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10 Storage Tricks for a Small Kitchen

A cramped kitchen requires organization skill and optimization. It could be irritating when you saving things, but your storage seems can’t hold them any longer. For that situation then you might need to adopt new kitchen storage solutions and tricks.
Solutions that I hope already included in the next post. This is 10 storage tricks for a small kitchen by Simphome. At the end of the day, might one or some following ideas will help your kitchen neater, nicer, and more spacious too.

Let’s start the count down.

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10. Sort Them out According to Their Category
10 Sort Them out According to Their Category via Simphome 4Arranging items based on their names, sizes or shapes is a common way to make your storage neat. Everything is in its place, which helps you to find them easily when you need them. Snacks, crackers, candies are well arranged that turn the cabinet into a nice place for saving foods or vegetables.
In this storage, fruits and spices are put on the bottom because they’re heavy and likely to get rotten. This is such a smart way to keep things organized. Investing in some clear containers is your next way to go. Not only will they help you to know what is being stored inside the containers, but they will also improve the look of your pantry.

9. Open Cabinet
9 Open Cabinet via Simphome comOpen cabinet means you can see whatever inside or what’s on the shelves. By seeing what items available on them, it will give you an idea on what to do next while preparing a meal in the kitchen. Be sure the shelves are strong enough, and don’t mix them up if you want to put a lot of things in it. The key is keep being organized by storing them based on their category.

Besides, the absence of doors will save you some time because you can take any plates or bowls that you’re going to use more easily without opening the cabinet doors. To hide them away, try hanging sheer curtains or curtain panels that will make your kitchen look prettier.

8. Boxes Inside a Drawer idea
8 Boxes Inside the Drawer via SimphomeDrawers are place where you can store your kitchen utensils and hold the clutter at bay. Well, at least, you can hide the clutter away, though. Ironically, the drawers that are supposed to eradicate the mess is a safe haven for another mess as you keep tossing everything in it countless time. As a result, they are all mixed up. If that’s your problem, this idea will come in handy.
Creating boxes or drawer dividers inside the drawer can’t go wrong. In fact, it will make your kitchen utensils such as forks and spoons looks nicely set and organized. Besides, you can make the drawer dividers from wooden board, baskets, or even cardboard.

7. A DIY Wrought Iron Rack idea
7 DIY Wrought Iron Rack via SimphomeIf you need more place to put your kitchen utensils and glassware, any empty walls in the kitchen will do. This is a breeze DIY project, and it isn’t likely to cost you dearly.

This glass shelf, for instance, is made of wrought-iron and it can make a good decoration on your kitchen wall too. You can even make one out of wood or bamboo as an alternative as it offers smooth edges that will be safer for hanging glasses.

6. A DIY Piping Shelving idea
6 DIY Pipe Shelf via Simphome

If you have a compact kitchen, you know that every inch is valuable. Therefore, you need to avoid installing bulky cabinets and try an open shelf instead like this pipe shelfing.
First, Make the good use of the wooden beam ceiling by installing copper pipes to make a functional shelf. You don’t have to be a pro when it comes to DIY life hack – basic woodworking and cutting will do the job.

Set pipelines on the beam and kitchen cabinet, and then screw them. Craft and install some wood planks to create a shelf and you can add as many wood planks as you like, depending on your needs.

5. A Pot Storage upcycling idea
5 Pot Storage via SimphomeKitchen utensils are vital in the kitchen as you will absolutely need them when cooking, but their size can be quite a drawback for a small kitchen. Here’s how to deal with them.

Try to make some pull-out racks in your cabinet that allow you to store more pots and use the space efficiently. To make this kind of rack, you’re going to need an old ladder that has been cut to size, sliding rails, and some hooks to hang the pots and pans.

4. Open Shelves Plus Greenery
4 Open Shelves Plus Greenery via SimphomeWhen you need extra kitchen utensils, this genuine idea would be what you’ve been looking for. You can hang kitchen utensils on a wall mounted stainless-steel shelf as it is and it will allow you to reach your kitchen utensils easily. This storage solution has extraordinary look and more importantly, durable.

To upgrade it, add a lively lift by adding some greenery that will make your kitchen more colorful and alive. It will not only add natural beauty, but also purifies the air and drive away pungent smells in your kitchen.

3. A Hanging DIY Box Storage idea
3 DIY Box Storage via SimphomeBaskets are essential assets in the kitchen to be used as storage. You can use them to store fruits or vegetables or many other things, and the installation is not too complicated.

First, you’re going to need some boards or trays and then nail them to your wall. These wicker baskets don’t come in big sizes and lightweight so you don’t have to be afraid if they will fall off. By installing them by your kitchen cabinet, you will be able to grab what you need in the basket in a jiffy.

2. an Open Shelving idea
2 Open Shelving via SimphomeOpen shelves are simple, and you can arrange them yourself to meet your taste and style. Besides, they don’t take as much space as any other kitchen cabinets will do. More importantly, they are easy to assemble. You only need some boards, screws, and L brackets, and you’re good to go.
One thing you need to keep in your mind is don’t set the shelves too high or you will have trouble to reach them. In other words, use awkward space under your ceiling only to store less-used items, utensils, or supplies.

Open shelves is obviously not only functioned as storage. If you can arrange them properly, they will spruce your kitchen up and turn your bowls and glasses part of new art pieces.

Lastly number 1. Smart Drawer ideas
1 Smart Drawer ideas via SimphomeThis storage solution is definitely a smart way to trick bulky kitchen utensils especially pots. The idea requires sliding mechanism and few awkward spaces usually unexplored. Houzz title this idea MacGyver style kitchen island. It gives more air to breath and more visual freedom to anyone stay in the kitchen. One storage solution to accommodate not only pot and pans but also a sink, a stove, a range, prep space, knives, spice bottles, and garbage bin.
If this idea triggers your creative reaction, choose to put big utensils on the bottom area to avoid getting stuck in the middle if the sliding unfortunately breaks.

So, I hope one of these Storage tricks for small kitchen match your situation and give you new perspective, imaginations, and new space you need for new creativity and inspirations to spur.

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