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40 Smart IKEA Organization Ideas To Ease Your Life

30. A Komplement’s multi-use hanger. (archived)

30 Corral those stuffed animals with Komplements multi use hanger via simphomeThis is another one of those creative Ikea hacks that you can use for almost anything: the Komplement multi-use hanger.
Hang your child’s stuffed animals on it or use it as a crafty jewelry organizer for the closet.

29. A spice canister you can hang.

29 Those magnetic spice canister thingies can be used in the bathroom to hold tiny things like bobby pins and hair ties via simphomeNow instead of using them as a spice canister (which is certainly a great idea), you can also use these canisters for anything you want.
The design allows you to see what’s inside without opening the canister. Mount them on a bathroom mirror or hang them in the closet for added small-space storage options.

28. Hang Magasin cutlery caddies on a kids’ table.

28 Hang Magasin cutlery caddies on a kids table to hold crayons markers and any other art supplies via simphomeThese caddies can also be used for storing pretty much anything.
You can even hang them on the side of the kids table for extra crayon and marker storage.

27. Rope and Fintorp cutler caddies.

27 Rope and Fintorp cutler caddies are a creative way to add some wall storage to a bathroomUse them for your soap in the shower, for your hair products in the bathroom, for kitchen utensils, or for miscellaneous things at your craft desk.
Whatever your storage need, the Rope and Fintrop cutler caddy is an excellent and inexpensive option.

26. Avskild cork placemats.

26 Avskild cork placemats are an inexpensive way to create a large bulletin board via simphomeArrange these quality cork placemats on the wall for added bulletin board space.
When you leave gaps between the cork mats, it creates a beautiful and sleek look that will impress your guests.

25. A double bike rack made from a Stolmen post.

25 Heres a double bike rack made from a Stolmen post 30 two brackets and four hooks all from IkeaNo garage? These Stolmen posts come in really handy when you need to store something of uncommon shape or size, like a bicycle.
With slight modifications, you’ll be able to store away your bicycle out of harm’s way.

24. Fake a built-in window seat with Stolmen.

24 A WINDOW SEAT MADE FROM IKEA STOLMEN via Simphome 1 via simphomeThis example uses the Stolmen drawer set to fake a beautiful and expensive looking window seat.
Make it into something you love by using pillows of your choice. This give it a lazy, comfortable look.

How to Build A Window Seat Made FROM IKEA STOLMEN

23. The Ribba picture ledge.

23 The Ribba picture ledge attached to a headboard provides another place for your reading material via simphomeWant some extra space to put your favorite photos on? With the Ribba picture ledge you can both add some space for photos and also add some discreet and specialized storage. Put books, magazines, newspapers, or anything small enough to fit into this handy ledge.

22. Use Grundtal rails in a creative way. These rails can be used for pretty much anything.

22 Use Grundtal rails in a creative way These rails can be used for pretty much anything simphomeOk, maybe not for doing acrobatics, but you get the point.
Use them to hold items on a shelf like in this example or use them to hang your shoes on (or both).

21. Ikea’s kitchen wall storage systems are useful in a nursery.

21 Ikeas kitchen wall storage systems are also useful in a nursery via simphomeMake a diaper organizer wall using these handy wall organizers from Ikea.
You can arrange them in whatever pattern you have a need for. It will keep your child’s diapers close at hand for when things get messy!

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