10 Tricks to Deal with a Very Tiny Bedroom

Sleeping in a minute bedroom might be exasperating and frustrating. You always want to have a cozy place with splendid decorations to call it a night. Unfortunately, the limited space makes you bury your dream.
Do not give up on having a worth-admiring sleeping space because at least one of these 10 tricks to deal with a very tiny bedroom will help you overcome your problem. And as always, follow the Simphome link inside the reference to unlock more detail.

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10. Choose The Correct Colors

10. Choose the Correct Colors by simphome.comYou cannot just rip the walls to make your bedroom feel more spacious. However, you can trick the eyes so that it looks visually larger.
The best way to achieve this goal is by painting the entire room the same color. I am talking about the walls, floor, and ceiling – all of them! This way, you will not feel boxed in anymore.
You can apply any color you like. But, white is always your savior when it comes to a super tiny bedroom because it can reflect the light. This hue, for example, can also produce a seamless look, which – eventually – makes your space seem to be more spacious.

9. Get More Mirrors On The Wall

9. Mirror Mirror on the Wall by simphome.comWhat do you usually use your mirror for? You might think that it only helps you double-check your look before going to work or a party. The truth is it can do more than that.
A mirror can reflect natural light, and you can use it to turn your space brighter and airier. Besides, it can produce an optical illusion to trick the eyes into thinking there is more space inside your room.
You can find many ways to work with the mirror. You can use it as your closet doors, hang it over the dresser, or place it over the bed as a focal point. Another trick is to situate it on the far end of your tiny bedroom. This way, the reflective surface will bounce the light source from your window.

8. And Get More Light

8. Get More Light by simphome.comLight, especially natural ones, is a necessity in a super tiny room. Like this in the picture. When managed properly, you can utilize it to illuminate the space, turn it brighter, and feel more spacious.
Suppose you are lucky to have one or two large windows, congratulations! You can get more natural light with those. All you have to do next is just keeping the window treatment down to a minimum. Even better, you can try exposing it by forgoing heavy drapes and shutters.
Don’t have large windows? Don’t worry! You can always use artificial lights or treat your roof, and they will work like a charm.

7. Try Floor To Ceiling Curtain

7. Try Floor to Ceiling Curtain by simphome.comWell, you previously hear that you should get rid of window treatments. It does not mean you cannot have it, though, especially if privacy is your thing.
First, hang curtains to dress up your window. However, it would be ideal if you did it properly and turn your tiny bedroom to look bigger too.
For this reason, instead of hanging the curtain right above the window, bring it close to the ceiling? By doing this, you have a chance to find your space look taller. You had better avoid suspending heavy drapes. And opt for cotton or linen materials instead.

6. Invest In Floating Furniture

6. Investing in Floating Furniture by

Maintaining as much floor space as possible is crucial in a tiny room. Therefore, making everything float is your safe bet. You are not going to cast a spell and use a magic wand to do it, though. You are going to use a set of wall-mounted furniture.

A floating side table, to be specific.
It is popular to bring a modern look to your space, and it is DIY-friendly. After installation, it will leave the space of your floor untouched, and you have plenty of relevant projects you can select if your visit the Simphome link now.

5. The Less, The Better

5. The Less the Better by simphome.comSince your bedroom lacks space, you have to pick the furniture wisely. You may want to grab every piece of beautiful furniture that you come across on TV. But you will only cram them into your room if you fail to do it properly.
The best way to sleep comfortably without sacrificing valuable space is by investing in multi-purpose furniture. This way, you can only keep less of it without compromising the function.
For example, you can purchase a bed with storage or DIY a platform bed. It will help your organization without you have to invest in a bulky open or closed wardrobe first.

4. Break Your Wall into Thirds

4. Break Your Wall into Thirds by simphome.comHave you ever heard anything about breaking the wall into thirds? It is a great technique to produce an illusion of a taller wall. Here is how to do it.
First, imagine that you divide the wall into three sections. Next, You should place photos, pictures, or other wall decorations closer to the lower third.
If you want to use floating shelves, hang them closer to the upper third. By doing this, you can draw the eyes upwards so that your room looks bigger.

3. Opt For A Simple-Patterned Sheet or Quilt

3. Opt for a Simple Patterned Sheet or Quilt by simphome.comBedsheets and quilts play an essential role in every bedroom. Therefore, they can affect the look and feel of your tiny room.
As a good rule of thumb, avoid using a bed sheet and a quilt with loud and busy patterns. Keeping things simple is your number one priority when it comes to decorating a tiny bedroom.
Also, it would be better if the sheet and quilt come in white. It is versatile, reflects light, and blends in with almost all color choices. Anyway, If you are not into the super hygienic look, you can opt for other lighter colors.

2. Accentuate Your Ceiling

2. Accentuate the Ceiling by simphome.comIt is important to draw the eyes upwards, again, to turn your bedroom not as small as most people’s perceived. To do this, you can try decorating your ceiling.
First, You can hole it to access more light or give the edge some string lights. Next, You can hang chandeliers or add some gold polka-dot accent to them. Incorporating simple patterns to a sloped ceiling like this can elevate the room’s appearance and alleviate the awkward shape.

Lastly, Number 1. De-clutter Your Bedroom

1. De clutter Your Bedroom by simphome.comA clutter-free and organized bedroom not only offers you a clean and minimalist look but also the impression that your room is larger than originally is. Start simply by regularly cleaning the room from dust or dirt, optimize space under the bed, or using vertical shelving, or using a cheap but simple over-the-door hanger solution.
Next, remove extra furniture that does not play a crucial role, and you may also need to hang fewer pictures and photos to keep your room filled with minimal distractions.

Find more inspiration related to this topic in Simphome, and you’ll find a ton of it there.
So, do not let clutter overrule your space, although you cannot expand your room by removing your roof or walls. Good luck with your first selection or experiment, and we hope you finally turn your room more comfortable without costing all of your savings.



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