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10 Living Room Interior Design Ideas for People in a Budget

As a place that is often seen by your guest at the very first time, your living room has to be epic and impressive.
However, creating an epic living room can be somewhat costly.
As a result, you need to splurge out on fancy decorative stuff that may burn a hole in your pocket.

Well, what’s the point of creating an impressive living room if it can make you broke?
Try these living room interior design ideas for people in a budget instead.
With these ideas, you will get a super comfortable and impressive living room on the cheap. 10 Living Room Interior Design Ideas for People in a Budget Feature image
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10. Pick the Right Color
10 Pick the Right Colour via simphomeOne of the easiest and cheapest way to get your dream living room is by picking the right color. Picking the color for your living room is not just about eradicating the stark look. Some color hues can spark your good mood well and make a small living room appear to be larger.
For a small living room, opt for neutral and earthy colors like white and beige to make it look bigger. Cool color hues like purple, blue, and turquoise also work well here. Besides, they also have a calming effect.
If you want something vibrant, go with red. Red is associated with passion and energy. Therefore, it can stimulate conversation, which is good for your living room.

9. Incorporate Living Elements
9 Incorporate Living Elements via simphomeWhat can go wrong with plants? They always make great natural adornments that not only improve the look of your living room but also promote air circulation.
If your living room has an awkward corner, fill it with a planter and taller plant like Philodendron or Yucca.

For a plain coffee table, you can place beautiful flowers like roses, hydrangeas, or carnations. Adding climbing plants like ivy or jasmine that dangle above the sofa or window sill can also make a dramatic backdrop.

8. Shop Around Your Home
8 Shop Around Your Home via simphomeYou can get plenty of beautiful accessories on the cheap – or even for free – at home as it has lots of decorative items that lie dormant. Now shop around your house and see what you have.
If you have an old ladder, go grab it. It can make some nice photo frames. You can also make it from scratch by getting some tree branches and nailed them together to make a rustic ladder. Then screw eye hooks on each step and connect two eye hooks using hemp string. Finally, attach the photos on the string.

7. Rearrange Your Furniture
7 Rearrange Your Furniture via simphomeThe arrangement of the furniture in your living room plays a crucial role. Maintaining the traffic flow is one of the ultimate goals here. Therefore, leaving some space for the entry drop spot will be a great idea.
You also need to find the focal point of your living room to decide how it is gonna be arranged. If the television or fireplace is the focal point, arrange the sofas and chairs facing each other. This arrangement will encourage a conversation.

Don’t forget to place a coffee table in the middle to set down some snacks and drinks. Finally, anchor the seating area with a rug.

6. Consider a Wall Art
6 Consider a Wall Art via simphomeIf you think your plain wall is kinda boring and stark, try making a wall art. There are a breadth of DIY wall art ideas that you can find on the internet which won’t make you short on cash. And this cherry blossom tree is one of them.

To make this wall art, you just need to draw a tree using paint.
Then, paint the flower petals. If you want it to look more authentic, you can make the petals out of red papers. Cut them off to form the petals and attach them on the wall.
It may take a while so be patient! But you won’t be disappointed with the result.

5. Roll Out a Rug
5 Roll Out a Rug via simphomeSometimes all you need to do to jazz your living room up is by adding more patterns. You can achieve this goal by hanging Boho wall art or get your Persian rug in the closet and roll it out under the sofas and chairs.
Persian rug will not only add distinctive patterns to your living room but also keep your feet warm.

4. Occupy Your Bookshelves Efficiently
4 Occupy Your Bookshelves Efficiently via simphomeApparently, a bookshelf is not only a place for an avid reader like you to store your favorite books tidily and make them reachable. Try upgrading your bookshelf into a gallery for a mini exhibition.
Vary the look by stacking up your books and lie some of them vertically. To enrich the look, fill in some space with photos, knick-knacks, and other decorative items. Feel free to mix up the sizes and shapes to better the look.

3. Add a Few Throws
3 Add a Few Throws via simphomeA throw can warm you up when it is getting chilly. But, a throw is not only a piece of cloth that can comfort you well. It can also be a great adornment for your living room.
If your living room lacks color, just put a vibrant throw like red or yellow on the sofa to add pops of colors.

You can even just throw this blanket carelessly on the sofa and it will still look good. It doesn’t mean you can just do it all the time, though.

2. Repurpose an Unused Thing
2 Repurpose an Unused Thing via simphomeThe best way to get a piece of furniture on the cheap is by repurposing unused things in your home and turn them into something useful just like this coffee table.
This coffee table is made out of wooden crates that have been sanded and stained meticulously.

Arrange them with the opened size at the front so you can also get additional storage solutions.

Light It Up
1 Light It Up via simphomeLighting is an essential thing in your living room. It illuminates the whole room so you can see things better. And no, it is time for you to dress up your pendant lights.
You can try this beautiful round pendant light.

To make this one, you need to wrap around a ball that has been rubbed with Vaseline with yarn that has been dipped into paste and saturated. Once the it is dry, deflate the ball carefully and pull it through the opening circle that you’ve made.

Now you know that creating an impressive living room doesn’t have to be arduous and costly. In fact, by harnessing a little bit if your elbow grease, you can make an epic one for free. Why do you have to pay through the nose for a nice and comfortable living room?

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