10 Bedroom Built-in Storage Ideas

Every bedroom needs storage; it is a thing we can agree with. You need it to keep everything tidy and organized. No matter how vast or compact your bedroom is.

We have sailed through some wells and pulled together 10 bedroom built-in storage ideas just for you. Even though they are different, they have one thing in common: chic, adorable, and striking. Seriously?
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10. Go Rustic

10. Go Rustic by simphome.comWe go for rustic style with these built-in wardrobe doors. Look at the material: it comes from reclaimed scaffold boards and preserves their original color. A handleless type, it also uses classic locks.

Down there, it has a natural rug, which comes in harmony with the wardrobe. If you want to make your bed a focal point, white is a perfect choice to grab it. Behind the bed, a large window delivers nature ambiance from the garden. It enables you to enjoy the greeneries. Completing the style, it holds an overhead lamp in a vintage model.

9. Utilize Headboard

9. Utilize Headboard by simphome.comMore often than not, we abandon headboards. The truth is, you can use it as storage. Build drawers and shelving to have enough space for books, magazines, phones, and other stuff.

This way, you require no nightstands. Do you need more light for finding things? Place a mini emergency lamp, and you’re all set. It is not only the side that you can exploit but also the top. Do you see a big picture there? You may easily replace it with accessories. If you go for the latter, then keep it minimalist. Too many things will be horrible.

8. Hidden Storage Wardrobe Idea

8. Hidden Storage by simphome.comThere is nothing better than hiding your belongings from your naked eyes.
This hidden storage is just perfect to handle your matters.

Craft a discrete built-in wardrobe to get a neat storage unit. It is a mix of drawers, shelves, and a rattan box. It neutralizes the white-dominated surrounding. A stylish dressing table that fits well with others finalizes the Scandinavian household.

When you want to conceal them, all you need to do is close the door. It is a handy way to keep the room sleek, streamlined, and clutter-free.
Tip: installing some hooks behind the door is a good idea, too.

7. Attic Storage (Builtin Cupboard) Idea

7. Attic Storage Builtin Cupboard by simphome.comWe’re going up! If you lack space, why don’t you split your bedroom? Let’s see this lustrous attic. You can divide the space while installing a handy cupboard in the partition wall. The idea is to make the most out of any available area while preserving its prettiness. Hence, hang some artworks on the wall to better the look.

Lastly, hanging a mirror is a great way to seize a spacious feeling, deliver depth, and light to any room.

6. Multi-function Furniture Idea

6. Multi function Furniture by

Every so often, living in a compact apartment tortures our efforts to find some space for storage. Nevertheless, we have the answer. You can incorporate some functions in one.

Here, we have a combination of a desk/vanity, clothes storage, and countertop, not to mention the nightstand. It stands seamlessly under the window wall. If they are not enough, the bed frame also has deep drawers.

Then, to defuse a dreary look, place one greenery and accessory with a distinctive color.

5. Play on Nightstand Storage

5. Play on Nightstand Nightstands Storage by simphome.comRather than a one-package entity, we concentrate on building shelves around the headboard. They play the role of nightstands but having a slightly different shape.

Open shelving is ideal for displaying books and small stuff. Once the project is done, you will realize that finding your things become a lot easier.

For others that need more security, keep them behind closed doors at the bottom. Next, a narrow space above the headboard is excellent for placing frequently used items.

Remember, you need to make sure they go up justly as they will be more space-efficient and simplify your cleaning. Furthermore, floor-to-ceiling units look neater than wardrobes with boxes on top.

4. Secret Bed (or Secret Space for your bed) Idea

4. Secret Bed Space by simphome.comIt is a quick solution for pint-sized rooms. This time, we hide a bed instead of storage. Install a pulled-down system into your frame, so you have a handy item. First, however, think this through because without it, you will probably losing your bedroom.

Build neat cabinets to cover your bed when it is vacant. Again, they go up to the ceiling to take full advantage of the space. When you close the door, it looks like an uninterrupted unit of storage.

By day, you can use it as a study chamber or workspace. Then, when the night comes, morph it into a bedroom again.

3. Savvy Bench Idea

3. Savvy Bench by simphome.comDesign a bench which has an additional function as storage in it. No one would realize that it is parking above a pile of blankets and other things.

Tax returns, bills, certificates, medical records, and other confidential documents are safe and sound inside this bench. Furthermore, with a chic design, it will turn your bedroom more beautiful, sleeker, and more functional.

Opt for a neutral color and think about a simple opening system to complete the idea. As a result, it will camouflage with your interior and if you have done the job correctly, you’ll have new storage complete with multi-functional lids, which you can repurpose as a comfy seating pad.

2. Strundle Bed Storage Storage Bed Idea

2. Strundle Bed Storage Storage Bed by simphome.comYou may rarely see it; probably it is in your granny’s house. No problem, the point is you save space while providing extra storage in bedrooms.
You can use beneath the bed for keeping hardly-worn clothing and extra linens.

First, get some smart containers like boxes, baskets, or shallow wicker. Ensure they have handles on each side. The first reason, they keep dust bunnies away, and second, you can easily take or transport them anywhere else when necessary. If you are not that good at building such units or installing drawers, add casters and push them under your bed frame. Whenever you need them, you can grab them in seconds.

Lastly, Number 1. Under-bed Cabinets Idea

1. Under bed Cabinets by simphome.comFor the final, we give you an under bed storage idea. In this bedroom, for example, you can see a raised sleeping platform that grants a new space for cabinets beneath.

You need a cautious and thoughtful plan for this one. Not a carpenter? No worries, there are excellent services you can google to crack your problem immediately.

Before that, however, gauge the size and color you want, and fine-tune them with your interior. Then, surf the internet and search for the best model available that you can adjust with your necessities. Next, simply find the service provider to get the job done. You may consult your pick first before the professional visit the house. Consultation is commonly free.


As you can see, you can find plenty of ideas for new bedroom storage. We hope they inspire you to the better look of your chamber and bedroom interior. Did we miss anything? Let us know your thoughts below. Thanks!



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