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How to make a simple Lego table

Remember back when you dreamt what having kids was going to be like? Before we started down the road of parenthood I often had images of dewy soccer fields being invaded by miniature warriors and my husband and I cheering on the sidelines as the clump of littles made their way down the field.

Or the sight of kids throwing the tennis ball for our pups; forging their first best friendships. It’s true those images are the ones we deal with the most often, though when they come they are such sweet sights.
I remember when Rhys, our eldest, first giggled I looked at my husband and instantly KNEW THIS is why people have kids.

Because all of a sudden you and your significant other were ENTHRALLED equally in the most mundane of events within another humans life, things that most people would acknowledge with a simple nod or grin, ONLY YOU TWO found amazing!

Rhys (pronounced Reese…yes, we’re proud of our Welsh blood) turns 5 on the 24th of this month. It seems some birthdays are mentally bigger than others to me with my children. One was HUGE, two…not so much. Five…for some reason it seems so big to me. When I think back over the past few years with Rhys few things have warmed my heart as much as watching my son and husband play Lego together. Whether they’re building or carving out five minutes to drift off to the land within their imaginations fighting bad guys it is simply awesome.

The only part that I have come to dread is when Rhys is missing the one crucial piece that’s needed (usually Iron Man’s Pulse replaster; the fact that I even KNOW what this is is amazing). Suddenly the whole house gets turned upside down, each member of the family PULLED in for questioning, all activities cease in a family-wide effort to perform a search party.

Yes, we get dramatic over our Lego (obviously). So, with Rhys’ birthday quickly approaching, his Lego love ONLY growing and his insisting to have a Lego birthday party I only saw the need for a dedicated space for this Mini-blocks growing. The Brit and I had talked about just converting his train table to a Lego space…but it lacked the organization that I knew we would desperately need.

So, I took it into my own hands. I called the Container Store (no, I’m not being endorsed…but WISH I was…I LOVE THESE GUYS!!!). They are seriously awesome and after about a 15 min phone call laughing with my new best friend I had an order placed for two of their Freestanding Elfa drawers.

These are perfect. I have one that has the bigger drawers for the Duplo lego (for toddlers-5 year olds) that Ellie, my other little, still loves. And I have the other unit for all the little Lego

(full disclosure: I’m planning on returning two of the DEEP drawers for 4 shallow ones for the little Lego…they work better for the little bits.)

Because I phoned my order in I could pick up my order the next morning, didn’t even have to get Ellie out of the car. Just popped on my hazards, ran in, ran out and they delivered the order to my trunk! Now, these ARE a splurge.

You can definitely find a cheaper solution. But they are SO worth it. If you’re tottering…buy them…try them…they have 120 return period (umm, can pretty much guarantee you won’t be using it though…because you’ll be so smitten’ with them).
They run just over $100 for each tower though.
They’re super easy to put together.

Then, run up to Home Depot and buy a piece of the MDF. I used 3/4″ because I wanted something HEAVY so the kids couldn’t have too much impact on it.
I bought a whole sheet because my tabletop measure 24″ x 50″ ($20) and then had them cut it to size in the store. I know they sell 2′x4′ pieces for $10, but I wanted those extra two inches…
I’ll explain why.

Sidenote: IF you live local and want to do this shoot me an email as I have enough to make at least 2 other tables and would LOVE to get rid of it!! Then I bought the building plates.

We’re lucky enough to have a Lego store near us…where finding 15 building plates isn’t hard. If you don’t…you can order online from They’re $4.99 each.
Now, the Brit being an “ex” Lego lover and I didn’t agree on which building plates to get.
I thought cheaper is better…he thought Rhys needed the Lego City roads.

So, to adhere them I used Scotch “removable clear mounting squares”.
This way we can switch out the cheap ones with no damage to table or building plates IF we see a need arise later. The building plates are 10″x 10″, which is why I opted for the MDF with the 2″ more. Easy math and I’m a sucker.

How to make a simple Lego table Simphome com 1
Put the mounting squares on the back of each four corners of the building plates

Place a Mounting Square on each corner of the building plate and place firmly onto the table top (let them set over night just to make sure it’ll stay).

How to make a simple Lego table Simphome com 2
If you table requires you to cut down a building plate try to place the cut plates in the BACK of the table.

If you end up with some space not easily covered by the 10″ x 10″ squares you can cut the building plates, just score with a box cutter.

How to make a simple Lego table Simphome com 3
Score multiple times with a box cutter to cut.

The only thing to pay mind to here is that the building plates have very slightly rounded corners.
I had 5″ that needed to be covered (yeah, thats what I measured…even though the math didn’t add up to me either), so I just cut one plate in half and then made sure to put the CUT side
(the side withOUT the rounded corners facing the wall).

How to make a simple Lego table Simphome com 4
Notice the rounded corners. Also, check placement with actual Lego.

Then for the front and side of the table to cover up the MDF I just cut 1″ sections of the building plates and hot glued it on, just to help give it a finished look.

How to make a simple Lego table Simphome com 5
All Done.

I haven’t screwed the table INTO the drawers yet, but I’m thinking of getting little 1/2 circle brackets and adhering it onto the top of the Elfa system into the underside of the MDF.

There is of course other things to add, I’m thinking a good work light, a stool, maybe a peg board (painted a fun color) on the wall with clear containers to hold special pieces…or some neat way to display all his Lego-men.

How to make a simple Lego table Simphome com Result
Stepping back and taking a deep, now organized breath.

Either way…I’d say I have one happy little big kid. (Wiping away a sappy tear) How did he get this big already!!!

How to make a simple Lego table Simphome com 8
Getting right to work!

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