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Nothing can cramp your home’s style like a cluttered space!
Failing to plan out your closet storage space clearly can quickly turn your beautiful bedroom into a disaster zone. We all know about the dreaded Chair in your room that holds your not-so-clean and weirdly smell clothes.

We’ve compiled some of the best trends and ideas for 2021, 2025, or beyond to help you organize like a pro! Say goodbye to The Chair, and hello to chic and stylish storage clothing and rack dress ideas. As always, the following 12 ideas are presented for you by And without further ado, let’s start the countdown.


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12. DIY Rolling Rack Idea

12. DIY Rolling Rack by simphome.comWe’ve got the perfect solution for homeowners who love to play around with their clothes and outfits. If a pre-made storage unit is out of your budget, consider this easy DIY project and build your own convenient clothing rack!

This beautiful porcelain hexagonal tile from Stellar Navy has a clay-like texture that’s available in as many as eight shades. You’ll surely find a color that will bring out the unique style of your home!. This handy rolling rack is the perfect accessory for doing laundry, planning outfits, and sewing projects! We love how this DIY project made from inexpensive materials turned out!. Approach your local home depot store to help you cut your wood materials. This particular project used an inch-thick board with 30-inch and 18-inch dimensions.

You’ll also be needing some pipes for the rails, two pieces of 60-inch pipes and one 25-inch pipe should do the trick, but you can customize these lengths as needed. You’ll also be needing two of each: ½-inch floor flanges, ½-inch 90-degree elbow attachments, and two rubber wheels.

11. Get the Quick DIY Clothing Racks

11. How to turn wooden dowels to an awesome open clothing rack easily by .A quick and easy solution to storing your clothes is this DIY clothing rack! This clothing rack is lightweight, and it doesn’t hurt that it looks chic as well!

We love how this DIYer used affordable, sustainable, and easy-to-find materials like wood dowels and PVC side outlet elbows. Amateur enthusiasts can easily personalize the final product to their liking since wood dowels are easy to manipulate.

Cut the pieces anyway you like, and stain or paint them to fit your personal style! Remember to apply a generous coat of primer before you finish off the project to prevent damage to the material. The Rust-Oleum is a highly rated product that can reliably protect plastic, metal, wood, fiberglass, wicker, concrete, and vinyl from rust and wear and tear.

If you’re not too confident about your DIY skills, consider getting this heavy-duty and convenient Luban King Adjustable Clothing Rack with two tiers. This clothing rack is the ultimate solution to versatility with its adjustable horizontal and vertical bars.

Another product that we can confidently recommend is the Prince Hanger One-Touch Double Adjustable Clothing Rack. The product is made from heavy-duty steel pipes, and as many as 1,000 reviewers have rated the product an average of 4.5 stars!
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10. OR Closet Gym

10. How to Sew a Closet Curtain on a Track by simphome.comTake it from the kids who lived to tell the tale of Narnia. There’s a whole new world tucked away in your closet space! We love how this DIY-er made the most out of her tiny closet. Tuck away unsightly machines and equipment like a bulky treadmill or your weights with an unassuming curtain. This DIY enthusiast went as far as to hide the curtain track so that the curtain seamlessly blends in with the room.

All you’ll need is a white linen fabric, curtain track and hooks, and a sewing machine. Make sure you have nonwoven interfacing and shirring tape as well to have a clean finish!

9. Luxurious Closet Space in A Tiny Bedroom Idea

9. Or use the same trick to Making the Most of Small Closets Master Bedroom by simphome.comYou can even step into the closet – who knew you could have a walk-in closet in a tiny bedroom?
We love how this couple made the most of their shared space by creating a DIY closet from scratch.

These DIY enthusiasts completely removed their closet door to install floor-to-ceiling curtains. Not only do the curtains hide unsightly piles of clothes and trinkets. These high curtains are sure to elevate any room!. An open closet will allow unlimited access to closet contents! When the curtains are open, homeowners can conveniently see and get anything they need all at once.

8. Linen Closet Lovin’

8. New love for your small linen closet by .

Do you have tacky wired shelving in your linen closet? Elevate the small space with these simple yet life-changing design hacks!. This first rule might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised that it’s often the most ignored! Remember not to overstuff your small linen closet. Learn how to prioritize when working with a small space, organize similar items, and learn the art of proper folding!

And last, Consider installing these space-saving over-the-door clothes rack for additional storage for your towels and extra sheets in your linen closet!
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7. Win With DIY Solutions

7. Custom Closet DIY How to and Plans for Dressing Room Closet by . 1We might be biased, but DIY projects might be the best solution because they’re tailor-made for your space and your specific needs. Carefully evaluate your storage needs. From there, you can start planning the best way you can organize them to benefit your daily routine.

To complete your DIY closet, consider getting this convenient stainless steel adjustable closet rod. This product is versatile, with an adjustable length of 30 to 48 inches. Another product that we love is these classy Hamilton Bowes 12-inch Valet Rods! This rod made of Zinc is available in Polished Chrome and Oil-rubbed bronze.
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6. Slide Away with this Shelving idea

6. Follow this custom dressing room project include with removable shoe tray module by ..If you’re obsessed with accessories, then you’ll love these convenient shelves specially designed for shopaholics! Have your most precious designer items on display with these convenient and accessible shelves. We especially love the removable shoe tray module as well as the sliding drawer for scarves! The possibilities are endless with drawer slides!

If you think you’d have to spend a fortune to achieve this look, we’ve got you covered with an easy DIY solution. Easily find quick-install “drawer slides.” Do a quick search on Amazon today and find the best drawer slides for your closet.
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5. A DIY Bookcase Sliding Door Idea

5. Give IKEA BILLY Bookcases a new sliding door by .Have you ever dreamed of having your own private library at home? That dream is about to become a reality with the help of easy DIY solutions!

Elevate your basic IKEA bookcase by installing casters and U-shaped plastic channels to add in sliding doors! We love how this DIY project used textured plywood to give the closet a rustic feel. For amateur DIYers dreaming of a sliding barn door, this easy-to-install Sliding Barn Door Floor Guide offers versatile solutions. Choose between eight different assembly options to protect your floor from any scratches.
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4. Maximize Your Available Vertical Space

4.Build A Simple Wall to Wall Shelves via SimphomeMake the most out of every inch of your home! You can even turn small corners and awkward spaces into chic storage spaces like this in the picture. To maximize the space, make sure to get accurate measurements for your DIY project first. This DIYer used 1×10-inch boards for the shelves and 1×2-inch boards for the bracing.

3. A DIY Horizontal Organizer Idea

3. Horizontal Closet Organizer by simphome.comSure, vertical organizers and shelving look classy and chic but let’s face it, they’re impractical, especially for children and vertically-challenged adults. A horizontal organizer can provide twice the amount of shelf space, all within easy access.

more closet storage better organizer via .jpg
We’re a little bit obsessed with this refreshing 65-inch wide closet design of four open shelves and a clothing rack. The DIYer went to organize all similar trinkets and accessories in linen and wicker storage boxes, adding warmth to the room!

2. Save Space with a Mounted Wardrobe With A Sliding Door

2. Mounted Wardrobe With Sliding door by simphome.comMounted wardrobes give luxury and a sophisticated edge to interiors. Imagine all the storage space you’ll save by installing mounted drawers and shelving in your closet!

We love how the wood-mounted shelving gives this luxurious closet depth. Black sliding barn doors add contrast and a luxurious feel to the closet. With a sliding barn door solution like this, you get to maximize your space even further! You don’t have to worry about any obstructions in the room that might get in the way of your closet door.

Lastly, Number 1, DIYers Do It Best

1. DIY Closet Organizer by simphome.comYou don’t have to spend a fortune to get chic storage and racks for your clothes! Remember that the best way to find a solution to all your home improvement needs is to craft custom pieces with DIY projects.

With your trusty measuring tape and an instinct for solving problems, any DIY project is possible. Easier if you could follow the link inside the description and remember all the details required. This DIY project worked with simple materials: start with 2 x 4 plywood, pipes for the rack, and screws and hooks. This passionate DIY enthusiast carefully worked to create a design that can accommodate all his storage needs!


Give yourself the gift of self-care by providing the perfect atmosphere to your bedroom! The Storage Clothing and Rack Dress Ideas can get complicated with all the fixtures, storage, and small details to think about. Try one of these design and improvement ideas from to help your home reach its full potential!

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