12 Bathroom Trends and Storage Solutions For 2021

A luxuriously decorated bathroom can make any homeowner feel like royalty.
Think about it – the bathroom is the perfect place to shower (pun intended) yourself with self-care and some pampering! Surround yourself with a few relaxing candles, drop in a few bath bombs, and you’ve got the perfect solution to a relaxing weekend!

We’ve compiled some of the best trends and ideas for 2021 to make your bathroom fit for royalty! Get ready to soak in the 12 bathroom trends and storage solutions for 2021, or that could still work fine in 2022, or 2052 or beyond.
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This is our awesome list of bathroom trends for 2021 or 2100
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12. Get in Shape (and color)

12. block colors and hexagon by simphome.comLooking to add a cool and retro vibe to your bathroom? These hexagonal tiles in block colors will add a beautiful pop of personality to your bathroom!

This beautiful porcelain hexagonal tile from Stellar Navy has a clay-like texture that’s available in as many as eight shades. You’ll indeed find a color that will bring out the unique style of your home! This tile is versatile and will be the perfect solution for the wall or your flooring!

We love how the designers combined two different tile styles! The result is striking without being too overwhelming, thanks to a well-thought color scheme.

We also love how the designers added a refreshing pop of pink on the wall. Combine this with accessories with bold colors like a yellow towel and a multi-patterned basket, and you have a bathroom brimming with personality!

11. DIY Install An Easy-close Sliding Door for your Bathroom Storage

A quick and easy solution to level up your bathroom is by installing a DIY easy-close sliding door! A woodblock sliding door adds not only convenience and comfort but luxury and personality as well!

Watch how this undermount easy-close slide from Accuride provides the best storage solution! The model is straightforward and easy to use and install.

All hardware is concealed, so you don’t have to worry about having an eye-sore in your perfectly designed space. The storage doors are also anti-slam, so you get a quiet solution for your clutter.

This drawer can support a load of up to 100 pounds! And have a generous 30-inches of maximum drawer width. You’ll also love these additional features.

10. Keep your Style Clean and Crisp

10. This new bathroom renov trends deserve your attention by .We all know cleaning and household chores can get tiresome, especially when we’re talking about the bathroom! Carefully choose fixtures that keep your bathroom looking light and refreshing!

Look how this modern bathroom feels open and refreshing, thanks to its all-white countertops and toilet! The bathroom doesn’t lose its personality thanks to the cabinet and floor’s subtle marble design.

Choose earth tones for your cabinet, or maybe your favorite flowers – you’ll never know how these small hints can make a big difference to your overall style!

When it comes to classy storage, this subtle and minimalist vertical storage cabinet by AOJEZOR is perfect for you! This product is currently the top-rated toilet holder product on Amazon with as much as 10,000 ratings!

We love how this tiny product can intelligently fit all your essentials – as much as three rolls of toilet paper and up to four bottles of shampoo and soap. The product is about 30 inches tall, and it has a depth of about seven inches.
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9. Go for A DIY Modern and Industrial Bathroom

Are you more attuned to a rugged and industrial sense of style? Apply these tips and tricks by combining metal and wood fixtures for that cool look.

We love this hanging open wall shelf from ROG MARS for only 90USD! The shelves are supported by black metal pipes that instantly give a chic and retro vibe to an industrial-styled room.
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The industrial shelves have an open design so that you can have unlimited storage space!

You can rely on the Yuanshikj’s stability and robust structure.

The shelves are 0.8-inch thick, so you can rest assured that these shelves are durable and have a great load capacity.
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8. Go All-Natural

8. bathroom trends natural element wood by simphome.comYou’ll never go wrong with Mother Nature as your style inspo! From earth-toned fixtures and wooden finishes, add a natural touch to your home with these DIY ideas.

We love how this refreshing bathroom design has a subtle yet textured tile as the background. The luxuriously cut mirror, coupled with golden metal fixtures, add depth and a chic style to the bathroom. If you’re choosing to go natural, the best way is to add wooden touches definitely. Look how the wooden drawers pair up with the wooden soap tray! We also love how the white cotton plants ties in the whole room.
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This best-selling bathroom towel set, rated at an average of 4.6 by 14,000 customers, is the perfect addition to a natural and minimalist bathroom. The six-piece 100% cotton towel set comes in 16 different designs.

7. DIY Adopt a Chic Design Style

Finishes and small details come a long way when it comes to DIY-styled rooms. From choosing a graphic tile to building your drawer, make the most out of your bathroom with these chic solutions!

Nobledays is the Queen of Chic DIY! We love how she chose this patterned tile that doesn’t fall short on luxury and style! Watch how she made a custom vanity – the final product is sleek and beautiful thanks to her exquisite taste!

For that instant chic touch, consider getting this MYHB waterfall faucet for your bathroom! This sleek farmhouse faucet is top-rated at 4.8 stars!

Get the most out of this robust product that has a sleek design and strong fanbase. Homeowners can also get the convenience of choosing between hot and cold soft waterfall flow.
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6. Get The Best with Neutrals

6. the new neutrals Idea by simphome.comWhen it comes to design, you’ll never go wrong with choosing neutrals. Remember that it’s all a matter of balance!

Choosing to go with a neutral design and color scheme can be tricky. You don’t want the room to feel overly boring and lifeless. We’ve got the secret solution for you – texture. When going for muted tones, remember to add elements and fixtures that will give your bathroom depth and texture.

Look how these square tiles become the perfect backdrop for this modern sink with a fluted design! Add block colors and other geometric elements to provide nuance and personality to the muted space.

5. Go with Functional Design Pieces

5. stylish and funtional fixtures in a modern vintage bathroom by

A smart interior designer knows how to combine style and functionality in one package!

This beautifully styled bathroom possesses all its glory in its functional pieces – the mirror, drawers, shelves, water fixtures, and light fixtures. Even its storage boxes, trays, towels, and rugs add personality and depth to the bathroom!

4. DIY Splashback Design

4. bathroom splashback design by simphome.comIf you’re looking for the ultimate statement piece without going overboard, the classic splashback is the best solution!

We love how this monochrome bathroom looks! The overall design is sleek with its black accessories against a white geometric backdrop. You can go with the more geometric and classic white tile like this one, but nobody’s stopping you from going crazy with a pop of color or a patterned splashback!

3. The DIY Bathroom Wallpaper

3. your ultimate guide to bathroom wallpaper by simphome.comIf you’re one of the many homeowners on a budget, go with a bathroom wallpaper! It’s budget-friendly and hassle-free to customize around fixtures. The key to long-lasting wallpaper is to keep it away from water fixtures. It’s also essential to keep the bathroom well-ventilated.

2. Turn your Bathroom into a DIY Spa

2. new spa like design by simphome.comWe love the idea of turning your bathroom into a DIY spa! Have your little piece of paradise with these relaxing style ideas.

Stimulate the senses by combining natural elements like rugged stones and raw wood. The secret to achieving this look is through subtle design pieces like candles and greenery!

Lastly, Number 1, Find your Centerpiece

1. modern ideas for an on – trend pink bathroom scheme by .A simple way to go full-on modern is to choose a single color scheme! This might sound dull to you, but adding contrasting fixtures and finishes will complete the overall design!. We love how the clean black lines balance this all-pink bathroom. The space comes out warm and inviting, thanks to the carefully chosen pieces.

Another great idea to bring contrast to an otherwise dull one-colour room is to add a sliding barn door. FYI, the textured wood elements will bring instant life to your bathroom!


Give yourself the gift of self-care by providing the perfect atmosphere to your bathroom!
DIY bathroom design can get complicated with all the fixtures, storage, and small details to think about. Try one of these design and storage ideas to help your home reach its full potential! For more detail, continue to the description area to the



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