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10 Tricks to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Kitchen

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When it seems that all possible places in the kitchen have already cluttered with everything, look again!
There could be some unused space left that still can hold up a few more things if you think of a way to really maximize every item in it. You wouldn’t have thought that a trick would work against a particular problem as your mind has already full of other things outside the kitchen.
But when seeing someone gives a try, which actually works, now you know that a new way of dealing with small space in the kitchen is required. Here are 10 tricks to squeeze a little extra storage out of a small kitchen for you.

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10. Build a Butcher Block Boar10. Build a Butcher Block Board by

Lack of space is one of the many drawbacks of a small kitchen you’re going to deal with. As you try to store some stuff, you will realize that you require space for doing another task.
If it’s a counter space problem, this idea can be a smart move for you. Make use of a drawer by installing a pull-out station board to it. To ditch any part of fruits or vegetables, you can create a hole on it and drop them into the trash bin instantly.

9. Install Wrap Organizer on your cabinet’s Door

9. cAs you have more and more goods to store in the cupboard, it makes you wonder whether there’s still some space available.
Well, there’s still a vacant area that works as additional storage. The doors provide an excellent place to save a few more items on them.
Mount a wrap organizer foil on the door. It helps you keep your kitchen stay clutter-free as you store everything in the cupboard. It will leave a good impression on whoever comes to your kitchen as it looks neat and tidy.

8. Handle more without making new clutters

This space-saving trick works for squeezing tight rooms in the refrigerator. Although you add some more goods to it, they don’t create a mess as you can take a look at this picture.
Not only do these pull-out containers provide some more space, but they also create vibrant tones, which kids may love. Your family members won’t be likely to ruin what’s inside as they can safely pull out when taking them.

7. Add shelves to Your Kitchen Island7. Add shelves to Your Kitchen Island by

Repurposing goods is another way of saving money by changing old looks into new ones. The materials can be anything as you have the ideas to modify them to become useful for you.
This small space solution is detachable, and you’re free to repurpose unused containers, boxes, or fruit crates available at your disposal. This kitchen island is hidden from distances, and that’s alone probably a good reason for you to replicate. It has some more shelves added that solves your kitchen problems, and if you don’t need it, you shouldn’t bother with it.

6. DIY Storage Drawer Hack6. DIY Storage Drawer Hack by

Placing bottled or canned items in a drawer is common. But you do realize that you can mix things up if you don’t create space dividers. This stair-like storage helps you neatly organize your drawer if you’re looking for a different way to save them.
Measure the wide of your drawer. Cut a piece of plywood to size. Make sure the cuts aren’t too high as they can bump the top.
You can place some bottles to see if they have the right height. Nail and glue each of the wood pieces to finish your new small stair rack hack.

5. Simple DIY Storage Box Idea

5. g

Storage is part of the kitchen. No matter how small it is, you have to admit that you need it since it’s not guaranteed that you will bring the same amount of foods or ingredients every day.
As a result, you may leave scattered them on the counter. This storage box offers a clever solution, and it comes with a unique design. You can fit it between the countertop and cupboard.
Cut 13” and 7 ½” boards and assemble them into creating two rectangular. Secure them with 5 ½” on each of the edges. Add two cuts of 13” long to the back part of the box.
Install the other two cuts of 8 ¼” on each side of the boxes with a 40-degree angle. Add the remaining two cuts on the front. Sand and paint them to finish it.

4. DIY Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder Idea4. DIY Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder Idea by

A head full of ideas will see every opportunity to turn anything into something that can adorn the surroundings. It’s the same as what this kitchen owner has done here. He turned his kitchen wall a stunning display for a knife holder.
The steps are pretty much painless. Prepare a 2.5″ x 8″ piece of wood. The size depends on how long the knife holder is, as you may have a different set of knives.
Create 2 rows of holes with ¾” Forstner bit with ½” deep by using a drill. Drop some glue and put magnets into each of the holes. Attach two brackets to it and hang it on the wall. And you’re done.

3. A Simple Idea to Hang your Sponge3. A Simple Idea to Hang your Sponge by

A sponge may be a small object in the kitchen, especially in the sink. But if you think of the mess it can create, you should start looking for a solution for that. It may not appear on a kitchen utensil list, yet you certainly need it.
With a sponge holder, your kitchen sink won’t look messy and wet. It’s also quite handy as you can hang it there on the sink. It’s small and efficient. You won’t have a problem finding this square thing in the sink when you’re about to wash your dishes. Visit the link to find what Amazon has to offer related to this point.

2. Bottle Divider Ide2. Bottle Divider Idea by

Keep your cupboard look organized by using this simple trick of keeping bottles. It will prevent them from making disturbance as they have no room for rolling over.
These bottle dividers allow you to securely hold things that quickly shake, tip over, or mix with others. They are commonly installed inside drawers, cupboards, or shelves. You can build them using an MDF board or by repurposing crates. In the end, once the project is done, you’ll have your kitchen, a clutter-free space.

Lastly, Number 1. Add Shelves under the Stairs1. Add Shelves under the Stairs by

This under the stair shelf is a good example that an attempt to maximizing your space could improve your interior looks too. You wouldn’t see this kind of creativity every day. There you have a place for storing your kitchen equipment and more.
Adding shelves like this definitely requires some patience with the already existing structure unless you build it with the stairs simultaneously. But it’s not that challenging either as they are straight with vast space in between. For more detail, search “build shelf under the stair” in WikiHow or nearer, YouTube search bar.

So, squeezing a little extra storage out of a small kitchen may not be as easy as it sounds, but since you’re still playing this video, you have proved yourself that you have strong “enough” motivation to forward any ideas you like featured in the list to a new stage. Good luck with that, and see you again soon.



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