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12 DIY Bedroom Clothes Furniture and Garment Organization

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Clothing furniture can be expensive, and they don’t always turn out exactly as you planned. There often has to be some compromise.
Sometimes, it’s best to design a DIY furnishing that would fit your bedroom to a tee – without the hefty price tag.
Check out these DIY ideas from One or more of them could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

12 DIY Bedroom Clothes Furniture and Garment Organization via Simphome.comFeatured
12 DIY Bedroom Clothes Furniture and Garment Organization Poster

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12. DIY Dress Up Box12. DIY Dress Up Box by

You assemble this tiny DIY dress-up box using biscuit joiners or with 1-1/2” wood screws and glue. First, round out the top corners of two 5’x1’x1” sidings.
Cut four 4’x1’x1” boards. One is for the top shelf that you attach 1’ from the top of the 5’ sidings. The other three are for the front, back, and floor of the bottom storage.
Next, attach a 4-foot hanger dowel about 1-1/4” thick just below the top shelf. Add a 3”x1” trim at the front to cover it and another above for the backing. Apply fresh coats of any color paint you want.

11. A Simple DIY Felt Box Idea11. A Simple DIY Felt Box Ideas by

Turn a small heavy-duty cardboard box into a more expensive-looking storage bin! The first thing to do is to remove all the top flaps and tape all the bottom seams.
Using a paper template, cut out two 5”x3” handle grooves in the upper-middle edges on the box’s front and back sides.
They should have rounded bottom corners. Next, glue a paint stirrer flush with the top edge behind each cut.
Cut a piece of felt cloth to the front’s size but add an overlap that you can fold over the top and about an inch lower than the cutout inside. With the fabric folded, mark and cut out the hole for the grooves.
Using chalk, mark out on the felt the weave area below the handle. Cut all the vertical slits 2” apart with a box knife.
Cut enough 2” felt strips and begin to “weave” them horizontally in and out of the vertical slits. Next, cut all the excess strips and use hot glue to paste the fabric on the box.
Repeat the process on the backside, and minus the handle on the other two sides. Finally, line the remaining exposed surfaces inside with felt.

10. A DIY Rolling Garment Rack10. A Rolling DIY Garment Rack for Your Wardrobe by

A rolling rack is an excellent solution for storing your wardrobe and shoes.
You need to cut two 6’x1’x1” boards for the shelves. All the black pipes used are 1/4” and threaded on both ends.
The hanger frame is three 5’ pipes joined together with two elbow joints. Attach them near the ends of the top shelf with flanges and screws.
You’ll need four 1’ pipes with flanges on both ends, forming a “dumbbell.” Screw them near the corners of the bottom and top shelves.
Finally, attach four casters under the bottom shelf.

9. DIY Planter Close9. DIY Planter Closet by

It’s a playful take on an open closet and given some minor red treatment to pop out.
All the boards you’ll be using are 16”x1”. The sidings are 5’, while the bottom, middle, and top shelves are 2’4”. They’re joined together with 1-1/2” wood screws and glue.
You raise the bottom shelf 4” from the floor while the middle one is 1’ above it. Then cut a 6” diameter hole on the top shelf’s right to hold a red clay plant pot.
Get a 3’x1-1/4” dowel and slide it through holes drilled in the middle and 5” below the sidings’ top. Finally, line the middle shelf’s surface with red linoleum.

8. Craft This DIY Garage Sale Clothes Rack for Your Bedroom8. Craft This DIY CLOTHES RACK FOR GARAGE SALES and use it for your own bedroom by

This garage sale type rack is inexpensive and super easy to DIY.
It would be a pleasant addition to your bedroom. You can also cut the rod to any length that suits you.
Except for the 1-1/4” dowel, all the wood used is 2”x4”. First, cut two 4’ boards for the posts. Then use a 1-1/4” hole saw and drill through 1-1/2” from the top of each post.
You’ll need to cut eight pieces of 10” boards for the feet. Drive nails or screws on one end of a foot to the bottom of the post. Do the same with the other feet.

7. DIY Zig-Zag Coat Rack Idea7. DIY Zig Zag Coat Rack by

This zig-zag coat rack would add a little more pizazz to a wall than a plain one.
It’s a pretty straightforward DIY build. Saw as many 6” segments of 3/4” square dowels as you want, but don’t overdo it.
Saw two end segments 45 degrees on one end using a miter box. For the rest, give both ends a 45-degree miter in the same direction.
You’ll need a 90-degree clamp and glue to create the zig-zag pattern. Finally, dill 1/2” holes on the bottom joints and glue in matching round dowels 3” long.

6. A DIY Copper Pipe Ladder Ide6. DIY Copper Pipe Ladder by

It’s not strong enough to be used as a proper ladder, but this one made of copper pipes would be terrific for hanging your towels.
You’ll need two 10’ long 1/2” copper pipes, ten matching t-joints, four pipe-end caps, and adhesive. Cut five 1-foot rungs.
For the middle segments, cut eight pieces 10” long. Also, cut four 14” pipes for the ladder ends or “legs.” Assemble all the parts using the t-joints applied with adhesive. Be sure to cap the four open pipe-ends.

5. A Modern DIY Blanket Ladder Idea5. DIY MODERN BLANKET LADDER by

It’s very similar to the copper ladder, but instead of copper pipes, you’ll use 3/4” wooden dowels for this blanket ladder rack.
Join all the dowel segments with copper pressure t-joints. Cut four rungs measuring 20”. Eight 18” pipes will space the rungs evenly.
Then cut two 1’ pieces for the legs and two 8” for the top segments. Paint all the dowels white for a lovely contrast with the copper.

4. How to Build Easy and Inexpensive DIY Closet Shelves4. How to Build Cheap and Easy DIY Closet Shelves by

DIY shelves are an easy and cheap solution, especially in a shared closet.
You can even use some painter’s tape on the back wall to design different layouts until you get the right one. For this configuration, you’ll build an open box shelf.
Each of the bottom two shelves have four compartments that would snuggly fit eight attractive square boxes. The upper shelf has four rectangular spaces for smaller bins.
The top can also store other items. Finally, you can install the rod above it to hang other clothing.

Specific for the boxes, you can get one of these
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3. Room Divider Closet Idea3. Room Divider Closet by

A terrific solution for a walk-in closet is to build the furniture as a room divider.
It’s ideal to position the floor-to-ceiling closet in the middle. That way, there will be entryways on both sides.
The back facing the bedroom would serve as a new wall. The front inside the new room will have two side towers with open shelves made of 3/4” plywood. You then install a hanger rod between them.
Use 2”x4” boards between the two towers to mount the 1/4” plywood backing. Next, attach 1”x3” boards for the decorative frames at the back.

2. Easy Drop Cloth Storage Boxes2. Easy Drop Cloth Storage Boxes by

Cut a larger piece of painter’s drop cloth canvas that’s 2” wider and longer than the front, bottom, and back sides of a heavy-duty cardboard box.
Glue spray the wrong side of this piece to the box, making sure there’s a 1” extension around every edge. Cut notches on every corner so you can glue the extra fabric to the sides and over the top edges.
Next, cut two smaller canvas pieces with a 1” extension around the box’s sides. Use a hot iron to fold the two vertical edges 1/2” inward. Glue spray these pieces to the sides. Then fold and glue the flaps over the top and bottom.
Tie a knot on one end of a 1/2” thick rope 10” long and string the other taped end from the inside through two holes. Remove the tape and tie another notch to secure the handle. Do the same for the opposite side.

Lastly, Number 1. An Alternative DIY Closet Ide1. DIY Closet Alternative Idea by

If you need more closet space and are going for a vintage look, one of the best idea sources is a flea market.
Take this unassuming, open corner “closet,” for instance. You can use an old door as a divider by bracing it with strips of wood and dowels. One can be a rod to hang your clothes above a leaning mirror.
It’s a suitable place to store your shoes and hats. Add a top shelf for other items. You can even keep the door handle to hang a few bags.


People seldom run out of ideas for organizing their clothes in the bedroom. However, when it involves DIY clothing furniture, it can get a bit tricky sometimes.
The ideas I presented here are pretty straightforward to follow, but they’ll give you a taste of what’s possible. Best of all, they don’t cost an arm and a leg.
Be sure to drop by to read the whole article and discover more useful tips for your home.



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