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12 DIY Ladder Projects Ideal for A Small Kitchen, Bathroom, include Bedroom

Building a handmade ladder is straightforward. In fact, more than a dozen individuals are seeking new creative ideas on how to turn the ladder less conventional. More efficient, functional, and captivating. Captivating enough to attract prospects with interest in owning their house.

Repurposing unused items is always a great idea. It not only helps you reduce waste but also allows you to get the furniture or storage you need on the cheap. You only shop around your house and find an old thing you no longer use, yet it is worth recycling, like an old ladder.

Are you seeking ideas on how to repurpose it? We have collected our favorite DIY ladder projects that fit small kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms for you. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

12 DIY Ladder Projects Ideal for a Small Kitchen, Bathroom, Include Bedroom Video

12 DIY Ladder Projects Ideal for A Small Kitchen, Bathroom, & Bedroom Poster

12. A Multi-tiered Nightstand Idea

The problem that a small bedroom usually faces is the lack of storage. Therefore, vertical storage will always come in handy because it allows you to organize more items in one spot.
This multi-tiered nightstand is suitable for your small bedroom since it does not take up much space, yet it can hold more items simultaneously.

  • More importantly, it will not make you spend much money because you only need to grab your old ladder and some wooden boards.
  • Then, sand the ladder and boards, and apply any finish you want to make it more appealing.
  • After that, screw the boards to the ladder to create the shelves.
  • Consider attaching the ladder to the wall using L-brackets or large hinges for peace of mind.

11. A Hanging Corner Bookshelf Idea

If you have run out of space for storage in your room, think again. You still have plenty of it but have not yet found a way to tap into it. How about this brilliant corner bookshelf?
This bookshelf will save more space. More importantly, it is easy to make even if you are not into woodworking.

To make this corner bookshelf, you will need a double ladder. Then simply screw it to the L-brackets attached to the wall. Do not forget to leave space between the ladder and the wall so the books can sit snugly.
If you cannot find a double ladder, two smaller ladders will do in a pinch.

10. A Beautiful Wreath for the Special Events

Christmas is approaching. Have you decided on the decorations you use to welcome your extended family? If you have not, you can try this beautiful ladder wreath.
You can begin by making the wreath. The options you have are limitless when making a Christmas wreath. You can use burlap, ribbon, eyelash yarn – you name it!

If you want to create a Christmas wreath from scratch, you will need a 10-inch wreath form, paddle wire, hot glue gun, holly berries, noble fir, cedar, princess pine, and red twig dogwood.
Once the wreath is ready, you can hang it on the ladder. Then, wrap around the ladder with princess pine. Finally, lean the ladder against the wall or suspend it from the ceiling.

9. Turn it into Towel Holders

Add a few rustic vibes to your bathroom by making these towel holders, which are straightforward and inexpensive.

  • You only need to grab an old ladder, sand it thoroughly, and apply two coats of gel stain.
  • Consider sealing it with polyurethane since it is resistant to moisture.
  • After that, lean the ladder against the wall and hang your towels on it.

8. From a Humble ladder to an Over-the-Toilet Storage Idea

This ladder storage will be your safe bet if space is premium in your small bathroom.
This ladder storage does not require plenty of space. You only need to lean it over your toilet. Then, add some hooks and baskets that you can use to house toilet paper and some other bathroom essentials.

7. Hanging Ladder Pot Racks

When the floor space is limited, and your cabinets have occupied the walls, it is time for you to use the fifth wall – the ceiling. An old ladder can make a great hanging organizer when you team it up with the ceiling.

  • You only need to attach one 3/8-inch eye screw to the four ends of the ladder.
  • Then, assemble chains with the eye screws using a few quick links.
  • Next, install four heavy-duty hooks for the ceiling and hang the chains.
  • You can also add a wooden board on the ladder to create a shelf so that you can put some baskets on it.
  • After that, add several S-hooks to hang pots and pans.

6. An Upside Down Ladder Shelf Idea

This upside-down ladder is for you if you want practicality and style. Unlike many ladder shelves that stand on their feet, creating an A shape, this ladder comes in an upside-down design. Instead of standing on the floor, you can attach it to the wall using screws and brackets.

To make it more exciting, paint it the color that complements the interior design of your room. Then, have fun displaying your knick-knacks.

You can try other displaying tricks by first browsing our featured article,
27 Organization Hacks for A Small Space.” The list covers essential but often forgotten potential that your space may already possess, including dozen other ideas that require only basic woodworking. Be there after the video end, and without further ado, let’s continue our countdown with

5. A Fruit Basket on the Ladder Idea

The new idea is a unique way to incorporate storage solutions while adding a rustic look to your kitchen.

  • Instead of suspending a ladder from the ceiling or screwing it to the wall, you can let it lean against the wall on your countertop.
  • Then, get two wire baskets and hang them to the ladder’s rungs using cable ties.
  • Finally, you can fill the baskets with potatoes, eggs, onions, or fruits.

The colorful fruits and vegetables will also jazz up your cooking space immensely.

4. An Open Closet System idea with a little touch of a Ladder

If you do not have any closets in your bedroom, do not worry! You can always use a ladder to create an open closet system. You can find many ways to incorporate a ladder in your open closet system.

  • You can instantly attach the ladder to the wall with wooden supports you make from scratch or L-brackets if you want sturdiness.
  • Then, simply hang your clothes on the ladder. Another way to use a ladder as your closet is by investing in two units of IKEA Kallax.
  • Then, screw a ladder to connect them together.

This way, you can have plenty of shelves with a hanging rod in the middle.

3. A Rustic Bathroom ladder caddy idea

Some of the Best Rustic Towel Storage Ideas And Designs You can get both your hands on

Although the bathroom is not where you can hang out with your friends, it still deserves styling. Try making this rustic caddy to round out the farmhouse styles in your bathroom. Making this bathroom caddy is just a piece of cake.

  • You only need to sand an old ladder, stain it, and seal it with polyurethane to protect it from excess moisture.
  • Then, get some wire racks and cable ties.
  • After that, lean the ladder against the wall by the bathtub.

This way, you can grab towels or shampoo in a jiffy.

2. A Ladder transformation project idea with Light Fixture

This ladder project idea will perk up your festivities instantly. Most importantly, you can make it yourself without the hassle. To make this lighting fixture, you will need an old ladder, some light bulbs for a classic ambiance, and any decorative items of your choice, depending on the theme you are trying to carve out.
Tip: you can use twigs to create a natural look that can make a great fall decoration.

Lastly, Number 1. A Ladder Shelving idea for the Dining Room

Using ladders for storage solutions is not always about carving out a rustic look. If you are not into the well-worn and warm appearance that pays tribute to the past, you can opt for this ladder project idea that lends a more contemporary style.

This project requires two double ladders. Then, paint them and the boards white to gain a contemporary look. After that, slide some boards on the rungs to create the shelving unit. Finally, display your colorful cups and bowls to spruce up the kitchen.


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