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12 Backyard Makeover Ideas On A Budget

10 DIY Backyard MAKEOVER Ideas via Featured

If you are looking for ways to spruce up your backyard, but are low on cash, look no further. With these makeover ideas, you can easily transform your backyard into a stunning space you can actually be proud of.
If you want to revitalize that drab backyard of yours, you have come to the right place. I’ve got twelve new and affordable concepts that will give your backyard a breath of fresh air it desperately needs.
With these terrific transformations, you can host backyard barbecues and camping parties any day!
Who says you have to break the bank just to get an Instagram-worthy backyard? Nope, these projects will not only yield a breath-taking space but will also be budget-friendly.
And, they are incredibly easy to boot. So easy that you can actually do it yourself! Don’t bother calling a contractor for these projects, because all the manpower you need is yours.
Not convinced enough? Well, let these projects speak for themselves!


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12. Backyard Makeover Pool Design

12.Backyard Makeover Pool Design via Simphome.comAlways dreamed of having a swimming pool, but never have the budget for it? Well, who says you can’t have a simple mini-pool in the backyard?
With this makeover project, you can have your very own pool without putting a hole in your pocket. Sure, it won’t be as big as a full-sized pool, but it’s spacious enough to wade in the water.
And you don’t even need to hire professionals to put up this cost-effective pool! You don’t need to be an expert builder either! All it takes is determination and dedication and you can have a DIY pool in a matter of days.
Did you know that you can make a swimming pool out of pallets? Oh, a shipping container and a garbage dumpster work, too! Isn’t it great how you can make something so luxurious with these extremely affordable materials?

11. Backyard Private Hideaway Makeover

11.Backyard Private Hideaway Makeover via Simphome.comIf you’d love to handout more in your backyard, but hate that it’s so exposed, here’s the project for you.
Give yourself that sense of security with this private hideaway! Build a fence and rest assured that your business remains your business. Apart from privacy, you’ll also be protected from unwanted views, pests, and noise from the outside.
You’ll also be protected from extreme temperatures, so you can lounge in your backyard for as long as you want any time, any day.
Aside from function, this privacy fence project also adds beauty to your space. With its elegant features, you and your family will have a lovely time relaxing in your newly designed backyard.
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10. Backyard Makeover Ideas With Pallets

10.Backyard Makeover Ideas With Pallets via Simphome.comIf you don’t want to spend too much on a backyard makeover project, use pallets!
With wooden pallets, you can make a wide variety of DIY projects! From tables and chairs, pools and fire pits, to dog houses and sandboxes, there’s nothing you can’t do with pallets.
This material creates the most attractive outdoor furniture, and is absolutely free! You can get it from any store with a garden center. Just be sure to ask nicely!

9. Backyard Path Makeover Alternative: Lay A Simple Stone Path

9.Backyard Path Makeover Alternative Lay A Simple Stone path via Simphome.comAdd a rustic feature to your backyard by giving it a stone path! It’s so amazing how something so practical and affordable can make your space look so chic!
Plus, a stone path is not only there for aesthetic purposes, but for protection as well. With these steps, your grass and garden are safe from getting stepped on.
All you need is a few flat stones and you’re all set! There is a wide plethora of stone designs available in Amazon, so you don’t even need to get out of the house to make this happen.

8. DIY Idea How To Makeover Your Backyard Patio

8.DIY Idea How To Makeover Your Backyard Patio via

Who says you need at least $200 to give life to your outdated patio? For as low as $160, you can transform your backyard from drab to fab!
All you need are a few throw pillows, stepping stones, patio chairs, string lights, a rustic rug, and a DIY bench, and you’ve got yourself a newly transformed backyard.
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7. DIY Alternative Idea How To Makeover Your Backyard Fire Pit

7.DIY Alternative Idea How To Makeover Your Backyard Fire Pit via Simphome.comSay goodbye to your old-fashioned fire pit and make way for a new one. This DIY backyard fire pit is charming, affordable, and easy to make!
7.DIY Alternative Idea How To Makeover Your Backyard Fire Pit Done via Simphome.comSurround your new fire pit with picnic chairs, love seats, and a table for a fun barbecue party. Accessorized with throw pillows and embellishments, this fire pit is the perfect place to hang out with the entire family.

6. Backyard Storage Makeover Idea: Serve Party Treats In Style

6.Backyard Storage Makeover Idea Serve Party Treats In Style Closed via Simphome.comThis Murphy-style mini bar is all your backyard needs for the most convenient outdoor party. Just stock the storage unit with your favorite food and drinks and you’re ready to host!
And when you’re done, all you need is to fold the bar up and Voila, clean up complete.
6.Backyard Storage Makeover Idea Serve Party Treats In Style via Simphome.comEven if you’re not a party-hosting type of person, this bar is still useful. Whether you use it as a potting station, an indoor desk, or a display table, it will never run out of purpose!

5. Backyard Fun Makeover: How To Expand Your Picnic Bar

5.How To Expand Your Picnic Bar via Simphome.comIf you love hosting gatherings in your backyard, this picnic bar is a must-have.
This DIY storage unit is elegant, spacious, and so easy-to-make! Perfect for setting pitchers, glasses, and other containers, it’s the ideal furniture for your backyard party hosting duties.
Just stock your picnic bar with all the party essentials and your party is all set! No need to go back and forth to your kitchen to serve your guests with food and beverages.

4. Cheap Backyard Garden Play House Makeover

4.Cheap Backyard Garden Play House Makeover via Simphome.comWant a luxurious looking backyard without going over budget? Craft this mini garden playhouse, also known as the female version of the bat cave.
This DIY project broke the internet for a reason: it’s easy, affordable, and straight-up gorgeous!
4.Cheap Backyard Garden Play White House Makeover via Simphome.comWhether you make it for yourself or your kids, this garden playhouse will certainly fancify your backyard. It’s the coziest, chicest hang out the spot you can ever ask for!

3. Tiny Backyard Garden Makeover Idea

3.Tiny Backyard Garden Makeover Idea via Simphome.comGive that plain patio of yours a splash of color with this makeover idea!
And who cares if you’ve got such a small backyard? This simple transformation will make your patio looking larger than life.
With some faux grass, wooden chairs, throw pillows, and other decors, you can make this rustic and Instagrammalbe patio you’ll want to lounge in for hours.
Throw in some potted plants and a vintage bike and see the difference it makes.

2. Backyard Décor Makeover Idea: Make A Rustic Pergola

2.Craft A Rustic Pergola in Backyard via Simphome.comThe ladder has recently become one of the latest trends in design. And that’s why we’re featuring this DIY pergola made with vintage ladders! It’s the perfect way to incorporate a new trend in your home.
2.Craft A Rustic Pergola in Backyard and fence via Simphome.comGive your garden a lovely entrance where you can feature crawling plants and hang string lights on!

1. How To Build A Pallet Potting Bench

1.How To Build A Pallet Potting Bench via Simphome.comGot some old pallets to spare? Use them wisely by transforming them into a potting bench!
This project is especially great if you’ve got some pretty potted plants waiting to be displayed. Also great for displaying bird cages and other outdoor furniture!
Apart from showcasing your plants, this potting bench also doubles as a craft desk or console table. And by the way, it doesn’t take much effort and resources to make! All you need are a few pallets and some of your time.

Our Final Thoughts

See how easy and affordable these DIY projects? With these budget-friendly ideas, your backyard will transform into an Instagram-worthy spot in no time.
Who says you need boatloads of money to get something so beautiful? All you need is hard work, commitment, and dedication, and you are on your way to a backyard so stunning, you will want to have your family and friends over all the time,
And aside from the fantastic finished product, you’ll also get immense satisfaction from creating something from scratch.
Trust us, there is a different level of joy you’ll get from completing a DIY project. Not to mention, all those bragging rights! Not everyone can say they’ve accomplished such a feat.
So what are you waiting for? Give your backyard the transformation it needs with these 12 makeover ideas on a budget.


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