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10 Appliance Garage to Squeeze the Unnecessary Mess after the Cooking Job Done

One popular technique to help you acquire a more organized kitchen is to move frequently used gadgets out of sight.

You can hide kitchen appliances from view on a kitchen counter by being stored in an appliance garage. The appliance garage might be a concealed area of a countertop or a built-in cabinet that can accommodate many appliances.

Appliance garages come in various kinds of layouts. While some people situated their layout directly underneath the top kitchen cabinets, some are hidden in the corners of cabinets in a largely unused area. An appliance garage can also be kept in a large pull-out drawer. The kitchen’s design and the location of the garage will determine the door’s style of the particular appliance garage. Most doors that are integrated into cabinetry will match and blend the layout. However, some will have roll-up doors that match the color of the whole kitchen cabinets structure.

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How to organize and hide kitchen appliances?

If you want to make your house feel bigger, it’s important to pay attention to the things around you that can add some extra space—like the kitchen. One of the first areas you should consider improving is your storage. It’s easy to overlook the fact that there are many small but useful ways to boost your cabinet space.

You might be surprised at how much time you can save if you keep your kitchen well organized and efficient. Not only will this help out when preparing meals, but you’ll also have less clutter to clean up afterward. And with all these gadgets and gizmos to store, it’s a good idea to learn how to keep them hidden properly, so they don’t end up taking over the whole room.

This opening article shares three simple tips for organizing and hiding your kitchen appliances. You’ll find out which items can benefit from being put away and which ones won’t, plus ideas on where to store your kitchen appliances efficiently.

Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

Organizing your cabinets is one of the easiest ways to increase the amount of usable space in your kitchen. The key here is to get rid of anything you don’t need. This includes any appliances that are no longer functional or food that’s expired or gone bad (or has just been eaten). If you’ve got an appliance, then it’s not necessary to hang onto it because it hasn’t been used in years.

It’s also worth considering whether you still need certain pieces of equipment. For example, you may have inherited many cookware sets from your parents or grandparents. In addition, you may have bought additional cooking utensils during your life because they were cheap and came with the property. These are great reasons to donate unused pots and pans you haven’t tried out. However, it’s still a good idea to have these things around in case you need them later or if you have big moves.

Hiding Kitchen Appliances

If you’ve done the above steps correctly, you should now have much more room to work within your kitchen. The next step is to find where to store everything you’ve left. It’s helpful to create small zones within the room to maximize space and efficiency. Here are three examples of how you could use this method.

Use the island as a central place for your fridge and freezer. Keep them together so you can easily access both units without going far. You’ll also be able to see the contents of each better, which makes it easier to plan meals according to what’s inside.

Create a separate area for your dishwasher. If you’re lucky enough to have one, lay it near your sink for maximum convenience. Otherwise, you can install another rack or shelf above the main unit.

The same goes for your range hood. Place it somewhere convenient so you can easily access it while cooking. For instance, if you have a freestanding unit, you can place it near the stove. If you have a built-in model, look for a spot that doesn’t block the doorways.

There are lots of different ways to arrange your kitchen cabinets. For example, you could opt to use shelves instead of racks to display your dishes. That would mean you’d need fewer drawers and cupboards to store all your ingredients and utensils. Another option is to purchase a hanging rack with baskets for storing smaller items like spices and sugar.

You don’t necessarily need to spend big money on new furniture either. A folding table and chairs set can provide ample seating space and even double up as a surface for preparing snacks and meals. You can also pick up plastic storage bins to keep your spices and flour in order.

Another handy trick is to hide your dirty laundry behind your refrigerator. This way, you don’t have to waste time digging through piles of clothes every day. Ensure you clear the area of other items and accessories, like hangers, newspapers, and magazines.

Organization for Your Dining Room

Your dining room is often overlooked when creating a more spacious feeling in your home. That’s unfortunate because it’s one of the rooms where you’ll most likely spend a good deal of time socializing with your friends and family. So making sure you’re using the space effectively shouldn’t be something you overlook.

Start by deciding whether you want to use your dining room as an informal living room or a formal dining hall. Then choose from among the following options:

Add a folding table to turn your dining room into a sitting area. Make sure you buy one that can fold flat against the wall and re-fold back without any glitch.

Consider installing a sideboard instead of a buffet-style table. Sideboards take up less space and offer a more elegant look than a standard table. They’re perfect for displaying decorative objects, serving drinks, and keeping track of any paperwork relating to your meal preparations.

Invest in a few decorative cushions and pillows to create a cozy atmosphere. These can be used to line the edges of the sofa or chairs or placed neatly under tables and windowsills.

Organizing your dining room isn’t difficult. Just follow the same guidelines as you did in your kitchen, and you should be able to keep your room looking nice and tidy for years to come.

For more information on improving your home, check out our articles on how to organize your bedroom, organize your bathroom, and organize your garage, basement, and floor.

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10 Appliance Garage to Squeeze the Unnecessary Mess after the Cooking Job Done video

Cooking can be a fun thing to do. Some people even do it to blow off steam. Unfortunately, some of them are not into tidying up. As a result, small appliances will take over the countertop, creating a messy look.
We all know that tidying up after cooking is exhausting and exasperating. Therefore, you need to consider making or purchasing an appliance garage to house your cups, coffee maker, blender, and other small appliances.

If you have not decided yet, you can check out these 10 appliance garage ideas to squeeze out the unnecessary mess after the cooking job is done.

10 Appliance garage poster from Simphome
10 Appliance garage poster

10. Go for the Basic

You tend to place the appliances you use daily, such as the blender, toaster, espresso machine, and small microwave, on the countertop so you can grab them instantly.
It may be convenient. However, putting those gadgets on the countertop may take over the counter space. As a result, you only find less room to prepare the meal. For this reason, you need this appliance garage.

This appliance garage is eminently simple. It is like an extension to your existing cabinet. Therefore, you will only need to add some shelves and a cabinet frame. You can also install an outlet for cord management. Consider using European hinges for a sleek and modern look.
Now, you can organize those gadgets and stash them away in your appliance garage.

9. Include a Built-in Pot Filler for Coffee Lovers

The primary objective of an appliance garage is to provide a home for small gadgets. But, it does not mean you cannot make it more functional.

This appliance garage provides an ideal spot for a bulky espresso machine and cups, which is perfect for those who cannot start their day without a cup of coffee. This appliance garage features a built-in pot filler above the espresso machine. This way, you do not need to make a short trip to the sink to fill the machine.

8. Multipurpose Appliance Garage Doors

Some appliance garages do not sit on a countertop. They simply stand within a wall of cabinetry. As a result, preparing your coffee or toast will be hard because you do not have any counter space to set down a cup and plate. If that is the case, you can try this appliance garage’s design.

This appliance garage features top-down doors. It is perfect because the lower door can stay flat, creating a counter space for a cup of coffee or plate. When you need to use the microwave, you only have to lift the door up, which is better than letting it go sideways and hit the wall next to it.

7. A Futuristic Appliance Garage with HL Lift Mechanism

Doors play a crucial role in an appliance garage. Besides making the storage look fascinating, they can also be a space-saving solution.
If your appliance garage is in the corner, installing standard doors that swing outwards will bump into the wall next to it. Therefore, you can try investing in a door with an HL lift mechanism.

This lift mechanism allows you to access the appliance garage by lifting it up. This way, it will not bump into the wall or take up more space. Besides, this kind of door will also enhance the look of your modern kitchen.

6. Opt for Pocket Doors

Another solution for your corner appliance garage is to install pocket doors. These kinds of doors are like standard doors. They swing outwards to open, but then you can slide them into the gaps flanking the shelves, hiding them away, and providing more space for you.

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5. Tap into the corner of your space with This Compact Appliance Garage

You may think you do not need an appliance garage because you can simply shove your blender and espresso machine into the corner of your kitchen. Well, it may be a solution. However, you will always see the eyesore. Therefore, you need to stash it away.

You can simply make an appliance garage right under your existing cabinet. Since it is located in the corner, choosing the right door is necessary because if you pick up the inappropriate one, you will create an awkward spot.

As a good rule of thumb, you must avoid standard doors that swing outwards. You can opt for rolling doors instead. Rolling doors are great for a casual kitchen. The good thing about them is you can open them completely or partially. More importantly, they can be the best solution for any kitchen that struggles with limited space.

4. Install Pull-Out Trays

You must consider the functionality and striking look when making an appliance garage.
This appliance garage, for example, perches snugly at the end of the kitchen peninsula. When you close the door, you will find a seamless blend that makes the entire cabinets look like they are flowing into one being.

The appliance garage also features trays that you can use to anchor an espresso machine, a toaster, and a fruit basket. You can pull them out to have easier access to those gadgets.

3. The DIY Appliance Garage with Pull-Out Shelves and Pocket Doors

Installing pocket doors to your appliance garage is an excellent way to save more space. However, it is pretty tricky. You must thoroughly measure the gap between the cabinet frame and the door.

The typical gap in this kind of door is 1/8″. However, you can leave about a ¼” gap if necessary.
Another interesting feature of this appliance cabinet is the DIY pull-out shelf. This is perfect for your coffee maker because you will not need to lift that heavy machine and set it down on a counter. Besides, by pulling out the shelf, you will not need to worry about the steam that can damage the cabinet.

To make this pull-out shelf, you must install cleats inside the cabinet. Make sure that they have the same length as the slides. Then, mount the slides and shelf to the cabinet.

2. Go Classic with Bi-Fold Doors

HL lift mechanism and rolling doors may sound pricey. An appliance garage with bi-fold doors will be your safe bet if you want a more affordable and timeless option.
These doors allow you to make the most of the limited space by folding the doors, thanks to the hinges that make it possible.

Lastly, Number 1. Make It Work Harder

Making your appliance garage work harder is ideal if you have a compact kitchen. You can install many racks over the door that you can use to stash away sauces, spices, and condiments instantly.

Have you ever wished you could have your pantry or larder like in Downton Abbey but lacked the space? The closest thing would likely be a pantry-style closet combined with an appliance garage. The microwave, toaster, coffee maker, and sink are all located in this traditional Griggs and Mackay kitchen. However, it also uses the doors as a rack for spices and condiments. Very clever, no?

Those 10 appliance garage ideas will help you organize your kitchen better because you can squeeze the unnecessary mess after the cooking job is done more easily and faster. So, you can keep on cooking without worrying about the mess now.



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