10 DIY Desk Organizer Ideas

Racing against the time to meet the deadline can be such an irritating thing.
What makes it worse is your messy desk. A pile of paperwork, pens, and books are scattered on the desk, overtaking the surface space. How can you put up with that?

You have to end this unrelenting mess soon by organizing your desk. You don’t need to break your bank to keep your desk tidy because you can apply one of these 10 DIY Desk Organizer ideas. They are mostly super easy and cheap. Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to do it well.
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Simple Ideas How to Organize Your Desk For Cheap

These days, it’s essential to have a working desk free of clutter, and you want all that stuff that you need within your easy reach. You have to be mindful of your workspace if you plan to work efficiently.
As you probably already know, the more clutter you see in front of you, the more confused your thinking becomes. It doesn’t take much for you to lose your concentration. Before you know it, you ended up not doing much of anything for the whole day.
What follows are some tips and hacks that can give you ideas on how to organize your desk ergonomically. They’re all about helping you declutter systematically and methodically. Of course, all this depends on your personal preferences, creativity, as well as your time and budget.

Idea No.1: Put Up A Shelf or A Wall Organizer

Your organization can come in many forms. It can be a magnet board or wall pockets made up of different kinds of material. It can also be fixed or movable.
You can also use a coat rag for cords and cables. You may want to put up a bookshelf that fits your space. A pegboard can come in handy. You might also want to experiment with the corkboard or an iron mesh board.
Regardless of which item you go with, the key is to make sure that all your stuff is not occupying space on your desk. You need to put notes and other items that record your ideas in one area, books, and other similar materials in another space.

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Idea No.2: Craft Your Organizer Using Found Items

If you have a lot of time and resources, you might want to get creative by following this idea. Not only do you get to exercise your resourcefulness, imagination, and creativity, but you also can help Mother Nature. Why?
You can repurpose a lot of found items like used cardboard, cans, repurposed metal frames, or even plastic bottles and other household items that you would typically throw in the trash. These items then end up in a landfill somewhere.
By cutting them up, reorganizing them, you can turn them into picture frames. All you need are pens, markers, glue, sticks, and scissors. You can fashion all these items into different shapes to fit your space requirements.

The key is to let your imagination run wild because you don’t necessarily have to throw out a lot of stuff that you use on a day-to-day basis for your household.

Idea No.3: Use Binder Clips to Organize Electronics Cables

If you have a typical home office, you will know that you have a lot of cords to deal with. These cords take the form of computer cables, mobile device chargers, phone wires, as well as camera wires.
You can use binder clips to fasten to the edges of your desk and label these wires as well as connect them. This way, you don’t tangle cables. You also keep on top of which cord goes with which device.
Finally, you can repurpose old boxes to create a cable box that can hold these items in a little corner of your desk.
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Idea No.4: Repurpose Coffee Pods

If you have coffee pods or silicone cupcake liners, you can use these to hold small items that tend to litter any typical desk like paper clips, thumbtacks, push pins, and other things that are very easy to misplace and could make a mess.

Idea No.5: Get the Right Lighting

If you need a lamp to work, it doesn’t have to be a big production. You don’t have to go with an item that can take up a lot of real estate on your desk.
You can use a clamp-on lamp. It enables you to light up your desk in a very targeted way. You can move it to where you need the light to go. It frees up a lot of space. It is also very versatile, and you’re more likely to concentrate.
Keep the tips above in mind if you want to boost the overall productivity of your workspace. Not only can these ideas free up a lot of space, but they can reduce confusion, mental fog, and boost focus.
You’d be surprised how much of your day-to-day willpower and ability to focus are influenced by your physical surroundings. Clean up your surroundings, and you can perform much more effectively.


10 Inspiring DIY Desk Organizer Ideas :

10. Corkboard Desk Organizer

10 Corkboard Desk Organizer via simphomeA corkboard is usually used to pin up important memos as a reminder. As a result, corkboard is perfect for your desk. But you can have more than just a reminder if you apply your creativity and a little elbow grease, just like this corkboard desk organizer.

To make this beautiful desk organizer, you’re gonna need a cork board, 4×4 paper mache boxes, painter tape, paint brush, paints, and hot glue gun. First, apply the painter tape to form a triangle. Then, paint the triangle area white carefully. Once the paint has been dried, remove the painter tape.

Take the paper mache boxes and paint them the color of your choice. You can save more time by purchasing colourful boxes. Then, glue the boxes down to the bottom part of the corkboard. And, you’re done!Hang the desk organizer on the wall or simply put it on your desktop so you can grab your pencils in no time.

9. Recycle Unused Cans

9 Recycle Unused Cans via simphomeWaste is one of the most perpetual plights faced by many people. And maybe you also have the same problem. But don’t worry! You can tap into unused things in your home and turn them into invaluable things like pencil cases.

Making these cute pencil cases is merely a breeze. You only need to get unused cans in your home, wash and dry them, and remove the labels. Then, get some scrapbook papers with different patterns to wrap around the surface of the cans. After that, secure the papers with hot glue gun. Finally, your pencil cases are ready to host daily-use items.

8. Harness The Versatility of Cardboards

8 Harness The Versatility of Cardboards via simphomeCardboard is versatile. You can make anything out of cardboard including a desk organizer. This desk organizer is made of 25 10”x10” cardboard. It comes in handy because it has 3 compartments with different sizes that you can use to store notebooks, keys, and a phone. To make this desk organizer, you need to measure an inch border for each cardboard. Then, make the template.

Remember! The sizes of each compartment are different so measure them thoroughly.
After measuring and cutting the cardboards, stack them using glue. Press them using a heavy book placed on top of the organizer to allow the corners to adhere firmly.

7. Vintage Desk Organizer

7 Vintage Desk Organizer via simphomeHaving a unique desk organizer will not only help you keep the clutter at bay but also jazz your desk up. And you can get a cool one in an affordable price. First thing you need to do is getting a patterned frame. You can get it at a thrift store if you don’t have it at home. You’ll also need some fabrics, sewing machine, and glue. Then, sew the fabrics and glue them down to the frame. Easy, right?

6. DIY Cardboard Desktop Organizer with Drawers

6 DIY Cardboard Desktop Organizer with Drawers via simphome

Again, we’re gonna work with cardboard. But it’s gonna be harder this time. I believe you can tackle it, though. Now, get the materials together. You’re gonna need cardboard, cardstock papers, your favourite wrapping paper or fabric, craft knife, glue, scissors, pen, and ruler.
Now, this is the hardest part. You’re gonna measure the cardboard meticulously.

I suggest you have extras in case you make mistakes when measuring or cutting the cardboard. After measuring the cardboard, you’re gonna cut it out like puzzle pieces. Try to assemble the pieces to see whether they’ve fit like a glove. If they fit perfectly, disassemble the pieces and wrap each piece with wrapping paper or fabric. Then, secure it with glue. After that, reassemble the pieces and cover the seams using cardstock. Don’t forget to secure them with glue.

5. DIY Drawer Organizer

5 DIY Drawer Organizer via simphomeA drawer is a place which is prone to clutter. Since it is hidden, people usually throw everything in it so the surface space stay clean and tidy. It’s not a great solution, though. Therefore, you definitely need a drawer organizer. To make this drawer organizer, you’re gonna need to get 25” plywood, measuring tape, white spray paint, ¾” brads, and masking or glitter tape.

Measure the interior dimensions of your drawer with 1/8” wiggle room for the organizer. Cut the plywood to your drawer’s dimensions. Then sand the edges of the pieces. Nail the pieces together. Then, spray paint the organizer. Apply masking tape on a board as the base. After that, assemble it with the other pieces.

4. Drawer Organizer with Cardboard

4 Drawer Organizer with Cardboard via simphomeIf you think the previous drawer organizer is a bit complicated, you can try this one as an alternative. You only need cardboard, x-acto knife, sturdy ruler, wrapping or contact paper, and scissors. Cut the cardboard to the length and width of your drawer. Wrap them using wrapping or contact paper. Cut them in the middle. Finally, assemble and place them inside your drawer.

3. USB Organizers

3 USB Organizers via simphomeTired of seeing scattered USBs overtaking your desktop? Try this super easy idea. Get 4 or 5 binder clips and place them at the edge of your desk. You’re gonna slip your USBs through the holes of the clips. Don’t forget to put a label on each clip so you know what USB you should use.

2. Easy Triangle Organizer

2 Easy Triangle Organizer via simphomeAnother creative way of recycling cardboard. These triangle organizers will not only incorporate additional storage solution, but also add style to your desk. You just need some cardboard, cut, and form it into some triangles by folding it inward. Then, apply washi tape to the end of each triangle. Finally, attach all the triangles using hot glue gun.

1. Iron Mesh Board

1 Iron Mesh Board via simphomeHaving a stylish desk organizer doesn’t have to be arduous. You can even make a cool mood board that can also be used to store stationery out of an iron mesh. Just hang the iron mesh on the wall, and you’re done. Or you can just lean it against the wall and secure it on top for a peaceful mind. Add a few S hooks or binder clips to hold pencil cases, memos, exquisite quotes, and photographs.

So, Those are 10 DIY desk organizer ideas that won’t cost you a fortune. They are so easy that everybody can make them well with a minimum failure. Happy trying!

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