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12 Ideas to Style Your Bed Like Pro

While the bedroom can be one of the most exciting things to decorate, knowing where to start can get overwhelming!

If you’re not sure where to start, why not make your bed your pièce de résistance? Turn your dreams into a reality by spicing up your bedroom!

We’ve compiled some of the best trends and ideas for 2021 to help you style the perfect bedroom! Get ready to tuck the corners as we present these 12 Ideas to Style Your Bed Like Pro.

if you find this list in 2024 or 2040, don’t skip the post. We are confident this post still offers a new perspective or something useful you can take to upgrade your current bedroom interior décor or atmosphere. And same as the last bedroom upgrade compilation ideas published on the website, the following presentation, the FAQs, the list entries, and the source directory are still brought to you by

It is 12 Ideas to Style Your Bed Like Pro
12 Ideas to Style Your Bed Like Pro Poster

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Relevant FAQs and Answers:

How to style a bed like a pro?

A bedroom can be seen as a room in one of the primary or secondary living areas for someone to use.

To be the pro, a person would be researching colors, furniture, and patterns appropriate for their bedroom needs. The person mustn’t just go out and buy whatever they find without having any guidance from others. Someone should know what type of look they are going for before going out and purchase anything. After this, someone could take measurements of their room to create an accurate plan on how everything will fit each other. If you don’t have access to make measurements, print out pictures of other bedrooms and use those to get a general idea of what you want.

One could then go to the furniture store and start shopping for pieces that match their liking. If someone is building a bedroom from scratch, it’s important to lay everything out first before putting anything in the room. Buyer beware, always measure twice when buying items for your bedroom, so you don’t have an awkward situation where you have to return an item because it doesn’t fit your room properly.

Return to the question, in general, to style or makeover a new bedroom like a professional bedroom makeover you only need to:
1. Prime and paint the walls
2. Use furniture to make a cozy, yet refined bedroom environment
3. Find linens that match the colors of your room and freshen up your bed with a new duvet or comforter set

How can I make my bedroom stylish?

A lot of people (and ourselves) tend to get lazy about decorating because our rooms are where we sleep and sometimes have to do other things. It is better, in our opinion, if your bedroom is function-oriented rather than just decoration-oriented. However, it doesn’t mean ugly; here are five pieces of advice we can give to you:

1. Change the pattern on the ceiling/wall: a simple quilt or similar
2. Change the carpet color: a new color or a lighter color that is warmer. If you have a bedroom without windows, it is always preferable to choose a warm-colored carpet (unless you have an internal wall) because it doesn’t let in too much light and thus doesn’t tire your eyes
3. Change the style of your furniture: if you have a modern or contemporary bedroom, it is always better to mix it with other different styles
4. Change the color of the furniture: instead of buying new furniture, repaint or change the covers of your old furniture (see point 7 for more information)
5. Change your lighting: it will change how it looks and how you feel in the room (for example, replacing clear with frosted lights or moving/changing existing source(s) of light).

What is the best way to layout a bedroom?

A bedroom is a specially used one of the living or sleeping quarters in a house or an apartment. It is typically separated from the other rooms and intended for rest and sleep. Bedrooms are also designed with furniture such as beds, nightstands, closets, shelves, dressers for storage of clothes and/or personal items, chests for storage of books, and study material such as workbooks.

The most common layout for bedrooms in American households with single-family homes is usually on the second level of the home’s total floor plan (a ground floor bedroom) with rooms leading off it (usually an adjacent master bedroom); this type usually has four walls enclosing its entire area plus one to three windows; in many families with more than one child, a teenager’s bedroom may be located on the second floor. This layout (not to be confused with the traditional Indian palatial bedroom) is also more common in homes built before World War II and those with a separate guest room or two.

A bedroom space can be very small compared to other spaces in the house. A small bedroom will typically measure around (9 ft × 11 ft / 2.76 m × 3.35 m) and a very large 50m2 (535 ft2) or more. Most bedrooms contain a bed or sleeping area, furniture, although bedrooms may contain boxes and other items that can be used for storage. Rooms that have been designated as bedrooms can also share one or more common areas such as living rooms and kitchens.

It is typically recommended to place furniture against the walls of a room, with an open space in the center. However, you may not want to do that if you live in a small area with minimal wall space.

If this is the case, try using furniture or other objects that can function as dividers to section off some of your living space into cozy spaces for different purposes – one might work as your bedroom area, and another might work for watching TV or reading.

How do you style a modern bedroom?

A modern bedroom is a room that is used as a place for you to sleep. A modern bedroom can be styled in many different ways depending on the materials and colors used. Some bedrooms are more popular than others, such as a monochrome style or using pastel colors, giving the room a soothing atmosphere.

Style Options:
Typically, people choose to make their bedrooms one of three styles; either traditional, contemporary, or minimalist. Traditional means having deep carpeting; curtains around the bed; and heavy dark colors on the walls with light furniture in the room.

The Contemporary has fewer drapes and lighter furniture but still has dark walls with nice artwork hanging from them to create contrast; whilst minimalist bedrooms have very plain walls; no carpeting (only a rug on the floor) and only one piece of furniture which is usually to the side of the bed.

Some materials that you can use in your bedroom are carpet, wood, metals, and stone. Carpeting is usually used in a traditional style bedroom as it has a calming feeling; it’s also soft on the legs when walking around. Wood can be used if you have heavy pieces of furniture such as a dresser or chest. Metal and stone can be used for an industrial style room, where you have heavy objects such as shelves or tables hanging from the ceiling or having metal windows with small colored lights inside of them.

How do you put a bedroom together?

-A bed must be constructed of a base, a platform, and a headboard.

-You need to buy furniture for the room. You need a bed, a dresser, and nightstands. The dresser should have 4 drawers with 2 on each side for storage. Then you need a TV stand or entertainment center with a TV and other furniture that matches the bedroom’s theme.

-To put a bedroom together, you need to start with assembling the bed. Next, you can choose whether or not to purchase another set of furniture (depends on your personality and budget) for the bedroom and complete this by adding curtains and accessories.

How can I make my bedroom look expensive (if budget is not an issue)?

The first step is to cover any noticeable holes in the walls or floor with a rug. Once you have done this, start buying furniture that would be suitable for an expensive bedroom. This is important because any poor-quality furniture will make your room look worse than it actually is. Try to invest in the best king-size bed you can afford with a rich-looking fabric and quality material such as oak wood. If you do not want to buy new furniture, try going out and getting some new sheets and bedding sets, often found at places like Target and Macy’s due to their affordability. Again, these need to be of good quality fabric so that it doesn’t take away from your room but compliments the other pieces of furniture like mahogany and cherry wood. You need to make sure that the color of the furniture complements all other colors in the room, be it wood, walls, or carpet.

If you are going to paint your room, you should either select a neutral color such as beige or a color that would complement your furniture, like gray. The best way to decide on what color you are going to paint your room is to look at recent pictures; if they were painted in this type of brown, then go with chocolate brown for a warm natural feeling.

How can I make my bedroom more comfortable?

We are not sure what you mean by “more comfortable,” but if you want to create a more relaxing environment in your bedroom, you can try these things (if you haven’t tried it already) :
* Put in a few nice, warm comforters.
* Hang some nice pictures on the walls; you can get these ideas from magazines or online.
* Use some nice-smelling candles. Candles can be used to create a romantic environment. The smell of the honey-like scent of vanilla can really set the mood for a romantic evening with your significant other.
* Get some nice, soft pillows to put on your bed(If it’s too hard, it’s terrible for your back)
These are just a few simple things that you can do to make your bedroom more comfortable and relaxing like they would be if you went into a five-star hotel room.

How do I keep positive energy in my bedroom?

For a “positive” bedroom, use lighter colors. Keep the room free of clutter and choose a stylish chair for reading or relaxing.
Also, try to keep positive energy in your bedroom by decorating with colors like blue and yellow. To avoid any negativity, don’t have any black or dark colors. It is also essential to have a bed that has a lot of pillows and mats on it because this helps you sleep better at night.

According to Feng Shui, the bedroom is the one room in your home which should have more natural elements. This includes earth tones and light colors such as white that help keep positive energy in the room.

Beyond that advice, it is essential to create an ambiance that facilitates a positive state of mind. The first step is to have a routine for the mornings that get you up and going without thinking much. For example, waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning and getting started on your day with meditation before proceeding into more routine activities like working out or doing chores around the house.

How can I make my bedroom cozy and romantic?

There are lots of different ways to make your bedroom a cozy and romantic place. You could add some soft lighting, give it a fresh scent with essential oils, have some nice music playing in the background, and maybe write your own love story on the walls. If you have some soft music playing in the background, you should pick a radio station or a podcast that would suit your story.

If you want to write your own love story on the walls, you might want to use chalkboard paint and leave it empty for inspiration, but be careful to make sure that the wall is not painted in such a way that any form of writing doesn’t come off. On the other hand, if you want something more than just writing on the wall, get some stencils and draw your own action scenes (if this is for a boy) or country view with trees (if this is for an adult female).

How can I make my room feel like a luxury hotel?

One way to make your room feel like a luxury hotel room includes the use of luxury toiletries, lighted candles, and a turndown service. Another way is to switch on the radio and close your blinds, so the outside world doesn’t distract you from feeling relaxed.

Scented candles and scented toiletries can be very relaxing. This may be because they trigger happy memories or because they help you focus on the present. Try using scented candles to create moods: lavender for relaxation, pine for a boost, and orange for a fresh start. In general, it is better not to use huge candles that may pose safety hazards in your room or someone else’s room if they are too big.

Also, try lighting one candle and then lighting another when the first one is half-burned out. Then place them in different parts of the room, such as on your nightstand or on your dresser and bathroom countertop, to make the entire room experience more intimate.

What is the 60 30 10 decorating rule?

This rule is straightforward and modeled after Richard Marker, a design principle developed in the 1950s. It can be used as an adaptation for designing rooms.

The 60 30 10 rule states that there should be at least 60% of negative space in the room, 30% light color, and 10% each of dark textures to create a balanced environment.

Bedroom interior decoration is a ‘form science’ based on the visual effects of color, lighting, and textures. Simply put, the rule works to ensure that any design should be aesthetically pleasing while being practical as a bedroom.

To give you an idea of how this rule works, here are some examples:
-Bed: A dark wood frame with four spindles has a classic appeal that can balance out a light-colored duvet cover. The dark wood on the bed will provide texture to an otherwise plain-colored room.

-Window Coverings and Bedding: If you want bold colors in your bedroom, then windows offer an excellent opportunity to show your sense of style. Window dressings should be done in a light, soft, and airy colors. In addition, bed linens and comforters should be in light colors (white or its light offshoots) so that they blend well with the rest of the room.

-Curtains: The best curtains for bedrooms are sheer and soft, made of lightweight materials like polyester. These curtains allow sunlight to flow into the room while they filter out pollution outside. They are also a good option for people who don’t want to get up until late morning or early afternoon on weekends because these kinds of curtains do not block out all sunlight.

-Lighting: Lighting plays a vital role in creating a relaxing environment. For bedrooms, ambient lighting created by a light source mounted in the ceiling is the best option. Installing spotlights will get you a brighter look without using too much power.

-Color: Bedrooms should be painted in either cool or neutral colors such as white and off black shades. Cool colors are good as they tend to make rooms look bigger. Neutral colors provide an airy and cheerful environment without making the occupants feel confined.

What colors make a room look larger?

One way to make a bedroom look larger is by painting the walls a light color. This will make the room appear exponentially larger than a dark-colored wall.

However, if you want to make a bedroom stand out, choose colors that are not too bright.
Also, make sure your bed and the rest of the room’s furniture fit in with the overall theme. If you have an Asian-themed bedroom, for example, then pick out a brushstroke bedspread set in pastel colors. But if you go for a Victorian style, pick out an old-fashioned-looking comforter set with brightly colored flowers.

For a bedroom that feels cozy and romantic, create a scene by mixing together different shades of the color red.

How can I make my room less cluttered?

Strict to the point,
There seem to be two leading causes of procrastination; irrational beliefs and external causes. External causes are things like deadlines, workplace pressures, and other people making demands on your time. Irrational beliefs are the ones that don’t make sense, but it’s hard to admit and see past them. Both have the same solution: changing your behaviors or actions until you find something that works – this is called “experimenting.”
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Where do I start decluttering my bedroom?

To start your decluttering, you need to identify the places in your bedroom where clutter is building up and make a plan of attack. To begin decluttering, you should identify all the things you want to keep in your bedroom and create a place for each.
If necessary, you should buy/use fabric to cover your bed. It will be interesting to have a color in the room, and when you change your sheets or clean the room, it will be easier to wash your blanket.

Curtains are essential in any bedroom. They provide privacy and allow light to enter without letting heat escape in during the winter months. They also help keep out dust, dirt, pollen, and other allergens from entering the room. Obviously, you don’t want black-out curtains if you have a bedroom that gets sunlight during most of the day. A good rule of thumb is that your curtains should block out about 70% of outside light that comes into a room at night.

What should you not have in your bedroom to keep it tidy, clean, and organized?

A bedroom should not have dirty clothes on the floor, piles of unfolded laundry, loose papers, paper clips, unread books, or cluttered furniture.

How do you declutter a room in one day?

The following instructions are to provide an example of how to declutter a room (mainly the small one) in one day:

1) Start by identifying the things you want to keep and put them in a box. For us, these would be sentimental items such as photos and letters.
2) Move everything from the “sentimental” box into another box labeled “donate.”
3) Put away the “strobes” and “filler” items.
4) Get rid of any items that are broken, ugly, or just plain unnecessary.
5) Get rid of anything that is not currently used in your life. Be realistic about this; you don’t have room for everything.
6) Put all the junk back into the “donate” box and give it a nice little wrapping, so it doesn’t get lost in the basement or garage.
7) Sort and organize your boxes by categories: clothes, miscellaneous, books, etc. Put them back where you found them (they are still easily accessible if you need something).

How do you make your bedroom look more grown-up?

In general, We would say that it’s mostly about presentation. Items like curtains, a bedspread or other soft fabric on the mattress, and a desk with lamps and notepads all add to the feel of being grown up. Focusing on these items is important because the things we surround ourselves with matter for how we feel and because you’ll want to be able to study in your room without interruption at night.

How do you make a small bedroom cozy?

-Create calm colors in the room like light blues and greens to make it seem spacious
-Use drawers, shelves, and clothes closets to keep clutter off of surfaces
-Put a desk in your bedroom for a bit of space for work or school
-Eliminate all electronics from the room so that you don’t mind being in there for a while
-Remove all of the furniture from the room and vacuum it to remove dirt, dust, and hair particles
-Vacuum using a soft bristle brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner
-Apply a clear varnish rub to natural wood for an elegant look and make sure there’s no polish residue
-Apply dark wax to lighter wood pieces so that they don’t get damaged from scratches or dents while moving them around the room
-Hang light-colored wall art to add brightness to dark walls and brighten up bedsides nightstands
-Use light colors for paint or wallpaper to create a relaxed atmosphere in your room

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List Entries:

12. Start with A Neutral Base

Nothing says class and sophistication like a minimalist and neutral design. Remember that your room should be a place of comfort and relaxation. Start with a blank canvas by investing in minimalist yet quality and comfortable sheets and bedding.

A neutral base doesn’t have to look boring at all – it’s all in the texture and quality! We love luxurious bedding in shades of white, beige, or creme. The trick is to look for the breathable material that gives a subtle hint of texture.

11. Or This hybrid concept, that will amaze your guests too

There’s nothing like the combination of functionality and design to make a bold statement. We love this hybrid chair and bed combo that adds a subtle yet sophisticated edge to the room.

We love how the chairs can serve as convenient bedside tables, while the backrest also serves as the minimalist headboard. We love how the designer brings out the beauty of essentials!

The barebones design of this bedframe makes any storage and design idea tasteful and sophisticated.
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10. A $2000-inspired DIY bed frame for $100

Most of us are all too familiar with the sinking feeling of finding that our dream piece exceeds our budget by a hundred dollars! We want to let you know that you can still achieve your dream look with a personalized DIY project.

We’re inspired by this DIY-enthusiast who took inspiration from an expensive wooden headboard to make her bed frame at just under $100USD.

According to this DIY-enthusiast, you should start by choosing the best foundation: such as by using the beautiful and sturdy wood that is high in structural integrity and workability. Or by using Bed rail brackets that are a sturdy and convenient option for the assembly of wood pieces.

To amp up your DIY project even further, consider piecing together these ultra-convenient 24-inch wall folding brackets for an instant workbench, shelf, or table. This foldable fixture is great for small spaces and the material is heavy-duty as well!

9. The DIY Comfy Tunisian crochet baby blanket

There’s nothing quite like a warm and inviting blanket to add luxury to a bedroom.

I Can Crochet gives us a beautiful Tunisian Crochet pattern that requires only a few stitches. All you’ll need is a 6.0mm Tunisian hook with cable and two cakes of 344 yards each, with the color of your choice.

You can even add in some tassels for a bohemian look for your bedroom. Get this beginner-friendly Tunisian blanket pattern and get ready to cozy up your bed!

8. The Nautical and laidback Master Bedroom Idea

This white and blue lake house master bedroom is a vacationer’s dream, but nobody’s stopping you from achieving this look at home!

We love how the author used comfy striped blankets and pillows to add texture to space. It comes with extra darker shades of blankets or pillows to tie in the whole look complement with a painting and wall sconces above the bed that produces a focal point and cleaner lines within the bedroom.

We also love how she added natural elements like a raffia rug, wooden drawers, and potted plants to add warmth to the room.

7. The DIY Shibori-dyed beddings Idea

Do you want to add color to your bed but are low on funds? We have the solution for you – go for a DIY project such as this shibori-dyed bedding project!

The first thing you’ll have to do is soak the sheets into washing soda – this will help the dye bind to the material. An easy way to get started with Shibori-folding is to divide the short end of your material into the number of sections you’d like to multiply. From there, fold the triangles back and forth into your desired pattern! Use plastic panels or cardboard to make the patterns, and secure with elastic bands.

Mix your reactive dye and paint the dye onto the edges. Once the dye sets, get ready to unfold the beautiful patterns!

If you want to amp up the DIY project even further, combine your DIY Shibori-dyed duvet with a DIY bed skirt. Although making a bed skirt is tedious because of the hemming and ruffling work required, the final product will instantly elevate your room. All you’ll need is about 14 to 17-inch strips of fabric. One thing, Remember to add at least an inch allowance each for the seam and the hem.
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6. DIY Round pillows from old sweatshirts

Add the perfect bohemian touch to your bed with these cute fluffy pillows with pompoms! They’re the perfect solution for homeowners looking for chic yet low-budget and sustainable decorations.

We love how this DIYer used and recycled thrift and old sweatshirts. To copy it, simply find a round throw pillow and cut its outline on the seater. You can choose to close off the pillow cover entirely with thread, or you can add in a zipper for easy washing.

The perfect pompoms are actually easier to make today compare to the old-time, thanks to dozens of instructional available on Youtube and Pinterest. Easily attach your quirky pompoms to the edge of a pillow with a crochet hook after your pom-pom production finished.

And if you still have a lot of comfy and loveable sweater collections in your closet after this recycling attempt, then take this super reliable heavy-duty cloth rack from Tatkraft to manage it! The trusty adjustable garment rack can be adjusted to a length and height of up to six feet! With its open concept, you can quickly scan your collection and find one that you can take for your upcoming recycling project or donation plan

5. Go for a timeless design and convenient solutions

We’ve got the ultimate solution for homeowners looking for a classic, high-quality, durable, and quick piece of the solution for their bedroom.

Watch how The Bed by Thuma combines a timeless assembling process with professional craftsmanship to produce a genius bed frame with the help of puzzle-like pieces. Homeowners with zero DIY experience don’t have to worry about getting tools or hiring a professional team to replicate the idea. Follow the link inside the reference to find more detail

4. Don’t sleep on these Shams ideas

As the saying goes, it’s the small details that make a big difference! The same goes for your bedroom. Homeowners might be obsessed with finding the bed frame and headboard or even the perfect bedding, but what’s often forgotten are the pillow shams!

Shams complete the bigger picture of your bedroom. They are both subtle and powerful in rounding out space by adding that missing hint of color, texture, and pattern. With so many options to choose from, we’ve gathered some of our favorite bedding and sham pairings.

For patterned duvets and comforters, go with neutral and solid-colored shams. Neutral shams are meant to complement and add variety to patterns without overwhelming the senses.

If you’re looking to pile on some prints, florals are a great way to tie in multiple shades and hues around your room. For homeowners who want to go the extra mile, combine some fun prints and patterns for the ultimate maximalist bedroom.

If you’re one to look for relaxation and openness in the bedroom, you’ll never go wrong with crisp and white shams. Look for white shams that add a touch of texture like fringed edges or a hint of color with bold piping or stripe.

3. Stock up on sheets

The great thing about styling your bed with sheets is that you can always change up your style as often as you like! Learn how to invest in comfortable and quality bed sheets and pillowcases for a good night’s sleep.

Beyond colors and prints, remember to consider comfort and practicality when choosing your sheets. Sheets with a higher thread count will have a more luxurious quality, so remember to look for sheets with a thread count of 200 or more. Higher quality sheets with a thread count of 250 to 400 will feel highly luxurious.

While you’ll never go wrong with breathable cotton sheets, it’s a good habit to keep different types of sheet materials for your room. Linens are comfortable for hot climates, while satin sheets are best for cold temperatures.

To achieve the best look, remember to measure your bed size and depth carefully!

2. Achieve A Balanced Design inTo Your Room

Achieving a well-balanced room is easier said than done. In general, simply adopt a playful spirit and then combine it with different design styles to achieve a fresh and well-rounded bedroom.

Just like the idea in the picture.

We love how ETC.etera achieves this sophisticated yet edgy romantic bedroom by combining a nook and curtain with the toile design. It is artfully presented with a romantic and traditional bedroom that we believe a favorite of more than dozens of bedroom owners currently reading the list!

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Lastly, Number 1, The Twinning wallpaper and bed frame

Here’s an ultimate idea that patter-lovers will go crazy about! We love how the founder of the Palm Beach store Christina Bryant artfully matched the bedroom wallpaper with the beddings, pillows, canopy, and upholstery!


The secret to achieving this look is to figure out your inspiration and to balance out the scale of prints. As the rule of thumb, Mismatched and careless patterns will make your room feel cluttered and busy, so reconsider your plan if you currently have the patterns on your hand.


A new DIY bedroom plan can overwhelm your mind with all the fixtures, storage, and small details to think about. For that reason, simply try one of these design and storage ideas from Simphome and at least visit the source provided by the same website



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