen island will add more counter-space for you to work on.
It also has two built-in food station for your pets.
To get started, remove the bottom two drawer for later storage space. Then, you can lay a butcher block countertop for the top, or use a granite top if you want to take your kitchen island to the next level. Next, install a paper towel holder at one side and the pet bowls at the bottom side. Give your island a fresh coat of white paint.
It is ready to be equipped you in the kitchen.

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4. Repurposed Hall Tree project idea | involvery

4. SIMPHOME.COM Repurposed Hall Tree
This hall tree is fabulous for a mudroom organizer. It provides some storage to stash away wet shoes, bags, or raincoats, so you don’t track dirt and mud into your home. All you have to do is removing all the drawers and adjust the inside shelves height according to your needs. Give it a new paint and paste a decorative waterproof sticker on the inside of the hall tree.

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3. A Dresser to Desk Project idea | thriftyandchic

3. SIMPHOME.COM Dresser to Desk
Need a fancy desk for your home office? Try this idea out!
Get your old dresser and pull all the drawers of the two right columns out and keep the left column. Then, attach some particle board to the top of the dresser. Next, add some spindles to the two ends of the overhanging board to balance the desk. Add some molding beneath the spindles for extra sturdy. Paint the desk white.
To make the inside look as fantastic as the outside, measure some foam board to fit each side size, cover them with patterned fabric, then, staple them in place. For finishing touch, put some spiffy new pulls on the drawers.

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2. Hidden Laptop Workspace makeover project idea | luckymestudios

2. SIMPHOME.COM Hidden Laptop WorkspaceThis old chest of drawers couldn’t be more unique than this hidden laptop workspace. Nothing much is done. You just need to sand the dresser down and paint it gray. For the hidden laptop workspace, remove the drawer and create a pull-out-cover by using hinges. Drill a hole in the back end to held laptop charger. And if you want, you can modify the original wooden knobs by warping them with old dictionary papers.

Lastly number 1. Gardening Workspace from old dresser project idea | theidearoom

1. SIMPHOME.COM Gardening WorkspacePotting bench is originally an old brown four drawer dresser. First, Remove the two bottom drawers to create some open space. Then, cover the top with patterned tiles. Next, choose chicken wire to be the material for the back to hang tools on. Last, paint the bench blue and green. The colors are fresh and pull out the colors in the tiles.

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So, Dresser can be used for other things besides clothes. People love to modify it because they are really great for storing so many things. Most of These DIY makeover projects are cheap, easy to complete, and it comes with relevant link you can find in many places of this page.

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