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10 DIY Dressing Room Ideas

You might be one who love to linger in the dressing room, pampering and grooming like a fashion icon. If it’s true, then you need a comfortable, practical, and efficient one. A wide room, the corner of the bedroom, a small room, or even a cupboard; whatever your dressing room type is, you can modify it as best as you can while considering both style and function.
More on that later. Next, enjoy some of the most interesting 10 DIY dressing room ideas that I think would be suitable with every style you choose and space you have.

As always, this dressing improvement list is compiled for you by Simphome.
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Basic Ideas How To Add Glamour To Your Dressing Room

It’s a challenge to dress up in the morning before you go to work or at night before heading out clubbing. How come? Several times, you organize your closet in such a way that you don’t know about what to wear.
If this sounds familiar, you are hardly alone. A lot of homeowners think that they have nothing to wear for that special event when it turns out that their wardrobe is complete.
The problem is their entire dressing area is a mess. They didn’t organize it right, and that’s why they tend to wear the same stuff over and over again.
Make no mistake. Your dressing room is a room meant to be a place where you can get creative and express yourself through your clothes. If you’re having a tough time deciding which clothes to wear, this dressing room is not doing its job.
If you realize that, then the idea will also come to you that you need to organize it and bring back some of that glamour that you wanted this room to deliver in the first place.

Idea No.1: Let Go of Your Closet Doors

The first thing that you need to do is to let go of your closet doors. When you do this, you end up creating an open shelving system. It is not a weird idea. It is not something off the beaten path.
It is quite common nowadays. Indeed, if you look at architectural digest or modern living blogs and magazines, you will see that the sleekest, modern, up-to-date interior designs have open shelving. You are not going to be in the minority if you take off the doors of your closets and other storage areas.
Why do this? Well, it gives you a general view of your wardrobe. You get a bigger picture of what’s inside, so you have a lot more selection.
It also makes it easier for you to make decisions because you’re not opening one door and goes in another and then going through this whole process again and again until you make a decision. Instead, you just need to glance at your entire dressing room to quickly decide which colors to go with as well as which design to wear that night.
Also, when you take out the doors, this frees up extra space. You can then stuff more clothing in your closet doors, or you can use racks for apparel that you fold.

Idea No.2: Use Sliding Doors

Another approach is to use sliding doors for a closet that has an outside mirror. This way you can try different clothes and have already mirror when you want to see how your clothing looks on you.
That is an excellent way to mix-and-match different pieces of apparel. It is also a great way to make your dressing room look bigger than this. When you put a mirror on the wall, and it bounces off the image of other parts in that room, the room as a whole tends to look bigger. Using mirrors also provides an overall clean and modern look to any interior space.

Idea No.3: Use the Marie Kondo Technique

If you are at all familiar with Mary Kondo, you can also try her folding technique to make your clothes vertically standing on their drawers. This way, your clothes are more visible to you so you can see what they look like, what the colors are, as well as their fabric, texture, and all that stuff.
Once you can see this with a little effort, you can quickly retrieve them. When you take it out, you won’t disturb the clothes like you would if they were on a pile.

Idea No.4: Use the Right Lighting

Take advantage of lighting to add glamour to your dressing room. Make sure it has enough natural light in the morning and sufficient lighting at night always to set the right mood.
You want your dressing room to be a positive place. You want it to give you a sense of possibility, and you don’t want to look at your wardrobe and feel all depressed and gloomy.

Idea No.5: Pick a Dressing Table

It’s also a good idea to pick a dressing table that will complement the overall look of your dressing room. Put it strategically so you can get comfortable while you’re inside the room, and where you can put on your makeup, style your hair, and try on different accessories with these.
Remember, when you’re getting dressed, chances are you’re going to be mixing-and-matching different pieces of clothing as well as accessories. It can take quite a while.
When you have a dressing table, you would be able you do this a little bit more efficiently. Pretty soon, you’ll be out of that room quicker than you thought.

Idea No.6: Put Up Photos on Your Wall

Last but not least, you can customize and personalize your dressing room by putting up photos on your wall. These photos can be of you or your family members.
It can also be models that you want to be inspired by. They can be inspirational picture quotes. You can also put up your favorite art pieces. You can even get your name stenciled on a surface or your name in lettering.
The key here is to turn your dressing room into your personal space. It should be a space of possibility, imagination, and creativity. Your dressing room is an excellent way for you to learn to relax and identify your style.
The more personalized items you put on your wall, the more inspired you would be. It increases the likelihood that you would be able to mix-and-match different clothing, accessories, and footwear to the best effect

The Final Word:

Adding glamour to your dressing room doesn’t have to cost money. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg. All it takes is time and dedication. Remember, this is your personal space. So, the key is to take total ownership of it and make it truly reflect your style and preferences.

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10. Opt for Garment Rack | Dailydoseofcharm

10. Opt for Garment Rack By Simphome.comIf it doesn’t seem possible for you to have a wardrobe or closet, a clothing rack will suit your small size dressing room. Displaying clothes on a rack will make it easier for you to choose clothes. You’ll only need an old garment rack and spray paint. Next, Spray paint your garment rack, spray multiple coats until you can’t see the base colour and let dry. Don’t forget to spray the hangers with the same colour as the rack. And do the same with your wire or plastic hanger.
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9. A Hollywood-Style Full Length Mirror Project idea | Enthusiasthome | Instructables

9. Hollywood Style Full Length Mirror By Simphome.comThis Hollywood style mirror is very distinct and unique. The added lighting bulbs are classic but still useful and functional. With its large frame, it works perfect for a large dressing room. You can see your entire body and you can use it as a lighting backdrop for your make up video.
This model is very expensive to buy but of course you can make one yourself. Get all the supplies and gather the tools needed. Basically, this project needs mirror, flat board, frame, light bulbs, and electrical wiring. First, start with the bars to make the base board and glue the mirror onto it. Then, make the box square holes for the fixture of the bulbs. Next, cut the frame and attach it to the board. Last step is mounting and wiring electrical elements.

8. Display Your Jewelry | Loveandbellinis

8. Display Your Jewelry By Simphome.comSometime you must have trouble choosing jewellery that you store in the box underneath your bed. Necklaces, rings, bracelets and other jewellery which tangle and huddle together will make you fluster, especially when you’re in a hurry. To solve the problem, display your jewelleries with a DIY wall-hanged hooks. All you need to do is get a thin piece of wood and paint it white. Then, hammer tiny nails into it and hang your hook onto the wall. The idea is a perfect place for your dainty necklaces.

7. Continue by Bringing in your Desk and Chair | Loveandbellinis

7. Bring in a Desk and Chair By Simphome.comOne sure thing about a dressing room is that it needs a desk, a chair, and a mirror as a dressing table. You won’t feel comfortable to dress up while standing, will you?
No need a fancy and an expensive one, though. You can use your old desk or chair with a little effort. To upgrade it, You can stain or paint it with new colour. And last, choose a standing mirror to be placed on the desk.

6. Turn an Old Sewing Machine into a Chic Dressing Table | Ooshybooshy

6. Turn an Old Sewing Machine into a Chic Dressing Table By

Repurposing an old item into something new and useful is always a fun thing to do. You can do the same thing for your dressing room. For example, you can get a vintage dressing table out of an old sewing machine. First thing to do is clean any stain and scratches using sandpaper. Then, paint the sewing machine with vintage colour. For a little improvement, add extra drawers on both sides and a mirror at the centre of the table. Up cycling a Sewing Machine
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5. Swap Your Closet Doors with Mirror Doors | Realhomes

5. Swap Your Closet Doors for Mirror Doors By Simphome.comThis is a really brilliant idea for a small dressing room. If your space is tight, you need to prevent it from feeling enclosed. You can handle it with mirrored door on your wardrobe to make your dressing room feel bigger. A mirrored door not only has the obvious practical use, but will also create the optical illusion of even more space. Moreover, the sliding door is really saving your floorspace from scratches from a regular door where you have to swing it to open or close.

4. Apply Marie Kondo’s Folding Technique | Realhomes

4. Apply Marie Kondo’s Folding Technique By 2There’s no denying that the craze of tidying, started by Marie Kondo is a genius way to make each item of clothing accessible and neat. The basic of this folding technique is to fold clothes, towels, and sheets so that they can stand vertically in drawers rather than stack one on top of the other. It makes your clothes visible from above and avoid a tangle of clothes created while you picked them up. Moreover, MariKon techniques prevent your clothes at the bottom being ignored and forgotten.
4. Apply Marie Kondo’s Folding Technique By Simphome.comHere is one the MariKon folding jeans techniques: First, lay the trousers, zip down, on a flat surface and fold them in half, lengthways (in the direction of the longest side). Now take the bottom of the trouser legs and fold them towards the top so that the hems are level with the top of the back pocket. Next, fold in thirds. Done, now your jeans should be able to stand up on their own.

3. Consider improving your Lighting Management | Johncullenlighting

3. Consider the Lighting By Simphome.comLighting is a key in your dressing room. Thinking your lighting design carefully will enable you to make the most of your space. The success key to get the dressing room lighting right is to introduce layers of light.

One, consider adding the glamour of a pendant in the centre of your dressing room. This creates a focus and an alternative source of light to balance the directional downlights.
Two, create interest with lamps on both sides of dressing table. This will provide a soft intermediate light.
Third, use ceiling lights which are directed at the cupboards. This will create an intimate space in the dressing room. Fourth, for the open shelves in the dressing room, use LED concealed either at the front or the back of the joinery. This helps you differentiate colours of the clothes and increase the feeling of height in the room. Fifth,

2. Make Open Closet System | Archello

2. Make Open Closet System By Simphome.comIf you already have a separate room for dressing, you have to opt for a walk-in dressing room with open shelves. With shelves, drawer pedestals, and clothing rods, this room will give you a complete storage solution. First, the shelves are mounted to the wall with a vertical profile structure and second, it comes with LED lighting along the entire profile height. If you adopt this idea, you can keep your bare back wall, or, if you want to improvise it, you can cover it with white glass.

White glass as in this case amplifies and reflects the LED light and thus provides a much lighter atmosphere and is also very easy to clean. Not only this idea would make your garments more accessible but also you can display your shoes nicely. While at the same time, you put away smaller items, such as belts, scarves and underwear, in a container storage.

Lastly number 1. Personalize It | Idealhome

1. Personalize It By Simphome.comDressing room is a trend that everyone is dreaming of in their house. Imagine you have a separate room to dress up and store the dress, trousers, shoes, bags, and other fashion items according to their types. You feel like having your own boutique. Dressing room is similar to bedroom, it is a private room that should be as comfortable as possible for you. Personalize it by decorating with items that is so-you, such as photos of your precious moments, your favourite paintings, even your favourite flowers or pugs’ photos or kitties, you name it!

It turns out that you don’t have to be a professional to make your dressing room look good and feel comfy. Just with a little bit of elbow grease, a weekend, a luck, and one of these 10 DIY dressing room ideas, you can make a dreamy dressing room.

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