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12 Bedroom Makeover Ideas to Transform a Messy Bedroom

Are you looking for easy makeover ideas for a messy bedroom that won’t break the bank?
These highly creative options presented by are all terrific. They vary from minor DIY tweaks to more advanced projects. They also cater to different tastes and are affordable.
Stick around to find out if any of them may be the right one for you.


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Number 12. From Messy to Glamorous Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover12.Teen Girl Room Makeover From Messy to Glamorous by

The best place to start is the bedroom walls. A light gray shade would be an excellent background choice that will make everything stand out more. Even esteemed designers vouch for this color.
What better way to make a bed pop than with a white head and footboards? Change the bedding to plain pink, enhanced with black and white stripes. Add matching pink and white pillows, and you’ve got a striking and elegant look.
It’s also more straightforward and fun to work around a glamorous theme. In this case, it’s the owner’s love for New York City. You can frame a ubiquitous “I (heart) NY” shirt, Playbill magazine cover of a Broadway show, Brooklyn Bridge photo, and use other NY memorabilia as décor.

11. Hanging a Swag Light11.How to Hang a Swag Light by

A swag light is any typical lighting fixture plugged into a wall but hung from the ceiling if you didn’t know.
It’s a terrific alternative in a dark corner without furniture for a desk lamp or space for a floor lamp. Even better, you’ll save money from not hiring an electrician for new lighting.
Get a stylish lampshade to cover a bulb connected to a wire hanging from a ceiling hook. You can use wiring covers running down the corner to tuck in the wires and keep them tidy.
Also, pick colors that blend with your walls.

10. A Closet Makeover with Lofty Before & After Results10.Before After A Closet Makeover with Lofty Results by

One of the essential steps in organizing a closet is to get rid of everything that you don’t use.
In this example, you can discard a lot of stuff that your boy doesn’t need anymore. Also, consider removing the doors.
It will open up the closet for other things like a reading loft complete with a cushion, pillows, and a ladder. To make space above, you can transfer the hanger rod under it.
Remove any extra shelf above that might get in the way. Instead, use uniform but labeled storage bins to organize his things.

9. New Closet Reveal9. New Closet Reveal by

While we buy dressers to store and organize our clothing, it’s time to admit that they’re not easiest to keep tidy. If the item you need is under a pile, it’s a chore to grab it without disturbing other things in the drawer.
Sure there are ways to make them more efficient, but why not go for a different solution? In a well-designed open closet layout, everything will be within easy reach.
With the furniture gone, it will make the room seem bigger. You can use different sized shelves with decorative brackets, hooks, rods, bins, and baskets to keep your items looking orderly and stylish.

8. Craft this Ladder Chair to Reach the Upper Shelf8. And craft this ladder chair to reach upper shelf by

Step ladders aren’t supposed to be decorative, but you can build an eye-catching one that serves a dual function as a chair!
You assemble the pieces with wood screws, pocket hole joinery, and glue. A 1’x1-1/2” piano hinge connects two primary sections at the seat.
When left unfolded, it looks and functions like any wooden chair with a backrest. But when you tip the heftier back section over the smaller front one, the magic happens.
The rungs that were below the seat would align to form a slanting step ladder. You can give it a more striking appearance by painting it red.

7. Built-In Idea to Solve a Messy Bedroom7. Build in Idea to solve messy bedroom by

This design is ideal for those who love to read in bed and have space for their favorite books. It would work well in a small or moderately-sized bedroom.
The idea is to have the backboard end of a bed pushed into a recessed alcove lined on both sides with built-in bookshelves.
Recess lighting on the wall behind the bed would provide enough illumination that’s easy on your eyes. A natural wood grain finish helps define the area and provides a cozy backdrop.
What you get is both a comfy sleeping area and a reading nook.

6. DIY Gold Chevron Wall & Small Room Makeover6. DIY Gold Chevron Wall Small Room Makeover by

An accent wall behind your bed embellished with chevron patterns would liven up a small bedroom.
First, paint the wall to your desired color, preferably with a light shade. After drying, apply another coat to make the color more even.
Again, wait for it to dry before you start drawing the vertical lines 9” apart with a gold sharpie pen. Mark a point on a vertical line 6” from the top of the baseboard.
Then and draw diagonal lines down to the bottom of the vertical lines beside it and use them as your guide. It’s best to use a fat ruler as a spacer for the rest of the diagonal lines.

5. Make Life A Party with a Colorful Bedroom Makeover5. Makes Life A Party with Colorful Bedroom Transformations by

Another excellent way to bring life to a room is to paint it white. Then give strategic areas a splash of color to promote a party atmosphere.
Colored bedding would add a playful contrast against a white canopy bed. Placing several pillows with varying shades of the same color will make the bed stand out even more.
Naturally, bright-colored décor would be more visible against white walls. You can place a sizeable and colorful rug under the bed to draw people’s eyes to it. A potted house plant would also be a welcome addition.
Of course, all the colors chosen should match and follow the same scheme.

4. Try a Wardrobe Wall4. Try Wardrobe Wall by

If a walk-in closet is out of the question, consider building a wardrobe wall for your bedroom.
You could have it built into a new wall, or just set the pieces you need on an existing one.
Whatever your choice, it would need those movable organization pieces such as shelves, basket trays, rods, boxes, bins, and some open cabinetry.
Instead of doors, you can hide your clothing and other items behind a pair of matching curtains. It will save you more space and money.

3. 1 Day $1k Boho Bedroom Transformation3. 1 Day 1k Boho Bedroom Transformation by

A boho bedroom lets you showcase your taste and style like no other type of design. It doesn’t have to follow convention, but it could turn out charming and teeming with personality.
In this example, the main attraction is the ornately carved wooden headboard. It goes well with everything, including the walls, bed frames, and the rug.
The large rug ties it all together, and adding a pair of hanging globe lights earns more style points. Hanging artwork or a mirror on the right would bring a touch of elegance.
This look wouldn’t be complete without the round metal side tables with a few décors. The overall soft color palette chosen gives off a pleasant vibe.

2. Optimize Wasted Space in Your Closet2. Optimized Wasted Space of your closet by

If you find yourself running out of closet space, quickly examine it and look for any wasted space to add another shelf.
Typically, you can find the extra room above or below the top shelf. Use wood in the same dimensions as the existing shelf. It would increase the closet’s capacity substantially.
Use 1”x2” boards as cleats to mount the new shelf. Drive 1-1/2” screws through the cleats and into the back wall. Also, add shorter cleats on the sides of the closet. Then mount the shelf using 1-1/2” brads or screws.
You can buy fabric shelves that hang on your rods that will let you organize some folded items.

Lastly, Number 1. Move Your Wardrobe Closet Out of Your Bedroom1. IF everything has failed Move your Wardrobe closet Away from your Bedroom by

Sometimes, when a bedroom isn’t big enough for the required storage, you may have to look for a more drastic solution.
When all else fails – and if possible – try building a door to access an adjacent room for its space.
Or you could use the extra room in your master bath as in this clever example. By transferring the shower to a new spot, you free up more space for additional storage.
The owners removed the divider and extended the closet next to it to where the old shower once stood. They also redesigned it as a wardrobe wall closet with more than twice the storage capacity.
Now the room doubles as a walk-in closet and master bath. Moreover, you can leave your room intact with this solution.


When you look at before-and-after photos of bedroom makeovers, the transformations are usually quite dramatic.
Many times, beautiful results can be intimidating rather than inspiring – but they don’t have to be. Even the humblest makeover ideas can do wonders for a bedroom.
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