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5 Ways To Add Luxurious Appeal To Your Living Room

Morning, lovelies! Today, I’m sharing 5 Ways to Add Luxe Appeal to Your Living room…and they don’t all break the bank. Luxe for less? It can be done.

I’ve always been a fan of a polished space. In my teens, I was pouring over Architectural Digest and studying every space I loved. Okay, I still do that. The common denominator is basically, well, money. Things that look and feel amazing are expensive. Fact. I’ll probably never drop $10,000 on a ceiling fixture.

That’s another fact.
Even though I can’t buy most of the amazing things in those pages, I do know a thing or two about how to add a dose of luxe to your space.

I was thinking about this topic because I am at a place with my living room where I am ready to invest in some forever pieces. My kids are growing up, so I am not worried about a toddler throwing everything off my coffee table anymore. I loved those days though. Makes me want a baby again…almost.

My boys rough house in the family room and other parts of our house. Our living room is the one room in our home that is safe for more luxe decor. I have a good start with the sofa, velvet ottoman, and the vintage pieces I’ve scored like the brass bar cart, arrow table, and bamboo credenza.

I thought I’d break it down for you today, in case you are thinking about stepping up your interiors.
Sometimes the hardest part is deciding where to start. I’m sharing the things I think bring the polish. I’m focusing more on accents since that is what I’m sourcing now for my space.


#1 The Obelisk

1 The Obelisk via simphomeObelisks are a mainstay in a luxe space.
The iconic obelisk was first built by the ancient Egyptians. As Rome became a super power, the Romans became obsessed with its perfect form. Fast forward to early archaeological digs and the fascination with all things Egyptian manifested.

Egypt fever spread across the globe with obelisks being erected in major cities across Europe and then around the world. Here in the US, you can spot obelisks in major cities and one of the most famous being the Washington Monument. In home decor, it is a nod to the marvelous structure and a sign of power and status.
The materials of crystal or natural stone have a very elegant feel. Adding a pair to your mantel or a collection to your table will definitely add some major style.

#2 Designer Fabrics

2 designer fabric via simphomeAdding a designer fabric to your space is an easy way to take it up a notch. When you compare a designer fabric to a fabric on a pillow or curtain of a less expensive fabric, you can literally FEEL the difference. To the touch you will instantly notice. Designer fabrics are quality. They have weight to them. They feel luxurious to the touch.

The patterns are printed or woven VERY well and made to last. You are also paying for the production of that quality fabric and the name associated with it. Investing in an upholstered piece of furniture or some custom draperies are expensive but worth it if you love the fabric.

One way to add this element in and not break the bank is to go with pillows. There are so many seamstresses that offer designer fabric options. One look on Etsy and you can find almost any designer pillow you want. It’s instant luxury and if you’re not trendy opt for a timeless classic pattern.

Money saving tip: You can opt for one-sided pillows if you are on a tighter budget. Just request the designer fabric on one side and a solid color backing on the other.

#3 Statement Lamps

3 Statement Lamps via simphome
A pair of quality statement lamps are always a good idea in my mind. They are distinguishing and something that is not just decorative, but useful. Luxe looks I love for lamps include anything rock, crystal, or brass. Which leads me to my next point…

#4 Agate, Quartz, and Geodes

Agate Quartz and Geodes via simphomePolished rock or gemstone is so beautiful and there are so many options right now. From lacquered boxes to bookends, you can find some statement rock pieces that will seriously “rock your world.”

Anything on acrylic or crystal or with gold leaf adornments really speaks luxe. I love the collection I’ve started with our boxes and bookends. Other luxe options include sculpture pieces, lamps, finials, or trays. Glam to the max. Image: Ebay

#5 Books, Books, Books

Books Books Books via simphomeOne of the best ways to add that luxe look is by selecting some beautiful books. Designer coffee table books, art books, fashion books or travel books all fit the bill. It is probably one of the least expensive ways too. Finding leather-bound versions of your favorite novels is another route to go. You are what you read so select what you love and what speaks to you. Have you ever seen a luxe space that didn’t have some pretty books in it? I think not.

More money saving tips:
Those are some of my favorite ways to create a luxe space.
You can find ways to cut the cost by hunting flea markets and antique malls.
Sometimes even Goodwill believe it or not.

Books and designer pillows are good place to start if you are not ready for the bigger purchases like furniture and draperies. And nature is a luxe looks best friend! A simple arrangement of flowers in a glass vase already have you on track to a luxe space.


Written by Simpson

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