10 DIY Ladder Project Ideas for Your Bedroom, Bathroom, and Kitchen

Organizing a room comes with various solutions and here are some of the ideals if you are into DIY projects or other frugal initiative that won’t dent your financial body

Ladders are versatile. You can use them not only to climb but also to adorn a room. They can even give you additional storage solutions with little effort and modification.

If you have an old ladder that is probably no longer safe for climbing, check these ten ladder project ideas that may inspire you to add some function and style to your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Following previous dozens of home decor and improvement ideas in the blog, this list and video available soon are also brought to you by Simphome.

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10 DIY Ladder Project Ideas for Your Bedroom, Bathroom, and Kitchen Video

10. A Ladder Wardrobe

10.LadderWardrobe by simphome.comThis open closet is a great idea to build if you need new storage in the bedroom to organize clothes, bags, and shoes. It requires two similar ladders, two boards, and a pipe.

  • First, grab the boards for the shelves, then cut them into different lengths, but make sure they still can rest on the rungs.
  • Next, paint them white. Once dried, screw the longer one on the first rung from the bottom and the shorter one on the next second rung.
  • Lastly, put the pipe on the top of the Ladder and hold it with saddle clamps to prevent it from sliding.

9. A Corner Storage Ladder Idea9.Corner Storage Ladderby

The versatility of ladders allows people to create many things to suit their needs, just like this corner storage. This ladder design takes the overlooked corner space in a bedroom and makes it look stylish. Besides, it can carry several things and can be moved easily.

  • To make it, you’ll need four long bars, ten short bars, and four pieces of wood for the shelves.
  • Start by assembling the long and short bars into two ladders, then join them by attaching hinges at the top, middle, and bottom.
  • Next, spray them in black or any color you please, then let them dry.
  • Last, place them in the corner of your bedroom and put them on the shelves.

8. A Ladder as a Side Table idea

8.Ladder as SideTableby simphome.comWe bet you didn’t think of repurposing your old wooden step ladder into this amusing side table before. Although it does not require much effort and materials, it does look unique and eye-catching.
This side table is made by simply screwing a plate number and a piece of round glass on the top. You may need help from a professional to drill some holes through the glass.

If you don’t want to be troubled with the glass, wood will also work for this project, and if you want it to be formal, tart it up with a tablecloth. However, the Ladder itself, without any additional materials, is enough to use as a side table.

7. A 3-in-1 Ladder Project Idea

7.3 in 1 Ladder by simphome by simphome.comAnother ladder project you can adopt for your bedroom is this 3-in-1 Ladder. It offers three purposes: a mini table, display pictures, and lightweight. Among the three goals, the only thing to build in this project is the side table.

Using an existing ladder, nail other bars for the built-in table. Adjust the angle so it can support the weight. Next, add a piece of board and fix it into the bars and the step. Make sure it will not topple when you add a thing to it.

6. A Red Ladder Shelving Project Idea

6.Red Ladder Shelving Project by

Isn’t this ladder shelves project good to give some style and storage in your bathroom? It takes a little effort to make, but it’s worth the result. Materials you need to make it are longboards, wide boards, and screws.

  • First, you need to cut the boards into the sizes you desire. Keep in mind that the shelves’ width is supposed to be narrower upwards.
  • Next, assemble the cuts into shelves, then move to make the legs.
  • Begin by cutting the end of each front leg 15 degrees off the square.
  • After that, make a straight cut about an inch from the top front of each front leg so that the back leg can fit perfectly.
  • Next, screw the front and back legs together. Finally, attach the shelves from the bottom to the top.

5. A Copper Ladder for Towel Idea

5.Copper Ladder for Towel by simphome.comCopper is a great option when you have no time to create a wooden ladder. It is easy, quick, and cheaper. More importantly, it does not lose its versatility. For instance, you can still use a copper ladder to hang some towels and tidy your space.

If you are interested in making it, ensure you have prepared copper pipes, copper equal tee, and end caps.

  • The next step is cutting the pipes into pieces with a pipe cutter or metal saw.
  • Once you’ve finished, sand the edges and start to create the Ladder by connecting each piece with the tees.
  • The last, set the caps on every edge.

4. A Multi-Purpose Mounted Ladder Project Idea

4. Multi Purpose Mounted Ladder by simphome.comThis ladder project is another smart move to get storage options in a small room. It is mounted behind the door, so it does not take up much space. The product of DIY can be used to keep your toiletries, dowels, comb, and even some decor organized and can be used in the kitchen as racks for plates, spices, knives, and aprons.

This mounted Ladder was made by repurposing an old ladder. It was mounted on the door using brackets as the support. Then, pieces of hardware cloth were added in front of each shelf to keep everything inside.

3. A Flying Pots Rack Idea

3. Flying Pots Rack by simphome.comHaving cabinets in the kitchen is essential for organizing pots and pans, but the cabinets are surprisingly not enough for the kitchen wares. If this situation also happens to you, we recommend making a hanging-on-the-ceiling ladder organizer, as shown in the picture.

Materials needed to make it are two longboards, dowels, and chains.

  • Then, you can start making the Ladder by screwing the dowels to the side of the boards.
  • Next, add some eye screws on the board’s edge and attach the chain.
  • Last, hang it on the ceiling and add some S-hooks to hang your pots and pans. You can also organize some baskets on the top.

2. A Crystal Ladder Light Project Idea

2. Crystal Ladder Light by simphome.comSimilar to the previous one, this ladder project is hung on the ceiling. But, instead of storage, this Ladder offers illumination to the kitchen.

This idea starts by attaching the lamp’s string to the ceiling and then hanging the Ladder with chains. To follow it up, twist the string individually to the Ladder; then, plug in the Edison bulbs. This kind of ladder light is already impressive; nevertheless, if you want to make it more glamorous, you can use a few crystal chains.

Lastly, Number 1. A Kitchen Shelves Storage Idea

1.Kitchen Shelves Storage by simphome.comThis number is the last ladder project this time that will give you places to organize plenty of kitchen equipment. To make it, you may follow these easy steps.

  • First, you’ll need a ladder, two longboards, and shelves, then begin with cutting the Ladder in half.
  • Next, screw each shelf right in the middle of the rung and attach the long boards diagonally across the ladders to hold the shelves.

Either repurposing an old ladder or making it from scratch, these projects take just a little effort to transform a ladder into a different thing. You might have decided which idea to execute, so happy trying.

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