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20 Living Room Furniture and Seating (Include DIY Cushions)

Find the ideal location for your curved couch first things first. The corner is the ideal spot. You will, however, have a blank area at the back. Place a tall plant, a floor light, or other appropriate decors to fix it. Work hard to combine and contrast until you achieve harmony; it isn’t effortless, but if you take several minutes to read the following resource, you’ll find some interesting perspectives.

Admit it; a living room is an ideal spot for spending family time and entertaining some guests. It also lays down the ambiance for the rest of your house scheme.
Nevertheless, it is not about the design merely but also about the things around it. Hence, embellish your pet point with one of these ten+ living room furniture and seating ideas (include a video). Have a look! And as usual, follow the reference links to get more details.

10 Living Room Furniture and Seating Ideas Video:

10 Living Room Furniture and Seating Space Ideas via Simphome.comFeatured
10 Living Room Furniture and Seating Space Poster

10. Swap a Couch for a Daybed

10.Swap a Couch for a Daybed via
Daybeds are suitable furniture choices as they occupy less space yet offer the luxury of a couch. Delivering relaxed places to park yourself and having two open sides, they can dwell in any direction. You can push them up against a wall or leave them to stay on their own. Also, these items fashion extra room for your guests to rest; plus, you get a living look rather than a dull den.
10.Swap a Couch for a Daybed Photo via
For those reasons, they are the best pick for substituting sofas. With this alternative, you will craft a fantastic spot for slumbering and entertaining a band of friends.
Tip: Add throw pillows to retain neutral moods.

9. Place Your TV next to the Fireplace

9.Place Your TV next to the Fireplace via
A focal point is pivotal in any room; there is no doubt about it. See the Fireplace? It is both adorable and takes the role impeccably. Problems arise when you want a TV to sit in the room and share the part.

Probably, an idea to set the TV above the fireplace popped up. One question, how many of you realize its flame threatens your electronics and, eventually, takes your light? Nobody wants that.
Solution: Simply crack your hitch by setting your TV beside the Fireplace. It makes you enjoy both of them without the TV dictating the scene.

Also, read 10 Media Console Ideas for Small Property Renters or 10 TV Cabinet Ideas and Mounting System Best for a Small Living Room for a more specific discussion related to this idea.

8. Boost Your Space with a Focal Point and a Mirror

8.Boost the Space with a Focal Point and a Mirror via
It is still about focal points. This time, place a love seat at the center of a papered wall. A couple of identical side tables and lamps are groovy to convoy your star. Instead of a regular coffee table, use an ottoman, then you can have an extra bench.

Next, apply a mirror in a room without windows to avoid a boxy feeling. With this, you allow light to reflect and, at the same time, add depth to your space.
Tip: Lay the mirror across from a window to get an additional window benefit.

7. Try a Curved Couch

7.Try a Curved Couch via

Curved furniture has always been alluring for eons. It is classic and iconic. Bear in mind; if you are not watchful, it can be showy.

First thing first, try to figure out the best spot for your curved couch. The perfect area is in the corner. But, you will have a vacant space at the rear. Solve it by positioning a tall plant, a floor lamp, or suitable décor. It is a tough job; strive to mix and match until you get the harmony. Look at the picture; a rounded and clear coffee table is gorgeous. Add a circular rug, and you are on the ball.

6. A Contemporary Look Decor Choice

6.Contemporary Look Interior via
Thanks to the wooden wall and stone material, it has a natural face. While earth colors are calm and relaxing, they can be too gloomy for some. The others are just about in the same crowd.

In all honesty, if it is not because of brighter flooring and furniture, you better skip it. Although lighter browns or beiges will be much better than this mix, at least they will save the day. For the final touch, is there a better match for your curved couch than a round coffee table? It is a clear-top item; hence, it will not flock to the view.

5. Invest in Hidden Storage

5.Invest in Hidden Storage Living room via
We adore multi-functional items, and storage is not excluded, especially the hidden ones. Wait, it does not mean a stealthy section on the wall. It could be merely a stash under the chair or within a table.
5.Invest in Hidden Storage in living room via
Go to the nearest home depot and seek built-in storage. An ottoman that has a trunk is an excellent example. You can use it as a coffee table as well. Then, replace an outmoded table with drawers or a credenza to give you loads of storage options. After all, nobody wants to clutter, sleep anywhere and annoy your eyeballs, right?

4. Opt for a Backless Couch

4.Opt for a Backless Couch via
A backless couch is close to daybeds and offers an excellent spot that multiplies as a study and extra site. When it is empty, it works as a sofa too. You get an optional place to rest other than conventional love seats.

Here, a backless sofa with a small side table stays comfortably at the center and joins a pair of armchairs. A minute desk separates the couple.
4.Add Another Backless Couch via
Probably, you are bored with wallpapers and mirrors for adding depth. Calm down, utilize some plants, and spread them in the corner, behind or beside sofas. Greenery will tone down every corner and craft a reviving picture.

3. A Large Sectional and Compact Chairs for Compact Space

3.A Large Sectional and Compact Chairs for Compact Space via
They respond to your problem seamlessly in a compact space situation. Delivering supreme litheness, large sectional sofas and chairs will preserve the vivid hole exposed.

The former does double duty for you. You can put your feet up alone or load many guests in a big get-together. The latter offers extra space when you need it. It comes without squandering a lot of space.
3.A Large Sectional Green and Compact Chairs for Compact Space via
Please pay careful attention to the corner of your furniture when trying to save your prized footage.
Tip: Add a lovely visual disparity with a fit blend.

2. A Couch and Plush Ottoman for a Tunnel-Like Living Room

2.A Couch and Plush Ottoman for a Tunnel Like Living Room via Simphome.comPut any side chairs behind you in a tunnel-shaped chamber. Go for one or two ottomans to replace them. On movie nights, you obtain the freedom to put up your feet on one. Another is apt for popcorn and snacks.

2.A Grey Couch and Plush Ottoman for a Tunnel Like Living Room via Simphome.comWhen you have a giant load, pull them out to the wall. Voila! You bring in an extra room for them to squeeze on. For a better encounter, pick a compact upholstered ottoman. It performs as a comfy seat, yet it has a stable surface for a mocktail tray. Expedient.

Lastly, Number 1. A Humble Bench and a Chair With Unique Personality

1.A Bench and a Chair via

For the final route, free yourself from the sofa as it may cut the role of your living room. Some of us might think it is not our thing. Next, what is the best choice for furniture?

Decipher your enigma by employing minor pieces, like a bench or a few chairs. They pose easy tunings to fit any settings. Movie time, parties, meet-ups, you name it.

1.A Bench and a Chair Blue tint via Simphome.comTiny things mean you need less to zero energy to reorganize the set. Cleaning up will be a swift and effortless job. What do you think? This pile of ideas will gee-up your den onto another level. With a cautious arrangement and ingenuity, these ten living room furniture and seating ideas will be cozy, spacious, and express your style.

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5 DIY Cushion Design ideas for Modern Moms:

Creative homeowners can always come up with a solution to spark their living space, and these unique cushion designs for modern moms can provide inspiration and ideas. You don’t need to spend a fortune just to make your house look attractive and appealing.

Adding attractive cushions allows you to transform the dull and plain atmosphere with creativity and extra effort. And you’d be surprised to know that creating those cushions doesn’t need extra huge money either. In the next section, you’ll find five Unique DIY Cushion Designs for Modern Moms: Simple yet creative projects to try

1. A Sponge Stamp

Sponge Stamp 5 Simphome com
You can create attractive images and shapes if you are good with knives, cutters, or scissors.

  • Simply draw the patterns on the sponge and cut them. The sky is the limit! You can use your sponges as stamps, placing them on various paints and colors and applying them to the fabric.
  • Be creative with your designs. You can use glow-in-the-dark paints. You are free to use any colorful fabrics – not necessarily the white ones.
  • If you want to add applications or accessories to the cushions, feel free to do so. In short, having the sponge stamp is easy, affordable, and super fun! You can have this project with the kids – you will love it!

(via Alittlecraftinyourday)
Additional source:
Source: 1,2,3,4

2. A Wooden Block Stamp

Wooden Block Stamp 4 Simphome com
If you are into wooden crafts, this kind of project will be perfect for your crafty work. It will take an extra effort to carve the wooden block, but it provides more solid construction and filled blockage. Be careful when carving the block because it is quite hard. But such wooden blocks can be easily implemented for paints and colors. Not to mention that you can save the blocks for later projects. Try this unique cushion design for modern moms and see how you can decorate the house with your work. (via brit)

3. The Quote Stenciled Pillow

Quote Stencil 3 Simphome com
You only need a stencil pattern or block and some permanent markers. Feel free to choose any fabric with any color, and choose your favorite quotes. You can also alternate the colors of the markers, creating a unique cushion. Mind you, though; it would be better to choose a fabric that isn’t easily washed up. But also ensure that the fabric won’t irritate the skin, and the final outcome will be appealing and beautiful. (via Momtastic)

4. A Tie Dye

DIY Natural TieDye Fabric Pillow Steps 2 Simphome com
You can always browse around the description area for step-by-step tie-dye methods. The idea is to dye the fabric while creating interesting patterns at the same time. It may require extra effort, but it isn’t extra difficult or complicated. This can be one of the simple but attractive, unique cushion designs for modern moms. (via Highondiy)

5. A DIY Crafty Project Idea

You can sew or glue beads to create interesting patterns on the cushions. In this example, a smiling face with red lips is created from a simple marker drawing and beads attachments. Of course, you can do any crafty projects and attempts that you like without including fussy implementation. This unique cushion design for modern moms can help you deliver attractive results without spending much money. (via Ohthelovelythings)

5 Creative DIY Hand Painted Cushion Design You Can Try for Your Home:

Have you ever thought about doing your creative DIY hand-painted cushion design? Contrary to your belief, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have your own creative, unique, and artistic cushion. You can make your own; the process isn’t all that difficult. You should try one of them and see it for yourself.

6. The Black and White Line Pattern

simphome black and white line pattern

You only need white fabric, black paint (especially for fabric), and a sponge pad.

  • On a piece of white fabric, dip the sponge pad into the black paint and apply it to the fabric. The pattern is up to you, although you can always try the one on the example.
  • Wait until the paint is dry, stitch it up, fill it up, and you are good to go! If you want to, add tassels on the corner for accents.

But even without the tassel, the cushion is attractive enough. (via Topinspired)

7. The Abstract Ice Dye

simphome ice dye pillows

I’m not going to discuss the process of making the ice dye – you can find out how to do it on your own. I’m just going to discuss the effect of the ice dye on the cushion. If you are into abstract patterns and colors, this kind of creative DIY hand-painted cushion design will be up your alley. Feel free to do any colors you want, and you will get rainbow hues that are completely one of a kind. Use contrasting colors because the end result will be marvelous and artsy. (via Mesewcrazy)

8. Paint and Brush Methods

simphome hand painted pillow

Have you ever tried painting on the fabric? If you are into painting so much, why not do this? Prepare the fabric colors (pick any that you like), the fabric, and the brush. In this example, it uses white fabric. But if you want to get creative by using black fabric or glow-in-the-dark fabric paints, you can do it too. Pretend the fabric is your canvas and create any patterns, shapes, or artistic forms you like. (via Etsy)

9. A Wooden Block Project Idea

simphome wooden block

If you are a bit artsy with the wooden block, you may be able to try this creative DIY hand-painted cushion design. You need to carve a specific pattern or design on a wooden block. It acts like a stamp where you can apply colors and the block to the fabric. This example uses white fabric, but you are generally free to use any colors of fabric and the types of paints. (via Mueblespitarch)

10. The Stencil Designs

simphome owl pillow cover

If you are into stencils, this modern idea can be perfect for creating one cushion. Stencils have the greatest color freedom, although they usually come in black and white or dark gray. If you want to try gold or silver, be my guest. It may take an extra effort, but nothing super complicated or difficult. The creative DIY hand-painted cushion design can be applied to your personal needs. (via Madeinaday)

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