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Some homeowners feel a little bit unhappy with their home due to the limited space. What makes it worse is they have to cram everything into it. As a result, adding more furniture into the house become a daunting task.
One of the tricks to make your home become more spacious is by investing in a wall-mounted desk since it offers clean floorspace. Look no further! I’ve summed up for you 10 DIY wall-mounted desk ideas that give you extra workspace as well as additional storage solutions.

So, Let’s check them out!

10 DIY Wall Mounted Desk Ideas for a Perfect Storage Solution via Simphome.com Featured Pinterest Image
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10. Simple DIY Wall-Mounted Desk
10. Simple DIY Wall Mounted Desk via Simphome
These desks are extremely simple. Both of them are a perfect project for your weekend. The smaller desk makes a great shelf that hosts your books or knick-knacks while the larger one can be used as the workspace to do your homework.
The shelf is attached to the wall using wooden brackets which help it float well. On the other hand, the table is supported with two posts. But you can add a twist to the original idea so that your desk become a wall-mounted one.
All you need to do is just cut a 2x6x16’ board into 48” lengths. Sand them down to remove the splinters, line them up, then attach furring strips to the boards using screws to secure them.
Now, it is time to make the brackets by assembling three pieces of furring strips using wood glue and nails. By doing this, you’ll get one bracket. Once you’ve got two brackets, you can begin to screw the brackets to the wall, and set the desk on top. Don’t forget to secure them using screws.
For your information, you can also upgrade your bare wall with your own realistic drawing piece. Check link inside description area to find satisfying realistic drawing videos that you can copy and replicate. I look forward to seeing you there and let’s comeback to next idea of our list.
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9. A Standing Desk idea
9. Standing Desk via SimphomeThe best thing about a DIY project is you can get the furniture you need on the cheap. More importantly, it can fit snugly into the available space in your room, just like this corner standing desk.
The first thing you need to do is cutting the boards to size. If you want to position your desk in the corner, make sure that you make an angle on each board. Sand them down to smoothen the surface so you can apply the finish well.
Now, attach the brackets that you have bought to the wall. It would be better if you mount your brackets to studs if you want them to be sturdy enough to hold piles of files and books. Once the brackets are on their place, top them with the boards and secure them with screws.

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8. A Rustic Floating Desk idea
8. Rustic Floating Desk via SimphomeThis floating desk is what you need to add the touch of rustic look into the space. Furthermore, it has a flip top that provides more storage.
To make this desk, you need to cut a board into a 57”x13.5” piece. Drill three pocket holes on both edges of the board. After that, you can move on to make the corbels. Once they are ready, attach the corbels to the board, and make sure the pocket holes are on the opposite side. Then, make the front of the desk and attach assemble it to the desk.

Attach a piece of board as the top part of the desk, and make sure its sides overhang ¾”. Cut a scrap piece and attach it to the centre of the front of the desk to create a lock. After that, you need to make the cleat on which your desk will sit.
Once the cleat is ready, attach it to the studs of your wall, then top it with the desk. Finally, install the top part of the desk using three hinges so you can flip it.

7. A Wall-Mounted Drop-Down Desk with Pegboard idea
7. Wall Mounted Drop Down Desk with Pegboard via SimphomeThis drop-down desk is amazing. Not only will it save some space, but it will also provide nifty storage space and a desk top for your kid to study or make some craft. The pegboard attached to the desk allows you to have plenty of storage by adding some hooks and baskets. And when you’re done, you can fold the desk and hide the mess away.
To make this desk, you are going to need some boards, hinges that allow it to be folded back, two magnetic door catches, two lid support hinges for the left and right side, 1 pair of 90 degree surface mount hidden spring hinges, a knob that you’re going to use to pull the desk down, pegboard panel, and a little bit of imagination when painting the desk.

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6. A Wall-Mounted Desk with Extra Workspace idea
6. Wall Mounted Desk with Extra Workspace via SimphomeYour books, files, and even snacks often overtake the surface space, making it hard for you to work comfortably. If that’s the case, this wall-mounted desk would be your greatest bet.
This desk features clear-cut curvy edges that will suit your modern home immensely. It also has two slides installed on the left and right side of the desk, allowing an extra desk top to be pulled out when you need an extra space to work. Once you are finished, push the additional desk top back, so you can conserve more space.

5. A Wall-Mounted Desk with Drawer idea
5. Wall Mounted Desk with Drawers via SimphomeIf you are seeking additional storage space without making your home look more cramped, this sleek white desk can be a great solution.
You can make it from scratch by getting some boards, cut them to size, and assemble them to make a shelf with drawers. Use L brackets to make it float and sturdy. But if spending hours – or even days – to do a DIY project is not your thing, you can always do an IKEA hack.
If you happen to have IKEA Alex computer desk with drawers, just cut the legs and mount the desk on the wall using brackets. Simple, right?
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4. A DIY Murphy Desk idea
4. DIY Murphy Desk via SimphomeThis DIY Murphy desk will be suitable for your small kitchen or your kid’s craft room as it has some shelves to store smaller items. When you unlock the swivel latch and pull the cabinet door, you’ll get a multi-functional desk. But when it folds up, it will become a chalkboard where you can jot down a memo.
To make this desk, you’re going to need some pine or whitewood board, piano hinges, wood screws, suitcase or swivel latch, and magnets.

3. A Homework Hideaway Wall Desk idea
3. Homework Hideaway Wall Desk via SimphomeThis is another great idea for a small room. Your kid is going to love her new desk. This desk features some shelves to host books and stationery, and a pegboard panel to hang scissors and stuff. The best thing is the piano hinges that enable you to fold the desk to save more space, and get a functional chalkboard for your kid to draw on.
The first thing you need to do is making the shelves. You can make as many shelves as you need. Then, you need to create a Dado groove in the back of the frame – about an inch hanging off the back – that will be used to receive the pegboard. You will also need to install hinges to fold the decorative legs, so it is flush with the chalkboard when the desk is folded.

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2. A Simple Wooden Foldable Desk idea
2. Simple Foldable Desk via SimphomeAre you looking for another real space saver? This simple foldable desk is for you. It is actually a board which is attached on the wall using screws. Two chains are installed on both ends of the board to support it. Two hinges allow the board to be folded and a swivel latch lock is attached on the wall to keep the board stay close to the wall when it is not being used.


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Lastly number 1. A Craft Desk with extra Storage idea
1. Craft Desk with Storage via SimphomeLet your kids explore their imagination with this foldable craft desk with storage. The way to make this desk is the same as the previous drop-down desk.
You can begin with making the frame, then attach the frame to the pegboard. After that, make some shelves that will be used to hold stationery. Don’t forget to install hinges and chains on both ends of the desk to hold it in place.
So those are 10 DIY wall-mounted desk ideas that will not only make your life become easier, but also incorporate additional storage space. Are you ready to make one?

See you again next week with more art or home decor lists that you can use to improve or upgrade your living room’s wall and until that time, get ready for our next lists.
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