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10 Old Couch Makeover DIY

Is your old couch not comfortable anymore? Or, do you want to have a new scene in your living room? Purchasing a new one can be costly. So, what will you do?
You might think that you can renew your sofas through DIY projects. You will be surprised to find that there are many ways to it, from quick and easy projects to the ones giving permanent changes. We have collected 10 some of the finest old couch makeovers DIY that you could easily apply according to our research and personal taste. So, check them out! And check the source link inside the reference later after you read the list and play the video.

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10. Elevate It

10. Elevate It by simphome.comRaising the couch a few inches off the floor can result in a more spacious look. It is indeed a simple move that offers a significant impact on your small living room.
The first thing to do is removing all the skirts around your sofa. Tuck the remaining fabric under the couch. Then, simply hammer nail heads along the bottom and around the arms. Next, you can add some wooden legs to support it.
With the legs showing off, the sofa already has a new look.
10. Elevate It by .
Moreover, it will be easier to clean the dust under it.

9. Reupholster Your Couch

9. Reupholster by simphome.comIf you are bored with your tired couch, try reupholstering it for a brand new look. To do this project, you will need a slipcover and a staple gun to make the job easier. No removing the old fabric and no sewing. Here are the steps.
First, cover your couch with fabric and cut some excessive. Then cut the fabric into two pieces. Drape one piece over the back and side of the sofa.
Using a staple gun, tuck the fabric as close to the bottom and around the arms. Use the remaining fabric to cover the cushion. Instead of sewing the zipper, you can use Velcro to close the seam. Don’t worry if you make mistakes. Just pry out the staples and change a thing as you want.

8. Re-stuff Your Cushion

8. Re stuff the Cushion by simphome.com8. Re stuff the Cushion by .

If your sofa only needs a re-stuff, you can follow these instructions. First, cut foam to the size of the seat cushions. Remove the cushions and lay the fabric. You are lucky if yours has a zipper along with it.
If your crumpled foam still fits the cushion, you only need to mash the new foam inside. Or you can simply replace it with the fresh one. After stuffing the seat cushion, now fill the back cushion with foam or fiber.
When you have stuffed all the cushions, arrange them back to the couch. This simple re-stuffing will make your old sofa look new.

7. Use Slipcover To Hide the Ugly Couch

7. Use Slipcover by simphome.comMost slipcovers go over the entire sofa and make it a bit odd. But don’t worry. Here is how to use slipcover without making your sofa look strange.
First, damp your slipcover and place it over your sofa. Arrange, tuck, and smooth it along with the shape of the couch. This step will take some work. Push extra fabric into any crevices you can find. To hold the fabric in place, you can tuck cardboard tubes into the crevices. By now, the slipcover is taking the couch shape.
Second, use the pinning method to cover the cushions. Arrange them on the couch. Third, pleat the excessive fabric in front of the arms, and hold it with a twist pin.

6. Re- Paint The Old Dirt

6. Re Paint by simphome.comIf your couch is still in its A1 condition, you can try to re-paint it. First, you can mix latex with fabric paint to permanently stay but keep it soft and less stiff. Then spray the sofa with water and wait for several minutes before applying the paint.
Next, use a foam brush for a better result to paint the fabric. Do this step section by section until you paint the entire couch. The next step is to apply the second coat to make the coverage even and solid. Add the second coat only after the first one is dry completely. At first, you might feel it like canvas, but it will soften over time.

5. Makeover Your Outdoor Sofa Too

5. Outdoor Sofa Makeover by simphome.comAs the season change, you might want to makeover your outdoor sofa. If you have a couch like the one in the picture, it is essential to keep it from rust. Not only will it preserve it to last longer, but a fresh coat of paint will also make the frame look gorgeous. When you have finished with the frame, it is time to care for the cushions.
Before picking the fabric, you should know what you are looking for. Select the one that can withstand at least 50,000 rubs. Under that number, the material will wear quicker than your expectation.
Then, check the textile’s colorfastness to ensure how much sun the fabric will hold up before fading.
Or the simpler one here at DIY How to Make Indoor Pallet sofa and Outdoor
Or here at 10 Loveseat DIY Projects Ideas

4. A Wicker Couch Makeover Project Idea

4. Wicker Couch Makeover by simphome.comRoutine maintenance of the wicker couch might include some makeover. Whether you just re–paint the frame or involve changing the fabric. If you will do both, start by painting the frame.
Clean the seating from any dust and dirt. Then, spray paint it from different angles, so all the surfaces are covered. Once it is dry, you can begin to apply a second coat.
The next is to recover the cushions. If an outdoor fabric is out of budget, you can try using drop cloth. It is inexpensive, relatively durable, and perfect to create a vintage-worn look. However, since it not an upholstery fabric, you have to add additional treatment if you use it.

3. Replace The Couch Legs

3. Replace the Legs by simphome.comAlthough people rarely notice the couch’s legs, replacing them will give you a different feeling about the furniture. If you like this idea, here are instructions you can follow.
First, look at the couch legs, whether they are screwed off or not. If not, you can use a receiver plate to hold the legs.
Second, determine and mark the base where you will attach the legs. After that, drill holes in the center of the mark for the legs and the screws. Attach the receiver plate to the bottom of the coach. The last step is fastening the legs to the couch.

2. Simply Cover Your Couch with Throw

2. Simply Cover Your Couch with Throw via Simphome.comThe simplest way to makeover a couch is by covering it with a throw. It is practical and stylish, providing you with a warm and cozy blanket as well as decorating the sofa. As a great addition to the décor element, throws come in many kinds of fabrics and colors.
Before shopping for it, here are some types of throws you need to know. Cashmere looks luxurious and has fantastic insulation, which is best for cold days. Cotton offers you soft, breathable, and long-lasting fabric. Not to mention, It is also easy to maintain. Fleece has super soft and warm fabric, yet affordable material you can trust.
Alternative mink is made of synthetic fibers which resemble animal fur. It gives a luxurious appearance at a relatively affordable price.
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Lastly, Number 1. Update the Pillows

1. Update the Pillows by simphome.comCover your couch with new pillows is a convenient way to alter the appearance. Some sofas come with a set of pillows, but you don’t have to stick with them. Swapping some or all of them will create a fresh and custom look.
The general rule says that an odd number of pillows generate the natural and inviting arrangement. When arranging the pillows, start with a versatile base using neutral tone ones. Then pick other color or patterned pillows that pick up the room decoration, such as the rugs or wallpaper.


There are many ways to transform your old couch to have a fresh appearance. A simple move such as adding throws or replacing the pillows can upgrade the look of the sofa. You can always find a way to makeover your sad saggy couch, and hopefully, one of the 10 old couch makeover DIY ideas above will suit your desire and need.


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