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Your family grows bigger, which means they need more space. You might be thinking of moving to a new house. However, it will cost you the earth. Besides, it will eradicate the beautiful memories that you have made in your home. Therefore, adding a room would be a perfect solution.
Many people have several reasons why they need to expand their house. Whatever it is, adding one or two rooms can incorporate function and value to it. Interested? Check out these 10 home and room addition ideas that we have summed up just for you. To find the complete summary used to craft the list, follow the link provided inside the reference.

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10. Second-Story Remodeling Idea

10. Second Story Remodeling by simphome.comThe best way to expand your house’s room without taking up the yard is by adding a second story. It is definitely cheaper than making a total home makeover. Well, the costs will depend on the remodeling option you will choose, though.
If budget is your issue, you may want to consider investing in a modular second-story addition. Since it is fabricated off-site and ready to install and use, you can cut down on labor and materials.
Just tweak the roof a little bit, top it with this pre-fab box, and you are good to go. However, there are several drawbacks that you need to consider. One of them is the messy look because it might not line up perfectly with the existing house.
Another option is to build your second story from scratch. It entails tearing off the roof so that you can construct the new upper level. This option is suitable for a ranch-style house.
Do you want to have a nest egg? Try using a crane to lift off the existing roof in one or two large sections. After that, reinstall it on your new second story. This way, you can save more money by not building the roof from scratch.

9. Add a Balcony to Your Second Floor

9. Add a Balcony to Your Second Floor by simphome.comAfter adding a second story, you may want to add a balcony. It would be great if you looked around the neighborhood while enjoying the cool breeze.
You can find many ways to add a balcony to a second story. One of them is by installing posts to support it. However, it will probably turn your new space not look as great as you desire. Therefore, you have to go for other options.
There are two different options that you can choose from. First, you can try installing a conventional deck ledger attached to the building. Another way is to support the corners right on the footings to look like a freestanding deck.
If you are going to go with the latter option, bear in mind that you have three choices. First, you can use diagonal wooden brackets under the balcony to support the corners.
Second, try using diagonal steel rods or cables to hang the corners of the house. Third, you can adopt the idea of a conventional deck by supporting the corners on independent posts.

8. Additional In-Law Suite

8. Additional In Law Suite by simphome.comBuilding an in-law suite can be a terrific solution for you, especially if you live with a multi-generational family. It can be in the form of a garage or a basement conversion or a separate construction in the backyard.
Basically, an in-law suite has to have a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom. It can also have a living room sometimes. The ultimate goal of constructing this home addition is to provide for all your guests or family needs.
Before building it, you need to consider the accessibility and who will probably use this room. If it is for your parent-in-law, turning the attic into an in-law suite might not be a wise decision.
Alternatively, you may need to consider building a new one in the backyard. It may give your guests or any user some sort of privacy. However, it would cost you a fortune as you will need to make it from scratch.

7. Tap your Basement

7. Tap the Basement by simphome.comOftentimes, the best and most affordable way to add more rooms is by using the existing space. Now, think about your basement. Instead of leaving it untouched, you can begin to clean it up so that it becomes a living area.
Unfortunately, the process might not as simple as cramming in a couch and lay a rug on the floor because perhaps you need to treat, finish, and even renovate your basement. For that concern, first, you need to overcome the moisture issue by investing in a dehumidifier.
Next, you need to install insulation and frame along with the utilities before mounting the drywall. Finally, you can paint the wall.
You can use either drop-ceiling, drywall or simply leave it that way for a more industrial look for the ceiling. Finally, finish the floor by installing subflooring prior to the flooring.

6. An Enclosed Deck Concept

6. An Enclosed Deck by

Relaxing in the deck while slurping your afternoon tea can offer a fascinating experience. However, privacy can be an issue. If that is your problem, you can install walls surrounding it.
This deck, for example, is a great place to sit back, relax, and enjoy your moment. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls allow you to gain more privacy without blocking your sight. Therefore, you can enjoy the spectacular scenery from the inside.

5. Get a Modern Home Office in the Garden

5. Modern Home Office in the Garden by simphome.comHaving a private office at home where you can focus on doing your job is essential. However, it is not that simple oftentimes. You will be likely to get distracted when working at home unless you have a home office that separates from the main house.
Instead of setting up a home office in the corner of your bedroom or living room, it would be better if you build one in the backyard. If you are into a modern look, you can try a flat covering with a timber-clad exterior. As a bonus, it can also add more charm to your garden.

4. Go above your Garage

4. Go above the Garage by simphome.comIf you are short on space, just go vertical. You can always build a room right above your garage. Before you get started, take these few things into account.
First, try thinking from the outside in. One of the most common problems when adding a room above the garage is the messy look.
To overcome this problem, you need to match the gables and windows with the house’s style. This way, you can get a seamless look.

3. Or build A Relaxing Sunroom

3. Relaxing Sunroom by simphome.comThe sunroom is one of the best outdoor living spaces that you can offer to yourself or your guests. Therefore, it has always been a perfect addition to any house.
This sunroom conservatory, for example, provides a safe haven for you and your favorite plants. It works like a greenhouse with glass walls and a roof.
Since you will water the flowers religiously, you may need to consider ceramic tile, natural stone, or concrete as the flooring. This way, you will be able to clean it up easily. If you want to furnish it, opt for outdoor furniture like rattan chairs and ottomans.

2. If not, Try a Prefab Sunroom

2. Try a Prefab Sunroom by simphome.comDo you want to have a sunroom without breaking a sweat? Try a prefabricated sunroom.
This type of sunroom is usually made of aluminum, steel, tempered glass, and foam insulation. Since it is prefabricated, you do not need to build it from scratch. It retains an exterior wall and the doors that connect it with the house.

Lastly Number 1. Add a Breakfast Nook to Your Kitchen

1. Add a Breakfast Nook to Your Kitchen by simphome.comAnother effortless idea to add a room is incorporating a breakfast nook into your kitchen. It does not have to be arduous. You just need to toss a table and some chairs or a small bump-out of a wall.
Make sure you situate it near the windows so that you can get plenty of light. Done.
Those are 10 home and room addition ideas that are worth the try. Whether you want to make your house more spacious or tap into its optimum potency, these ideas will come in handy and will be something that people will talk about for a moment.



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