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10 Cute Dog Bedroom Decor Ideas

For some people, dogs aren’t just pets that they keep at home. Dogs are a part of family. They like watching TV, doing the laundry, or even having dinner together with their dogs. Even some of them let their dogs sleep inside the house. It isn’t even weird at all. It’s romantic!
If you are one of the people who treats your dog as your beloved child, you should consider decorating his bedroom, ensuring his or her good sleep. The truth is building a cage and put a cushion in it isn’t enough. Your dog’s bedroom needs some sort of style too. I’ve summed up 10 dog bedroom decor ideas that will make your dog feel comfy and look classy.

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10. A Cozy Nook project idea | Moneyinc A Cozy Nook
A bedroom for a dog doesn’t have to be too spacious. Some dogs even prefer small space as it feels cozier and warm. Therefore, you can use the nook under the stairs to create a perfect place where your dog can lounge or even take a nap. If you furnish it right, your dog will definitely love his room.
This room is a safe haven for your dogs. It’s quiet and not highly trafficked which can be harmful for your pups. All you need to do is just furnishing it with a comfortable bed or two in which your beloved pups can curl up, all snug and warm.
A water and food bowl are placed right against the stairs so that they can reach them in no time, especially if the hunger pangs occur. It would be better if you put a tray under the bowls as most dogs are messy eaters. You don’t want them to spoil the carpet, do you?
Some toys are tossed on their cozy beds in case they get bored. And the greenery kicks it up a notch.

9. Personalize It | Nextluxury Personalize It
Your dog’s bedroom deserves a focal point too. If you are still wondering what kind of focal point that suits your dog’s room best, just think about a nursery or kid’s room.
The initial of your dog’s name comes in monogram can be your safe bet. But instead of a single monogram, you can hang your dog’s name above his bed or the door of his bedroom to add a personality boost just like what you can see in this picture.
Bonus: Three wicker baskets are stacked up together to host grooming essential and your dog’s toys.

8. Decorate their wall with Pictures | Nextluxury Take Lots of Pictures
Don’t let the wall in your dog’s bedroom look mundane. It needs to be perked up to. Well, making an accent wall in a dog’s room is just the same as the one in your bedroom. You can just paint it a bold color scheme, stencil it, or simply hang photos.
Take lots of pictures of your dog and put it in photo frames with various sizes and shapes. The photos can make a great accent wall while personalizing the room.

7. Incorporate Additional Storage Space | Thesleepjudge Incorporate Additional Storage Space
Your dog’s room might be crammed. But it doesn’t mean you can let it collect clutter. Make built-in shelves placed over the bed is a top-notch choice. These shelves will incorporate additional storage solution that helps you store your dog’s toys and photos.
To make the room look bigger, paint it bright or pastel hues. Apply the color on the wall, shelves, floor, and bed so that they flow into one being.

6. A Contemporary Dog Bedroom project idea | Moneyinc Contemporary Dog Bedroom

A dog’s bedroom can also bring in a certain style to the space, just like this one. Gray chevron pattern make a striking accent wall that denotes contemporary style. The name of the dog, MIA, hangs on the accent wall.
A pink dog bed is shoved against the accent wall, matching the letters immensely. A comfy blanket in a softer pink shade gives your dog the ultimate comfort. There is a side table with pink table lamp to illuminate the space while adding more style.

5. Complete their Bedrooms with a Lounge Room | Thesleepjudge A Bedroom and a Lounge Room
If you happen to have more dogs and more space at home, you can try turning one of the bedrooms into a vast bedroom for all of your dogs. It is better to gather your dogs in the same room, especially if they get along pretty well. However, you’ll still need to put some portable or ─ even better ─ built-in cages so that they have their own private rooms to hit the sack or escape simply because they need to be alone sometimes.
Some armchairs or a couch can be an ideal addition as they offer comfortable places for your dogs to lounge on. Don’t forget to leave water and food bowls in case they need to snack and drink while bantering and playing together.

4. Share the Room | Santabarbaradesignhouseandgardens Share the Room
An apartment dweller might find that creating a dog room is quite challenging as they have limited space. Well, if that’s the case, you can just share a room with your dog.
Actually, dogs don’t need a large room as they can fit in with any corner or nook in your house. You can even make a dog bedroom in the laundry room. Since you share a room with your dog, consider incorporating a room divider. I suggest you to invest in cubes or shelves to separate your dog’s room from the remaining space. Besides, they can help you hold the clutter at bay.

3. A Rustic Dog House project idea | Pawsify Rustic Dog House
Just because it’s a dog house, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be chic. If rustic look is your thing, give this idea a try.
To make your dog’s room look rustic, you can hang stone wallpaper. It might not give the actual rustic look, but it definitely does in a pinch. Even this dog house has a window to make it look authentic.

2. A Dog Bedroom with Sliding Barn Door project idea | Pawsify Incorporate Additional Storage Space
Adding a sliding barn door will add a rustic flair to your dog’s bedroom. Besides, this is a project that you can DIY. Just grab some boards or old pallet, wrought-iron sliding door kit, some screws, and a little bit of elbow grease.
This dog house, for example, looks great with a sliding barn door. It also has a window with some dowels installed to allow your dog to see outside and get more air. The door and window trims match the baseboard and stairs immensely.

Lastly number 1. Use Unused Space Under your Stair | Homemydesign Under the Stair
The space under the stairs has always been a favorite place to be turned into a dog house. It doesn’t need to be fancy, though. A simple design like this one speaks a lot. The key is keeping with the style of your house to unify it, just like this one.
This dog house features a door that has the same color and style as the railing of the stairs. It’s simple yet fabulous. It also suits your style well, especially if you love matching things.
So, Creating a dog room is necessary so that you and your dog won’t be separated. Besides, you can spend more time with him if he or she is inside.

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