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10 Storage Alternative Ideas For A Small Bedroom Interior

Often, small spaces trouble the owner and the room’s designer. However, there are ways to avoid the struggle of what to do with all that extra space. This article will introduce ten alternative storage ideas for a small bedroom interior. So, keep on reading and enjoy!

The general ideas on how to deal with a small bedroom interior and still enjoy it:

  • Start your space optimization with the storage. If you don’t have enough storage room, it’s wiser to necessary items than the other that you may not use frequently. That’s right!
  • Use floating shelves (not fixed ones) because they can easily adjust with the space height and are easy to install in a small room. If your room is smaller than 11 feet, choose floating shelves that minimize the size of installed box-type storage, but more importantly, they will take less space, so you can still move things around conveniently within the room.
  • You can bring your desk elsewhere to create a more comfortable and creative environment for your daily work and study.
  • Install a desk in your bedroom to help you with your homework or even as an extra storage area for your stuff and stuff baby, because a small bedroom will always be considered a study for youngsters or people who are still in college or university studying.
  • Install shelves above your bed which can serve as additional storage and organization for baby’s toys, books, clothes, etc.
  • Use poles or a hanging bar to hang your clothes, for example, T-shirts, pants, skirts and so on.
  • Hang a closet organizer vertically, showing all the colors of your clothing instead of placing them somewhere else.
  • Consider integrating storage into the floor area of your room, such as grid storage to organize items and shoes that are usually found on the floor.
  • Add a basket to your bedroom chair for simple storage.
  • A few more tips on making your tiny bedroom interior look bigger even if it is not!
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A spacious bedroom seems to be everyone’s dream since it helps us deal with different furniture and stuff. Besides, it will provide plenty of space, which is obviously more comfortable. Unfortunately, not all people can have a big bedroom. If you also have the same problem, don’t be upset. You have no choice but to get creative with storing your belongings.

Fortunately, you can find many ways to help you deal with the problem. Here is the list of 10 Storage Alternative Ideas For A Small Bedroom Interior. For more detail, you have the Simphome link inside the reference area.

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List Entries:

10. Install Layered Open Shelving Underneath The Ceiling

This idea could be one of the most recommended since it’s effortless and applicable. Furthermore, you can build it yourself, and it will not make you spend much money.

You just need some wood panels and stick them to the wall. Build it underneath the ceiling, so you can have layered shelving, meaning you have more space for your stuff. Paint them the same color as the wall. Then, you can place everything on it, from favorite books to accessories, DVD collections, purses, and more. You only need to collect, purchase, and wall-mount some panels to copy the idea.

You can relocate an old bookcase to the wall. To do that, you can screw the back of the bookcase to your bedroom wall using wood screws through the back panel’s holes. Don’t worry about damaging your furniture since soft padding is on each side of these bookcases. As you can imagine, this solution will not just help you get more closet space but also provide additional storage space for other things in your room.

9. How to utilize The Back of Your Door without compromising your privacy

Don’t leave the back of your door unused. You can get more space by installing some hooks or a rack shown in the picture above. You can use them to stash away your footwear, coats, scarves, and more. This area also provides you with easy and fast access. Imagine, if you want to go out, the shoes or scarf you would put on is right in front of you before you open the door to leave the house. You don’t need to look for other areas, which could be time-consuming.

As a tip, it would be easier to pick which one to wear if you arrange the stuff properly. Furthermore, it will give you a tidy and organized look.

Basic instructions:

  1. Ensure you know the measurement of your door, and then get a plan to fit the hooks.
  2. The ideal choice is wooden or metal ones.
  3. To stop the hooks from being so close to the door frame, use sturdy brackets used by window holders to secure your hooks on your door frame.
  4. To provide a more finished look, hang it on over-the-door hooks with two or more hooks for additional privacy and storage options for your stuff.
  5. The downside of the system is that contents hanging on the hooks might block your way, but you can easily fix it by hanging them over the door hooks.
  6. You can apply the same technique to stores or rooms with many doors and less storage space.
  7. You may also use nail boards to utilize the back of your door more effectively.

8. Get a new storage bench to complete your bed

Consider investing in a multipurpose bench if you have little space to store your blankets and extra pillows. It does not only provide you with a comfy place to sit but also gives you extra storage. You can keep your beddings, sheets, and blankets in a roomy compartment.

Suppose you are someone who loves DIY projects. You can try to have this one by yourself. Match the style with your preferences. Moreover, you can adjust the budget regarding your capacity.

To build a bench with extra storage like this, your basic instructions are:

  • Step 1: Get your desired measurement and then create your plan.
  • Step 2: Have a plank of wood or plywood at least two-thirds the width of the bench you need to build.
  • Step 3: You can choose to use a chop saw to cut the wood, but if you are unsure how to do so, it is best to seek professional help. And then glue and screw/nail your desired legs on the bench’s backside, which will support and connect it with the main bench part.
  • Step 4: Stain or paint your wooden framework and legs evenly before setting them up.

7. Get your Mirror organized with your accessories

Another multipurpose that helps you provide more space is a unique storage mirror. Firstly, a standard mirror is a go-to interior designer trick for enlarging a small room. In addition, this type of mirror will save your space since it allows you to store various items, such as your accessories, make-up, perfumes, jewelry, or anything – you name it. Moreover, it won’t take your flooring area. What a great idea of space-saving, isn’t it?

Moreover, this item is available both in online and offline shops. Purchase one which reflects your style and is best for your pocket. Or, if DIY is your thing, you can try constructing this furniture because it is pretty easy to make. Basically, you just need to build a rectangular box with shelving inside, then add a mirror to the front side of the box.

6. The Under-bed Storage Improvement

In all honesty, you don’t need a specific wardrobe cabinet to store your clothes. Instead, you can purchase a bed with storage, which can help you overcome your problem while saving more space.

You will find many of them when looking for a bed with storage. One of which is the ottoman bed. An ottoman bed provides ample space underneath that you can use to store various items. It features hydraulic bed lift mechanisms that allow you to lift the bed so that you can access the underneath space. If you check Simphome, you’ll find more than a dozen ideas related to these ideas, and if you want to know the surface of the idea.

Your basic instruction on how to build a new bed with an under-bed storage system are:

  • No 1: Measurement
    Measure the length and width of your under-bed storage area and everything you’ll need to build the storage system.
  • No 2: Cut and Assemble
    The process will require a lot of cutting, so you can use the extra time to assemble more than one at a time to avoid wasting time.
  • No 3: Supports
    Assemble the frame. This is where you’ll add the supports for your under-bed storage area by choosing different options from regular wood planks or recycled, using old pallets, or whatever is within your budget.
  • No 4: Attach the Frame
    Align the frame with your under-bed storage area and attach it using screws through the holes that are pre-drilled into the frame. For better support, add additional crossbars and bracing. Add you need screws to ensure that your bed will hold its shape no matter how much you lift it.
  • No 5: Place the bed with storage in your desired designated place or room.
  • No 6: You may put how much furniture and other items you want to store.
    Although it can be easy, you should know that there are no official standards for building beds with a storage system for your house. So be careful about it. It’s better if you ask someone to assist you in building a bed with storage. That way, you won’t have any trouble when building it by yourself.

Alternative Idea
A Wall Bed Idea
You can build your wall bed using wood materials. However, it’s not recommended for those who wish for a low-cost project because you may spend more money on this home decoration than you wanted to.

5. A Double-Duty Furniture

Investing in furniture that serves double duty can be a great idea. It does not have to be fancy, though. Placing a desk next to the bed can work like a charm.

The desk can act as a nightstand where you set down your favorite book that you
usually read before sleeping. It can also serve as a convenient home office simultaneously.
Then, you can place a simple and minimalist bedside lamp, several books, and perhaps a fragrance diffuser stick that increases the comfort feeling in your bedroom.

4. Opt for hanging square shelving

Placing everything on the flooring area might make the room cramped. So, challenge yourself to maximize your wall area by installing the storage vertically, such as hanging or sticking it to the wall.

For instance, you can have additional storage by hanging some square shelves. If you are a DIY addict, you will love this idea because it is so simple. You just need to build a three-dimensional frame. And then nail it to the wall or stick it using super quality double-sided tape.

Basic instructions on how to copy the idea:

  • Collect your measurement and tools, including necessary materials such as wood, screws, and even nails.
  • Drill a few holes in the wall. Here, you can also use a hammer and nails to attach the shelves if you plan to stick them using super-quality double-sided tape.
  • Now you have the ready-to-hang shelves nailed to the wall.
  • You are ready to buy something to fill these shelves, like decorative objects and other home accessories. Make sure that your shelves hold up their shape and don’t collapse when you put things on them.
  • You can also pre-install hooks or studs on the wall. Then, to hang your new shelving, you simply attach them on top.

3. A Mirrored Cabinet Idea

As a good rule of thumb, incorporating a mirror will enlarge your room. Thus, opting for several pieces of furniture with mirrors is highly recommended.

A closet with a full-length mirror can be a valuable investment. Since it already has a mirror as the door, you do not need to use more space on the wall to hang it. Besides, it can help you reflect the light, making your room appear larger. More importantly, you can double-check your look before hitting the road.

To build and construct a mirror cabinet like this, you only need to:

  1. Measure your room and calculate the size of the mirror you need to purchase.
  2. When buying a cabinet, check if it comes with a mirror already (that way, you will only have to buy the mirror; you don’t have to pay for a full-length mirrored door).
  3. If it does not come with the mirror already installed, buy one separately and ensure that it is at least 3 inches larger than the interior of your cabinet.
  4. Install your new cabinet and make sure that it has enough space inside for hanging your clothes (it should also be able to accommodate longer clothes like dresses or pants).

2. Get one or some rattan baskets to utilize your under-the-bed area

Suppose you cannot afford an ottoman bed, no worries. You can still optimize your under-bed area by investing in some baskets or boxes to store your seasonal clothes and shoes or blankets and place them under your bed.

Alternative to rattan baskets, you can get cute rectangular boxes to store your stuff. You can store them by the side of your bed or in the corner of your room if you want. If you want to get creative, then you may even decide to paint the boxes using bright and vibrant colors.

Basic instructions:

  1. Build some shelves out of wood
  2. Build a simple frame that will hold up the shelves
  3. Paint all the frames and let them dry
  4. Go ahead and install it under your bed

Lastly, 1. Reorganize your drawer with an easy-to-follow crafting project

Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is the things that give you more. Before reorganizing your bedroom layout or purchasing more storage items, take the first step by organizing your drawer.

It does not mean you don’t have much storage, but sometimes you have too many items.

  • So, start with sorting your item. Look at your clothes, and bring out pairs which you rarely use or already don’t fit your style.
  • Then, arrange your drawer. Don’t let a drawer stuffed too full, or it will look messy, irritating, and potentially breaking. So, after sorting your clothes, roll them in a better shape. Do some googling. There are a variety of folding techniques which are truly helpful.
  • Next, put it inside based on their categories. Make a specific area, for example, one drawer for underwear, the other two for t-shirts, another one for socks, and so on. If you need a more specific area to keep everything in its place, you can put in some drawer dividers.

Drawer dividers are available online and in the stores near you. Besides, you can create your DIY drawer dividers out of foam core or plywood.

Another alternatives ideas you can consider to organize any messy drawer include your bedroom clutters:

1. Take out the bulk items and keep what you need
In detail, bring out the bulk items such as socks, underwear, and t-shirts.
Make a separate drawer just for these bulk items, keeping other things in your other drawers.
You can keep it the way you like. If you prefer organizing your clothes into categories or separated by color, label them with their right categories so that you will know where each item belongs.
If you want to go further into details on this matter, you should consider using an organizer. You can also purchase one made of foam core or polystyrene for cheap.

2. Clothes should be rolled to better fit them
For example, you can get a storage box to fit your rolled-up clothes. You can use a cube box which you should place under your bed.
Cubes are also an effective way of organizing your clothes. They allow you to save space by not having to place them on top of each other. Therefore, it is quite useful if you need more space for clothing.

Finally, if you want to go even further, invest in different cubes (mini cubes are great for small items, or medium ones for bigger items, and so on) and line them all up in the same place with their respective spaces. Or Stackable Wardrobe Storage Basket Layering Drawer

3. Use decorative labels to increase your ability to find your things quickly
You can use a label maker or a simple sticker to label it. If you use stickers, make sure not to place them on the top of your clothes. Instead, place them on the side of your drawers so you can still see them without having to go through everything to find them.

4. Sort your clothing or shirts by color
The sorting process won’t take you hours; however, in the long run, you will spend time when dressed up. You will likely find your clothes whenever you need them and re-visit your drawer for the other things.

5. Organize your drawers by type of clothes
Make sure to organize your clothes by color or by type. If you like to mix and match, you can usually put shirts in a drawer that is not used. Another example would be jeans and pants. You can put them in the same drawer or different drawers.

6. Use a craftsman-style cloth or plastic bag to hang your lighters and other items
Every night before you go to bed, look at the things in your room and gather what you need so that they are all around your bedside table/nightstand (for example, wallet, phone, sunglasses, phone charger).

7. Arrange the things you often use in one place, such as a lamp, book or desktop organizer, clock, etc. You can even use a decorative tray or basket to place them on it. Remember that the purpose is to help you find what you need at night before heading to bed. Put them close to where you read/work/sleep (by your bed).

8. Organize your drawers with the help of trays and baskets
Your bedroom drawers can be very disorganized if you don’t organize them properly. You will know this by opening your drawer and seeing all the different items together. To fix this, you can have some small baskets and/or trays for each type of clothing (e.g., socks, underwear, tops, or shirts).

Those are 10 Storage Alternative Ideas For A Small Bedroom Interior. I hope it benefits you!



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