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10 DIY project ideas for MudRoom

Mudrooms are usually small and untidy since they are considered to be a home’s secondary entrance. Well, actually, your mudroom is your real superhero as it keeps your house clean by keeping the wet coats and muddy boots in place. Therefore, it deserves to be refurbished with these 10 DIY project ideas so that it will look more appealing. As always these ideas are brought to you by

#10. DIY Custom Room
10 DIY Custom room Simphome comWhen stepping into this mudroom, you will feel amazed with its design which makes it functional as well as practical. The DIY bench is the best thing in it. Instead of building the bench the entire length of the wall which makes it hard to open the door, centering it along the wall will be much better.

To get this look, you need to attach the beadboard sheets using brads and studs. After that, you can begin to attach the anchor and bottom plate using screws. And don’t forget to attach the vertical supports that divide the plates into four compartments. And finally, attach the top plate so that it forms a nice bench.

After attaching the moldings, you can apply oil-based white for a sleek finish. But don’t forget to apply oil-based primer first. To kick it up a notch, you can hang a painting for a perfect centerpiece and some pillows that add pops of color.

#9. DIY Bench
9 DIY Bench Simphome comThis bench is a perfect choice if you have an awkward space for your mudroom. It is not too long and just suits this corner well.

To make this bench, you need to get the baskets that you want so that you can measure the bottom of the bench based on the dimensions of the baskets. Once you have assembled the plates and ready to place the bench, you have to cut the baseboard so that it can be put in place perfectly.

For the finishing, you can stain the top of the bench. It will be better if you use gel stain as it will give a top-notch look. After that, you can seal it with polyurethane for a better and long-lasting look.

#8. Hall Tree Bench
8 Hall tree bench Simphome com
I love the color of this hall-tree bench. The green and orange colors add a nuance in this mudroom, making it more appealing.

The bench features some cabinets that you can use to store things so that your mudroom will stay clean and organized. Some hooks are added over the bench to hang the wet bags and caps so that they won’t mess your house.

#7. Locker Room Bench
7 Locker room bench Simphome com
More family members entail more space. And thus, this mudroom bench is suitable for you and your big family.

The bench is quite long and can accomodate more people. The back part of the bench is made of wooden panels which are arranged in tongue-and-groove paneling style. A number of hooks line up along the bench that enable you to hang wet jackets or scarves.

To make the bench look more beautiful, you can either stain or paint it the color of your choice. Or, if you want a cool rustic look, you can just whitewash it.

#6. Stackable Crates Mudroom Storage
6 Stackable Crates Mudroom Storage Simphome comThis is why I love DIY projects a lot. I can explore my creativity to meet my need just like this budget DIY mudroom idea.

You don’t have to break a sweat just to make some racks to store your shoes. If you are a complete novice, but you are longing for a spectacular mudroom, you can try upcycling some wooden crates.

You won’t have to cut some wooden boards and be precise in measuring the dimensions of the racks since you only need to hang the crates on the wall. Yep! That’s all what you need to do. But before hanging them on the wall, you can paint them so that they can jazz your mudroom up.

#5. Schmidt Home Mud Room
5 Schmidt Home Mud Room Simphome comThis wall-mounted bench gives you more space beneath it so that you can store more shoes and flip-flops. A white shelf with four compartments hangs at the corner of the mudroom. Just place some baskets in the compartments to keep things tidy.

Besides having sufficient storage space under the bench and in the shelf, you still have an extra storage right under the ceiling. It is pretty high, but functional. You can store your ice skates so that you can find them easily when you need them.

#4. Garage Mud Room
4 Garage Mud room simphome comThis is another effortless idea for a novice which harnesses the practicality of wooden crates. The great thing of using crates is you don’t have to worry about the mistakes you might make when measuring the length and width for some shelves. You simply need to hang them on the wall and you’re good to go.

Making a mudroom bench is fun and thrilling, but if you don’t have much time to do it, you can always get a nice bench from IKEA or any home improvement store near you.

#3. Board and Batten Makeover
3 Board and Batten Makeover Simphome comSome homes put their mudrooms right in the hallway due to the limited space. But you still need to make it as appealing as possible, and the most important thing is free of clutter.
Just put two benches and some wooden crates to store things. To keep room clutter-free, put the crates under the benches. A colorful rug lies on the floor to ensure your feet are dry enough to enter the house.

#2. Entryway Closet
2 Entryway Closet Simphome comA nice mudroom doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. You can even turn your closet into a cozy mudroom just like this one.

Although it is small, it still has all the elements needed by a perfect mudroom such as hooks to hang your jackets, sufficient storage space, and a comfortable bench. Besides, it can also be a perfect nook where you can enjoy reading your favorite book or chatting with your friends.

#1. Entry Closet Transformation
1 Entry Closet Transformation Simphome comA lattice wood is usually used as a pergola or patio cover. But in this mudroom, it is used as a fantastic wall cover in place of wainscoting or beadboard paneling. It has the same pattern as the white baskets which creates a good harmony in this room. isn’t it amazing?

So, those are 10 DIY project ideas that can turn your mundane mudroom into a room that you can proud of. Now you can invite your friends to come over for a pool party without worrying about what they might think about your mudroom because – you know what? – they will be impressed.

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