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10 Bedroom Ideas for Small Sleeping Room Owners

10 Bedroom Ideas for Small Sleeping Room Owners Simphome com Featured

Sleeping time should be the most relaxing time for you. But who would sleep comfortably in a small and crammed room? A small bedroom can ruin your sleep which eventually ruins your day. Unfortunately, you have no choice but dwelling in a small apartment with a small bedroom since a bigger one can cost you a fortune.
Well, it means you have no other choice but putting up with the small space and using some smart tips to make it feel more comfortable.

And this is your lucky day as I’ve listed 10 ideas for homeowners who have to sleep in a small bedroom. 10 Bedroom Ideas for Small Sleeping Room Owners Featured Pinterest Image
10 Bedroom Ideas for Small Sleeping Room Owners Poster

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10. Use Curtains and Shelf as Room Dividers

10 Use Curtains and Shelf as Room Dividers via simphomeOne of the best ways to make your small bedroom look and feel comfortably sized is by forgoing the wall separating the bedroom and living room. However, this action also entails a drawback. You will have to compromise your ultimate privacy. You can stick to this idea by having a room divider.

Room dividers come in a wide array of designs and sizes. Instead of picking the one that will only better the look of your bedroom, opt for a shelf that incorporates additional storage space and functions as a perfect room divider as well. If it is not enough, try adding a curtain to cover the other side of your bed so you can get your privacy.

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9. Stick to White Hues

9 Stick to White Hues via simphomeBesides the space-saving furniture, another thing that plays a crucial role in a small bedroom is the colour hues. Darker colours like black might make your bedroom look bolder, but it will make your bedroom look more crammed and confined too.
Instead of black, try painting your bedroom white. White hues can help you trick the eyes so you will think that your bedroom is bigger than it really is. Besides, white is a neutral color. You can pair it with a few tints of any colour of your choice to make it less stark.

8. Invest in a Bed Frame with Built-In Drawers

8 Invest in a Bed Frame with Built In Drawers via simphomeYou can’t have many pieces of furniture in your small bedroom. Therefore, you need to invest in a piece of multipurpose furniture just like a bed frame that features built-in drawers.

This bed frame allows you to store your clothes, shoes, or any other thing without cramming your bedroom or make is look messy.
You can get this bed frame in the home improvement store near you. But you can always make it yourself to save more bucks.

7. Be Creative with Wall-Mounted Shelves

7 Be Creative with Wall Mounted Shelves via simphomeWall-mounted shelves are your safe bet as they can help you organize things while keeping the floorspace clean, which is good for a space-challenged bedroom. You can find many wall-mounted shelves at IKEA, but it is always a great idea to make the shelves yourself as you can cut down on more expenses as well as getting the shelves that suit your style well.
Honeycomb shelves, for instance, can be the best choice as they are easy to make and provide ample storage space for your decorative plants or books.

To make a honeycomb shelf, you’re gonna need 1”x4” woods, staple gun, wood glue, sponge brush, and paint. For a cheaper one, you can glue a bunch of popsicle sticks together to form a honeycomb shelf. It is much easier and cheaper.

Besides the honeycomb shelves, you can make triangle, round, or even Batman shelves. They not only help you keep things tidy but also decorate your bedroom well.

6. Incorporate Another Purpose

6 Incorporate Another Purpose via simphomeA nightstand is one of the must-have items in a bedroom since it holds your table lamp in place so you can get sufficient light when reading something on your bed. However, a nightstand can take up the floorspace.

Instead of a nightstand, you can replace it with a wall-mounted shelf over your bed. What about the table lamp? Don’t worry! You can swap it with two or three LED lights attached on the shelf. Now you can still have enough light without having a table lamp on a nightstand.

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5. Swap the Headboard with Mural Art
5 Swap the Headboard with Mural Art via simphomeA headboard is actually a decorative item that accentuates your bed. It will make your bed look more elegant and stylish. But if you have an undersized bedroom, keeping your bulky headboard is not a good idea. Try replacing your headboard with mural art.
Mural art works better than a headboard. It can draw the eyes to the focal point without gobbling up the space. Besides, it’s a fun activity that you can do with your family. Just explore your imagination and begin to make a masterpiece in your bedroom.

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4. A Side Table with Storage Space Instead of a Nightstand

4 A Side Table with Storage Space Instead of a Nightstand via simphomeWhy do you have to keep a table that can only hold your glasses and table lamp if you can have more than that?
Opt for a side table that features some drawers or a cabinet to hold your table lamp. The storage space offered by the side table enables you to stash books or even chips in case you want to grab some snack before sleeping.

3. Place the Bed Against the Window

3 Place the Bed Against the Window via simphomeA focal point is also important even for a small bedroom. You can’t just brush over it. But, you also need to use your wall space wisely as every inch counts in a small bedroom. Therefore, placing your bed against the windows will help you solve this problem.
The windows and curtains come as a natural focal point for your bedroom. And the good news is you don’t waste your wall space.

2. Suspended Side Table

2 Suspended Side Table via simphomeSleeping in an attic bedroom is a blessing in disguise because the low ceiling allows you to make this wonderful side table.

To make this side table, you only need to drill three holes on a piece of wood. Make sure the holes have the same width as the ropes. Then insert the ropes through each holes and make a knot on each rope. After that, screw an S hook on the ceiling and knot three ropes around the hook.

1.Mirror Wall

1 Mirror Wall via simphomeIt is common for a small bedroom to have a full-length mirror because it can reflect the light and make it look more spacious and airier. You can try covering your wall with a huge mirror to get more light. Just place it at the opposite side from the window so it can reflect the natural light better.

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Having a small bedroom is not the end of the world. In fact, you can do various fun activities to turn it into the most comfortable place for you.

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