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10 DIY Garage Organization and Storage ideas

Organizing a garage won’t be a tiring and time-consuming work to do if you know the tricks or ideas on how to sort things out. But if you don’t, it can be a pain in the neck as you have to live with the mess every day.
This list is about discuss 10 DIY garage organization and storage ideas to help you declutter sheer mess in the garage. Soon you’ll find some clever tips or ideas that you can try to organize things in the garage to make it a better place in which you can feel at ease.

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10. Create A Hanging Rack project idea.

10. Create Hanging Rack via
The garage is typically large and fairly high, which is possible for you to install DIY hanging storage over your head. The ceiling is such a potential place on which you can store a lot of stuff by making a hanging rack.
Firstly, assemble all the panel racks, and the supports. Secondly, join them using nuts and bolts. When boring the ceiling with a drill, make sure you get the center of beams so that it can strongly connect to it.
Then install the support with lag bolts. Next, adjust the rack according to the height you need. Last, make sure it doesn’t in the way when you open the rolling garage door. It should be strong, and a little above the rolling door.

9. Install Slatwall Panels.

9. Install Slatwall Panels via
Clean space can affect its attendants’ mood. That’s why the garage should be cleaned or arranged again and again. A Slatwall panel is a life savior when it comes to organizing the garage. It offers you wide space to put things on as you can see in this picture.
How to install it? Find studs in the wall first by employing a stud finder. Make holes on the panel before drilling will ease the drilling process, if necessary. Put another panel above it as it has interlock systems, and repeat the same work.

8. Arrange Long Tool project idea

8. Arrange Long Tool project idea via 1
Separating tools in each of their places can help you free some space in the garage. First, keep them tidy by hanging or arranging them on the board. Thus, you need smart storage to keep them. This genuine can be the solution, and here’s how to do it.
This PVC pipeline cut idea is a breeze and comes in handy. You can simply cut them and screw each of them on the board. Last, make sure you choose PVC pipes that are wide enough to put any tools in them.

7. Put Everything in Its Order

7. Put Everything in Its Order via Simphome.comLook at how organized these tools are! Just by looking at it, you can see how functional this idea is, and start to think to give it a try. You can take this brilliant notion to sort out the chaos in the garage for certain.
All you have to do is cut wood with the same size for the panels. You can have three cuts for the framing, and get them according to the need. Next, screw each
of the panels with a drill onto the framing. Lastly, stick or bore it through the wall, and place or tools there.

6. A Pegboard Storage project Idea

6. Pegboard Storage Idea via

Using a pegboard is also a great move as it can give you a lot of benefits, and the idea is not requiring demanding tasks to follow. It’s an alternative that you can choose besides wood. With this idea, your equipment can be easily spotted and you can save some time when looking for them as they’re at reach.
A pegboard will need a wood frame on which you attach to it. After the frame’s ready, you can screw through pegboard holes to reduce the damage. Now you can display your tools or equipment on it.
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5. Space-saving Bicycles Storage Organization project idea

5. Space saving Bicycles Storage Organization via Simphome.comBicycles are a cheap means to get your body to stay in shape by riding them. Riding a bicycle is also an effective way to reduce the amount of stress you get from workplaces. The problem is that they can take a lot of space in the garage if you have more than one.
It may not a big issue if you have spacious space, but what if you don’t?
This picture tells you how to do it. Hanging them on the wall is the solution for it as the floor space can’t handle them as it may already full of stuff.

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4. Magic Boxes Store project idea

4. Magic Boxes Store via
If there’s still unused space above your head that needs tapping into, this box storage solution idea will be a nice DIY project offer you need to try. Plastic boxes are versatile and durable, and they can contain a plethora of things in them. These slide boxes can be pulled out when you need to find some stuff in them.
Before installing boxes, you need to find the beams through which you’re going to attach the boxes. If the wood you’re using is thick, then you should use screws that are long enough in order to get a strong hold so that the boxes won’t fall apart.

3. Brilliant Rod Organizer project idea

3. Brilliant Rod Organizer via Simphome.comFishing is a fun and challenging hobby that most men do in their free time. Having a collection of fishing rods is good if you want to catch a lot of fish. But you should think about their storage too as they can easily twist one another, which could be big problem.
Fishing rods may be thin but they’re long enough which can cause a hassle in keeping them. Fear not, with this idea, you’ll get your garage a well-kept place.
First, prepare a PVC pipe, then create one-inch holes on it, and don’t forget to space them. Take a foam noodle and slit it as many as your rods are with a knife. Insert fender washer and then screw it to the board.

2. Tidy Up Balls by Creating Corral

2. Tidy Up Balls by Creating Corral via Simphome.comBalls are things that can easily scatter on the floor, and they can be dangerous if you step them and fall, and get yourself injured. To handle this situation, making special storage for them is highly recommended. This step can also be a pungent way to keep them in the house. And when you or your kids are looking for them, you can soon find them.

This corral storage solution shouldn’t give you difficult tasks to complete.First, Cut a board with a fixed length and then assemble and screw them. Next, you can wrap it up using bungee cords after you cut its hooks first.

Lastly number 1. A DIY Shoe Rack organization project Idea

1. Shoe Rack Idea via Simphome.comShoes are items that can’t be separated from the garage, and it’s obvious that each family member at least has a pair of them. The more family members you have, the larger the shoe collection is. Therefore, creating a shoe rack is a must.
The idea can be very helpful for you to minimize the mess on the floor. Because people tend to leave their shoes on the floor which would later get dragged of kicked, and get scattered all over the place.
The steps to make a shoe rack are simple. Firstly, measure how wide the rack will be, then cut a plywood sheet and get some pieces out of it. Join each part and screw them. Next, optional, you might want to polish and paint the rack to spruce it up a little bit. Done!
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So, this DIY garage organization and storage ideas will be a great help for you as they can turn the garage into a cozy place that makes you feel at home. Feel free to take any idea you want to try first and come back to this channel next time for more organization solutions.


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