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10 Living Room Shelves or Shelving Ideas via

Shelves are necessary furniture for any room, including for the living room because they are efficient. They can be used to host the TV, display things, and keep everything organized. Not only functional, but its presence can also turn a mundane wall into a beautiful one.

Shelves are available in many materials and endless designs in stores, and people commonly choose the ones that match their personal style. However, for those who want to donate some of their spare time, to craft a new one based on their needs and budget is mostly difficult.

Before deciding which to execute, take a look at these 10 Living Room Shelving Ideas. Who knows you’ll find a design that suits your taste. As usual, this compilation is presented for you by

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10. Homey Shelving

10. Homey Shelving by

When straight shelves are way too familiar, this homey shelving design might be an inspiration to make your living space appear more unique. With the help of a saw, the board is cut into 11 short pieces. Using a staple gun and glue, they are attached to a longboard, forming the H-O-M-E letters.

You can adopt this brilliant idea to make another different horizontal word shelf and display your favorite things. Isn’t it such a fantastic idea to add personality to your living room?

9. Watermelon Shelves9. Watermelon Shelves by

These wall shelves are so cheerful with the bright colors of fruit, aren’t they? They freshen up the white wall that looks so dull. Besides, this is a fun project that you can DIY with kids to sharpen their creativity.

The materials needed to make these fruit shelves are circular wood and some paints. First, cut the wood into half and paint it based on the fruit colors. Then, attach each slice under the shelves.

It is easy, right? Remember, you can always change the wood with cardboard or plywood for more manageable work.

8. Jazz Up the Staircase8. Jazz Up the Staircase by

The wall is not the only place you can make built-in shelves. In fact, there is a little cranny under or beside the staircase that you can utilize. Therefore, if you happen to have a staircase in the living room, consider this staircase shelving idea.

These inbuilt shelves turn the most overlooked space into ample storage, even add style to the staircase. Not only that, but they are also strong enough to do double duty as a handrail.
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7. Shelving Partition Idea

Shelving Partition Idea Simphomephoto rr apartment living room rr apartment desain arsitek oleh tre studio
Image: Amazon Web Service Arsitagx

If your living room is not separated from any other place − like a one-bedroom apartment, furniture that can function as a partition will be beneficial. Therefore, this shelving unit can be a great option instead of a room divider.

Using some pipes, fitting, and board, you can assemble a similar shelving unit to use as a partition. It will visually divide one room with another as well as giving storage to display your items.

6. Massive Industrial shelving unit idea6. Massive Industrial by

The presence of industrial shelving design in a living room will indeed make the space unique. This shelving unit is, for example. The Frame is built with pipes, and for the storage, it uses vast tubes instead of wood board that makes the shelves look more outstanding.

Apart from its look, this shelves making is relatively easy with a clean creation process. Another advantage of it is the adjustable tubs, so you can serve it either vertically or horizontally. It provides ample storage for books, virgin drinks, even pillows.

5. In Frame5. In Frame by

This shelving idea is so adorable to put in the living room. It offers both beauty and functionality. You can display some small historical things to be remembered, like a love letter, dolls, or books.

Those shelves are created by firstly removing the front glass and the back of the Frame. Next, add 4 cuts of the board to an old frame, so it has some width to put things on. Then, paint it white. You can install the frames glasses back later as long as it still fits.

4. The Woven Rope4. Woven Rope by

Using a single rope for a hanging shelf is nice, but a woven rope will make it even excellent. Mainly if your living room follows the boho style, this shelf will match it best. In addition to storage, the shelving unit also gives a beautiful décor to the dull wall.

This shelf can cost you a fortune in the store because it is hand-crafted using a cotton rope. However, with a little woven skill and spare time, you can make it at home to save money.

3. Make it Glam3. Make it Glam by

Shelving design is not always about building shelves from scratch. You can also do a little makeover to the existing shelving unit, which probably looks a bit mundane after some time. The best makeover you can give to it is to transform the shelves from regular to glamorous, just like this one.

First, a golden spray is used to hide the original color of the shelf frame. After dried, a marble contact paper is attached to the top of the glass shelving. It takes only a few minutes to do this marvelous makeover.

2. Built In Shelving Idea2. Built In Shelves by

If your living room lacks space, a built-in shelving unit is a smart idea to install. It can maximize space and provides more places to store books and toys.

While another built-in shelf tends to blend with the wall color, this shelving unit is the contrary. It is painted against the monochromatic walls that make it really pop. This can be an excellent idea if you are particularly in need of space and want a little simple décor. Inbuilt shelves like this will look good in contemporary living room design, which prioritizes simplicity.
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Lastly, Number 1, Pipe Shelving Idea1. Pipe Shelving Idea by

Having built-in shelves that can be a home for TV, books, and plants is many people’s dream. However, if you are not yet ready to adopt that design, just copy this idea. This pipe shelving idea, for example, creates a pretty similar look to the inbuilt one, only it isn’t built in the wall.

This shelving unit includes a TV stand and two shelves on each of them. Each of them is built separately, and some pairs of casters are attached to allow you to move it elsewhere quickly. In addition to its cheap and easy to get material, the combination of wood and industrial pipe makes it extremely sturdy.
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So, Those are 10 Living Room Shelving Ideas that you should consider. Hopefully, you’ve found inspirational. Whether you are planning to buy a new shelf for your kitchen or make it yourself, keep in mind that besides functionality and design, one thing that will also affect a room is the shelves’ position.

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