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10 DIY Built-In Kitchen Storage Ideas

When your kitchen challenges your perception of space and time, you must try these ideas. Some of the ideas are DIY intensive, and you need to learn the reference area included in the post.

A kitchen should be where you feel comfortable with all the stuff around. It must be clean, organized, safe, and practical at once. With proper kitchen management, you’ll know what you need to prep before cooking without wasting too much time, and you will enjoy being there while preparing the dishes.
Storage is a part of the kitchen that becomes a crucial component supporting its workflow. An efficient kitchen requires intelligent storage systems to work to their full potential. And it does not have to be expensive.

We will discuss that topic more in-depth in the list and video. These are ten DIY built-in kitchen storage ideas. These kitchen hacks will be the life-savior-related kitchen problems you’re facing now. As always, head on to the reference area to uncover more detail related to our current discussion.

10 DIY Built-In Kitchen Storage Video

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10 DIY Built-In Kitchen Storage Poster

10. Use a Magic Board

10. Use a Magic Board by 1

A kitchen owner is typically busy with various kitchen equipment before preparing a meal. With those things cluttered, it can be tiring to put everything back in its original position.

Not only did it take up a lot of valuable space, but it also ruined the kitchen view. If this situation is yours, you must find a new way to sort it out. How about installing a pegboard? Yes, it’s a magic board with many usages that can hold numerous things simultaneously.

Many people have counted on this idea when tidying stuff up in their kitchen. It is one of the finest kitchen utensils organizations, and it would work best when paired when ideas number…

9. Effective Floating wooden shelving Project

9. Effective Drawer Design by 1
Because they are thin, kitchen utensils such as spatulas, ladles, and wooden spoons may not require a lot of space. However, they’re long and, therefore, need some dedicated areas.

This vertical drawer could handle them nicely without making them look like a mess when not used, thanks to the holes that hold them firmly. Following this idea won’t cost you extensive labor, and you can utilize them to serve different sizes and shapes of kitchen utensils. Besides that, you can also save coffee, sugar, and spices there.

8. Label the Jars

8. Label the Jars by 1
Serving a delicious meal isn’t an easy task to do. Everybody knows what the struggle typically is. Therefore, one must know how to use and mix some secret spices and ingredients to give meaningful experiences to everyone who eats breakfast or dinner at home.
Spices come in many names and textures with tons of purposes.

When you’re on a hectic schedule, it would be tricky to tell which. It can make you uncomfortable when you serve a displeasing meal as you put the wrong spice on your serving. Use jars to contain them and give each of the pots a name. A label would be another option to avoid mixing up the spices.

7. Build glass shelves

7. Build shelves by 1
This one should be the least expensive of various ideas available on the internet. As you prepare a meal, your guests love to eye your kitchen’s layout while stuffing their stomachs. Most people usually install kitchen shelves on walls without any aesthetic concern.

This idea is fair, but to be honest, their functionality can be more than that. From the picture, for instance. You can see an active type of shelving that also works as a decorative element. If you worry, these shelves are made of glasses, and you could replace them with the MDF board. Suppose you are a fan of the idea; if you use tick glasses and don’t put too much stuff on them, you are fine.

6. Cutting Board Hack

6. Cutting Board Hack by 1

A cutting-related task is one of the many activities in the kitchen. A cutting board typically isn’t that wide or short in size. But it doesn’t mean you can ditch it somewhere on the countertop.
If you look carefully, there’s still some space left inside the cabinet.

This brilliant idea will help you store or hide cutting boards practically.
Copying this rack is simple.

  • Firstly, remove the cabinet door and lay it on the floor to make your work easier.
  • Measure your door cabinet, then cut a piece of wood according to the length and height.
  • Nail all the parts together. Attach two L-brackets on both sides, and you are done.

5. Multi-Functional Kitchen Island Idea

5. Smart Storage Idea by 1
As a part of the family, kids could be a significant threat when creating an orderly space. They hardly return things to their former place and leave them scattered all over the place.
Here comes the solution. Installing a roll-out drawer inside a kitchen island.

Craftsmanship is one thing. But after you finish the job, you can easily pull and push back your kitchen condiments without messing up everything else inside the island. You can include baskets to contain crayons and paper if you desire.

4. Craft New Space Dividers

4. Create Space Dividers by 1
A pantry can be the room in the kitchen that gets messed up frequently and quickly due to the stuff you put in there, and random activities occur in the area. This a simple solution you can try. Build a dedicated space to group goods according to size, type, or name. It should untie the problem you’re dealing with and the stress too.

3. Hidden Pantry Storage Idea

3.Hidden Pantry Storage by 1
We are taking advantage of unused corner space now. This pull-out pantry shelf is perfect for those with constant kitchen organization nightmares. It looks like hidden storage that nobody would even realize existed in the first place because the owner painted the pantry the same color as the refrigerator.

To follow the idea.

  • Begin by attaching the non-swivel casters on the bottom.
  • First, drill holes in the side panels and insert the rods.
  • Second, attach the shelves, then secure the side panels to panels on the bottom.
  • Last, secure the above panel to the side panels with brackets.

2. A Simple Kitchen Drawer Idea Using Thin Boards

2. Amazing Kitchen Drawer by 1
Putting kitchen utensils in a drawer seems to be a common thing that many people do. The problem is that it often becomes ugly once they get mixed up together with other utensils.

Although they’re inside a drawer and nobody sees them, it doesn’t mean you can leave them as is.
A fantastic feature of this idea is that it’s removable, and you don’t have to glue it to the boards.

  • First, arrange the items inside the drawer based on their types or size, then mark how long and wide the dividers and barriers will be.
  • Cut boards and Jenga blocks to the desired dimensions and piece them together to finish them.

Lastly, Number 1. A Bottle Storage-solution Idea

1. Bottle Storage Idea by 1
Everyone can reach this pantry easily as it safely saves everything in proper racks. The idea is to organize fruits, canned foods, and bottles accordingly. Specific for the bottles. The storage comes with a special compartment that only fits bottles. It is awkward when someone wants to put plates of frying pans on it mindlessly.

This picture gives you a clear visualization and leads us to our conclusion.
So, there are ten storage kitchen ideas you can experiment with after enjoying your reading. We hope this idea benefits more than one person living inside your house and will increase the efficiency and workflow in your kitchen.

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