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12 Pallet Wood Project ideas

Pallet wood is a material that you can re-purpose for shelves, tables, and creative projects. Have you ever thought about building something out of pallet wood? If so, these 12 project ideas may have sparked your interest

Key Points:

  •  A pallet of wood is a box or crate made of wood, which people sometimes economically and efficiently use as a raw material for making furniture.
  • You can quickly turn an old pallet of wood into other things like wood pallets, wood planks, wooden boxes and toys, bed frames, and even tables.
  • The oldest pieces of furniture that have been found to date were wooden seats which were constructed several thousand years ago. Though, front legs did not exist back then.
  • You can recycle pallets in many ways, such as making them into new materials like pallet wood flooring or using the remaining parts to make unique decorative items like wall art and lampshades.
  • Making use of pallets as eco-friendly furniture is becoming a trend among modern furniture designers.
  • Pallet wood carpeting is also another popular idea among designers.
  • Projects that you can do with pallet wood are unlimited and are only limited by your imagination.

Many of the building materials used in homes were made of wood because it was cheaper to produce than brick or stone.
Some of the older buildings still used wood as their primary material, but you also used wooden pallets.

Today, many people are reverting to wooden pallets because it is popularly known as a cheap yet environmentally friendly building material. Pallet wood furniture has been created by using old wooden pallets and converting them into pieces of art with a rustic and vintage theme.

Pallet wood is eminently versatile, and it has always been any DIY addict’s go-to material because anybody can turn it into anything.

If you are a DIY addict, these 12 pallet wood project ideas will help you boost your creativity. Even if you are a complete novice, no worry! These projects are easy to do despite the woodworking skills you have. For more detail, follow the link inside the reference area.

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List Entries:

12. The DIY Wall Stairs idea from the pallet wood

Some stairs feature an intermediate landing; a small platform allows the stairs to change direction and enables users to rest.
Since users will stop by for a short while, decorating the intermediate landing would be great. It does not have to cost you a fortune, though. Using pallet wood would make an excellent embellishment.

You only need to cover the wall with pallet wood from top to bottom. If you plan to stain or paint the planks, do not forget to sand them down thoroughly before installation.

11. THe DIY Sliding Calendar Project Idea

Having a calendar on your desk is necessary. It helps you check the date or any appointment you have made in a jiffy.

If you think the standard calendars are a bit dull, you can try to make one yourself. Here is another bewitching idea you can copy.
You will need a wooden pallet, three metal label holders, wood glue, metal 1/8″ flat pieces, and a Dremel with a round metal cut disc to make this unique calendar.

First, you need to assemble the wood pieces. To create a rustic look, you can sand them down and apply gel stain before attaching the frame to the 1×3 base.

Next, cut the flat metal pieces into 5″. Then, attach them to the back of two label holders.
You will use the remaining label holder for the date. Thus, you need to cut it a bit using the Dremel. Then, use super glue to join the pieces.

Once everything is ready, you can transfer the days, months, and dates to the wood pieces, then place the label holders onto each plank.

10. The three best methods to dismantling a pallet from @Brandonkoruna

When getting a wooden pallet, hundreds of ideas may pop into your mind. Wait a minute! Doing a DIY project with a wooden pallet may be fun. However, you need to dismantle the planks first.

You can use three ways to dismantle a wooden pallet. First, you can simply use a saw to cut along wherever the nails go. It may be wasteful, but it is quick.

Second, you can use a pry bar to pry the boards off each other. This one is a fundamental way to dismantle a pallet. However, it is rather tricky. Furthermore, you can damage the boards.
The best way is to cut between the boards is to use a Sawzall or a reciprocating saw. It is quicker than prying, produces less waste, and – more importantly – maintains the rustic feel.

Relevant details:

  • Choose pallet wood that has nails in three rows to ensure a firm bond.
  • Use glue for the back of the pallet wood pieces to make sure that it is as strong as possible and will not fall apart easily.
  • If you are using a small pallet, removing the third row of nails would be best.
  • In addition, removing the nails and cutting will help your project since it will make sanding more manageable and faster.

9. How to build an outdoor pool with some wood pallets from @Woodescape

Constructing an above-ground pool in the backyard may take time and money. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can still have a chic pool for less than $100.

To create this pool, you only need to assemble some wooden pallets with metal plates and screws. Then, cover the interior with a tarp. You can also install plywood sheets to make “walls” before placing the tarp.

You will also need another three wooden pallets to create the pool deck and stairs. Align them to the pool and assemble them with screws and L-shaped metal corner brackets.
Next, top them with a plywood sheet. After that, cut it to make the stairs. Finally, cover the exterior with a decorative bamboo screen to conceal the wooden pallet.

8. The Pallet Moon Cradle Idea

This DIY project packs a lot of fun. More importantly, your kid will love it.
You only need to make the frame and then install the planks. To make it look more attractive, you can try some stars patterns and add fairy string lights.

To replicate the idea, you need more than some cheap pallets and some experience working with wood crafting and stuff.

Detail instructions:

  • Start the project with a large-sized pallet.
  • To form the project, you need to follow the plan provided and then cut out the holes with a jigsaw.
  • Apply to the structure two threaded rods and two wheels.
  • Make sure you fill the gaps with wood putty before covering everything with paint or stain.
  • Cut the planks and make holes for the spikes.
  • Then, assemble the first tier of pallet wood planks to create a raised-level platform.
  • You can also glue it with wood glue or Tilebond wood glue
  • Install a second-tier and repeat steps 1 & 2. Then, apply Tilebond wood glue on them too.
  • Lastly, add a base cap to the whole pallet structure by using nails on both sides of the platform.

7. A Pallet Playground project idea

Are you looking for an idea that can make your kids smile exuberantly? Try creating a playground in your backyard.
This background is a safe haven for kids. They will love to play in the teepees.

Even better, they can act like a cowboy, Indian, or whatever they like.
Besides, making the teepees are not that hard. You only need to create the frames from wood posts and pallets. Then, install clapboard siding for the exterior.

6. A Pallet couch idea from @Bunge

Furnishing your deck can improve curb appeal. However, it can be pricey. Well, it is not necessarily true. You can get a comfortable and stylish couch with pallet wood.

  • First, you need to dismantle the planks from the pallet wood. Then, install four small wheels onto the pallet to move the couch easily.
  • Now, gather the planks you have dismantled from the pallet previously, and then create a backboard using those pieces.
  • After that, simply slide the backboard to the pallet wood and screw it in place. Finally, top the pallet with a mattress to sit comfortably.

5. The Pallet Bar Table Idea

This dining room features a light well that emerges from the floor. It created an eyesore back then. However, the homeowner still needs it since it allows light and heat up and down. Thus, she could not get rid of it whatsoever. Therefore, she came up with a better idea – creating a home bar.

She simply topped the light well with a drop cloth and a wood pallet to create a table. The pallet provides built-in racks to store your favorite beverages as a bonus.

To replicate the idea, your detailed instructions are:

  • Start with a pallet by cutting off the middle to make room for a serving area.
  • Nail on some pieces of plywood to create a separation between the serving top and the storage space below.
  • Now, add the drop cloth to cover the top surface where you will serve your drinks. Then, stain it with any color of your choice.
  • Install a small shelf in each corner of the drop cloth to hold your glass and other beverage accessories.
  • Finally, start again by covering the entire tabletop with plywood. Then, install a plywood cover and paint it any color.

4. Craft a new nightstand from a pallet of wood from @DIYhuntress

A nightstand will round out your bedroom. Wouldn’t it be great to have more storage solutions in your sleeping space? More importantly, you do not have to spend much money to earn a stylish look.

  • You will need to dismantle planks from pallet wood to make this nightstand.
  • The fastest way is to cut them out from the pallet using a saw and take the nails from the middle joist.
  • Then, cut the planks to size and glue them together to create a piece of board. You will need a clamp to let them attach perfectly.
  • Repeat the steps until you get four boards for the nightstand frame and one piece for the front part.
  • You are not making the legs from a wooden pallet, though. You will need 2x4s to construct them instead.

3. The DIY Wood Mosaic Table Top

This project will require a lot of time and energy, but the result will be worth the effort.
You will need to cut the wooden pallet into some small pieces.

Then, you arrange and glue them onto a nightstand based on the pattern you have pictured in mind.
You will have to create to frame the top of the nightstand first. This way, it will hold the mosaic tabletop.

Once all the pieces are in their positions, you can sand the tabletop to smoothen the surface. Then, you can apply a sealer to make it look sleeker and more durable.

Relevant improvement details:

  1. Cut about two pallet rails.
  2. Soak the boards in water for a few hours.
  3. Begin by drawing your pattern on the wooden surface using pencils. To make it easier to trace the design, you can use a washable marker or tape mask to line out the area where you need to cut through.
  4. Use some old kitchen knives or chisels to scrape along the sketched lines and make tiny holes within them.
  5. Preparing each piece will take you some time since you need to take down the paint layer before applying glue on top of the wood surface only this time around.
  6. After arranging the lines, you need to use some clamps to keep everything in place until the glue dries.
  7. Sanding the tabletop will take some time, so be patient and collect everything you need before starting this step.
  8. Seal it off using a clear sealer or varnish to protect the wood from any moisture or possible stains that can occur in the future.

2. Three amazing backyard pallet ideas from @Hometalk

The versatility of pallet wood packs limitless creativity. Here are three amazing projects you can try.

  • First, you can turn your pallet wood into a planter for your vertical garden.
  • Then, cut a section of waterproof membrane and staple it to the back of your pallet.
  • Next, flip the pallet over and fill it with potting soil. Then, plant your favorite colorful flowers, succulents, or herbs, and hang the pallet on the wall.

  • Second, you can make a chic cooler box out of a pallet. The first thing you need to do is remove the lid.
  • Then, create a box with four legs to support the cooler box. Make sure the cooler box fits snugly into the wooden box you construct.
  • You will also need to make another frame that perfectly fits the lid. Then, lie it on some planks and attach it to them.
  • Next, screw the cooler box lid to the planks.
  • After that, install hinges to the back of the top and a handle in front.
  • Finally, screw a bottle opener to one of the legs, and you are good to go.

  • Third, you can turn your pallet into a swinging chair.
  • You only need to cut the pallet to size, assemble the pieces, and add chains and a comfortable mattress.

Lastly, number 1. The Pallet House Idea from @Pinebarrenpalletworks

This project may not be easy, yet it is worth trying or admiring after you complete the project.
You can make a small house, garden shed, or home office from a pallet. You will get a nice rustic place to hang out, work, or even live if you do it right. To make the house durable and long-lasting, apply sealer after staining it.

Relevant improvement details:

  • Use pallet for the framework.
  • Build a door and then install it on one of the sides.
  • Cutaway some planks to make room for windows if you want to enjoy more natural light.
  • Create a roof by using posts and beams. Ensure the gaps between the two joints fit because they will serve as the air vents in your house or shed. Then, nail them together to last longer and withstand strong winds while protecting you from rain and wind gusts.
  • Assemble everything firmly by screwing the pieces tightly with a drill or screws. Then, you can trim off any excess wood that might bother you later on with a pocket knife or any other sharp tool.
  • The sides of your home will be tricky since you will have to attach them to the wooden frame. You need to use a ladder or put some boards on the ground for them to work. Then, it will be easier for you to screw the boards on top of the wooden frame.
  • Make a door by cutting pallet pieces into smaller pieces.
  • Then, attach them using screws and nails.
  • Use some scrap wood and screws to create windows or other window accessories like doors, shutters, or curtains.
  • To save you money, make all the parts yourself beforehand and get them ready before starting this project.


Some of the best home decor improvement storage or decor ideas don’t have to cost you a brand new wood log and harm the whole ecosystem attached to the living tree. With some meticulous eye to snap new potential of wooden pallet wood, you could come out with some fantastic and inspiring home improvement projects.

Your basic knowledge to copy one of the pallet wood transformation projects in general is:

No 1. Choosepallet wood from a superior grade of wood
Pallet wood from rotten or mature trees is not a good option. The quality of the wood is poor, and it is vulnerable to diseases. If you want a pallet wood project, choose excellent quality wood, clean and dry and do not get any moisture or wet for a long time.
You must carefully choose the furniture material for your project carefully and carefully because it has a strong demand for your interior decorating.

No 2. Soak it in water for some time before turning it into a different thing
Put the pallet into the water until it becomes soft enough to remove parts of the surface layer with your hands or other tools. If a bad fungus develops, cut it off and start with the second step.

No 3. Apply the stain and varnish carefully and neatly to protect the pallet from moisture again
Once you get the new face of wood (your plexiglass) ready, apply a high-quality varnish or clear stain to protect it from damage or decay. You can also use polyurethane to cover the material.

No 4. Get your screwdriver out and make a hole in your pallet wood
Use screws to attach parts of wooden pallets later on for increased strength and durability. After finishing your project, you will use the screws and decorations later on for this purpose.

No 5. Make the most out of a double-sided pallet wood project
Cut one side and then turn it over to paint the other side for a professional, neat finishing. You can also use the second face of your project for decorations in your home or office.

No 6. Other embellishments
You can hang your pallet wood project to your wall by using nails that look like hooks. You can also use a coat of paint to get a new look in your home. And if you are not sure about the placement of your project, you can also attach wheels for mobility to it.

No 7. Start and finish your project neatly
Before starting, you will have to plan what you want to do with your pallet wood project. Use paint, varnish, and several tools as well as clothes. You will also have to wait until the materials are dry for the next step.

No 8. Try a new pallet of wood furniture and then a storage idea
You can create new furniture for your home or office by using old pallets instead of expensive wooden material. Make sure you only use good quality wood from massive trees or logs to make this furniture. You can also add the screws on them for added support, decoration, additional strength, and durability.

No 9. You can salvage fine pallet wood from an old furniture
If you have old wooden furniture at your home or home, you can salvage excellent pallet wood to create new furniture that you can use in your living room. You can make a corner table or bench with cool designs on the top and sides. A few important things to remember are to clean the wood’s surface with something that can remove dirt, dust, and grease.

No 10. Cover your pallet wood project with paint after cutting it into parts
The pallet wood project will look great if you cover it with a coat of paint after cutting each part into different shapes. You can also stain your pallet to make it look more fancy or decorated. If you want a wooden cover for your pallet wood project, use small nails as pegs on top of plastic or nursery wallpaper. Then apply some varnish for protection as well as longevity purposes.

No 11. Use a wide variety of tools, including hammers
For this purpose, the tools you will use are hammers, nails, sponges, cloths, boards, and paintbrushes. After finishing it, you can also use dish soap and paper towels to clean your pallet wood project.

No 12. Pay attention to detail and safety while working with pallet wood
Follow the safety precautions you can get from the manufacturer of the tools you will use, including wearing protective clothing and gloves. Use nail guns or air guns for maximum speed and efficiency in your project and high-quality results.

The best part about DIY projects is you can customize them to your liking, not to mention the cost cut. And these 12 pallet wood project ideas will help you get the piece of furniture you want without spending much money.



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