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10 Smart Closet Organization Ideas

Closets are used to store fashion items and keep them tidy. Ironically, they are usually vulnerable to clutter. And what makes it worse is you will find it hard to find the outfit you are going to wear due to the messy closet.

Maybe it’s time for you to reorganize your closet with these 10 smart closet organization ideas. So, let’s check them out! 10 Smart Closet Organization Ideas Pinterest Featured Image
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10. Keep Your Drawer Organized

10 Keep Your Drawer Organized via simphomeThe worst part of a closet is the drawers. Just because they are enclosed storage space, it doesn’t mean you can just throw everything in them, hoping the miscellaneous items that trigger clutter can be out of your sight. Well, your closet might look tidy at the first glance, but you’ve created another problem.

To tackle this problem, you need to make drawer organizer. You can make it from wood strips that you attach inside the drawer to make some compartments or simply using gift boxes to host small items like jewelry or accessories so you can find them easily.

9. Invest in Cubes

9 Invest in Cubes via simphomeInstead of stacking up your shoes in shoe rack that can be messy somehow, you can try investing in these cubes. These cubes allow you to store a pair of shoes in one compartment which is separated from the others, making your closet look more organized and tidier. You can also get bigger cubes to store your handbags. It would be much better than just laying them on the rack.

You can find these cubes or you can use a little bit of your elbow grease to make the cubes yourself.

8. Perfect Linen Closets

how to make linen closet via simphomeDo you like cramming everything in your linen closet just to make your house look tidy? Stop it now! Let’s begin to have a perfect linen closet that is not only well-organized but also visually appealing.
The first thing to do to get a perfect linen closet is to declutter what you need to store. Check your medicine supplies in case they are expired already and re-stock your cleaning supplies. Then, sort and group those items into some containers, baskets, or canisters. The last, put on label on each container so you can find what you need in a jiffy. Don’t forget to keep checking the items that need regular update.

7. Hanging Shoe Rack

7 Hanging Shoe Rack via simphomeIf you live in a house with limited space, keeping the floor-space clean is crucial. It will make your house appear to be larger. And that’s what you’re gonna do with your small closet.

Don’t line up your shoes on the floor in your closet. It will just make your closet look more crammed. Try hanging your shoes on a wall-mounted rack like this baseboard rack. Who would have guessed that a baseboard can make a stylish shoe rack?

6. Use Every Nook and Cranny

6 Use Every Nook and Cranny via simphome

When it comes to a space challenged closet, using every nook and cranny is the key. Don’t let any space leave wasted especially the door.
To use the door efficiently, you can buy over-the-door wire rack to store smaller items or a pocket shoe organizer that you can hang on the door. It will help you to store more items without making your closet become more crammed.

5. Remove the Door

5 Remove the Door via simphomeHave you ever thought that removing the closet doors allow you to do more than you expected? If you sleep in a tiny bedroom, having a closet with a pull-out door is not a great option as the door will take up some space when you open the closet.
The closet door can also be dangerous for your kids as it can pinch their fingers. Therefore, replacing it with a curtain can be the best choice.
Just think about it! Your kids will be able to access the closet easily as they only need to draw the curtain. Some curtains also feature cute patterns that suit anyone’s style well. And the most important thing is, the curtain allow you to store bulky stuff that used to bump your closet door.

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4. Put on Labels

4 Put on Labels via simphomeThe ultimate goal of reorganizing your closet is to make it tidier, more accessible, clutter-free, visually pleasing, and easy to find. There is no use of reorganizing your closet if you still can’t find your socks and gloves. You’ll end up making another mess in your closet. Therefore, putting on labels is important especially if you keep less-used items in opaque boxes.

Putting on labels will not only help you find anything more easily and faster but also make the closet look more adorable.

3. Hang Your Accessories

3 Hang Your Accessories via simphomeSome people loves to store their accessories in the drawers because this pretty little things fit snugly into the drawers. Instead of moving the disaster area to your drawers, why don’t you just hang your accessories on the wall in your bedroom? By doing this, you can keep them organized while having a wall art. It’s like killing two birds with one stone, right?

You don’t need to break a sweat to make the rack for your accessories. You only need to attach a wood plank or strip on the wall and add some hooks along the wood to keep the accessories in place. And, you’re good to go.

2. Sort Based on Certain Categories

2 Sort Based on Certain Categories via simphomeSorting and grouping is a common thing that you do when you reorganize your closet. If your closet is getting messier, try spending your weekend by de-cluttering it. Keep the unused items in boxes in case you will use it again someday. Then you can group your clothes according to their functions and separate them using these disks.
These clothe dividers are available at Etsy.
But you can always make them yourself by up-cycling some compact disks.

Lastly Number 1.Hang Your Handbags and Hand Bags in One Spot

1 Hang Your Handbags and Hand Bags in One Spot via simphome
Laying handbags on the racks in your closet can gobble up the space. Think about their bulky sizes that require extra space. Now you can hang them in only one spot with this hanging organizer. It allows you to store purses and handbags just in one spot so you can use the space in your closet more efficiently.

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Those are 10 smart closet organization ideas that you can copy. By implementing one of those ideas, you’ll be able to use your closet efficiently and make more appealing.

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