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8 Fantastic Tips for Building a Garage

Building a garage is a great idea for increasing the usability and value of your home. It’s a big step, and if you don’t know where to start, things can get overwhelming pretty quickly.
But don’t fret!
This guide will help you build a spectacular garage perfectly aligned with your specific needs, requirements, and preferences.

Decisions, Decisions: What to Focus on When Building a Garage
It would be best if you decide on a few things before you start building your garage. These include:

1. Attached or Detached

The majority of modern homes have attached garages. They require less maintenance and make it easier for you to enter and exit the house. However, some people prefer detached structures, especially when they have a lot of space. Detached garages offer plenty of design options as well.

You must choose between the two based on your unique requirements.

2. Better House Entry

In recent times, we have seen big garages attached to the side of houses, facing the street. The entry to the house requires you to pass through the laundry and utility room and perhaps even a small bathroom on the way.

While this entry plan saves money, you should consider building an aesthetically pleasing mudroom with a nice sitting and storage area if there are no budget constraints. This design definitely looks more appealing, welcoming, and useful.

3. The Size of the Garage

Your garage should be spacious enough to accommodate your car/s while leaving some space for tools and equipment.

Nowadays, a two-car garage has become a standard. It can easily accommodate SUVs, large pickups, and minivans. If you have extra space and budget, you might want to go for a three or four-car garage. These are usually found in high-end residential areas, so it’ll be a huge selling point for your house.

4. The Orientation

While garages are usually seen facing the street, you should consider modifying the footprint to have yours angled away from the road. A 90-degree offset is perfect, but if you can afford 45 degrees only, it’ll be great. This little trick will minimize the impact of the garage entrance on the street view of your house.

5. Appearance Matters

Have you seen garages that don’t look like garages?

Yes, that’s the goal!

The look of your garage should blend in nicely with the overall theme and aesthetics of the house. It shouldn’t look like a separate structure that doesn’t belong to the property.

You’ll have to let your creative juices flow when thinking about ways to give your garage a house-like façade. A good way to start is by matching the entry doors, windows, siding, and trim with the house. Instead of a bulky door, go for two or three smaller doors for a nice, homely touch.

6. Stair Placement

If you have an upper house level, you’ll need stairs to get there. If placing them inside the garage seems like a good idea, reserve one side for them and create a storage area or workspace of equal size on the other side. This will make your garage look well-balanced.

That being said, if the upper level has a bedroom or rental unit, you’ll have to consider placing an outdoor staircase for egress.

7. Don’t Forget about the Electricity

One of the most important things to do when building a garage is installing electric wires and connecting electrical device units. You’ll need a few sockets to ensure you can find power whenever you want to use an electrical item, wash your car, or just chill with your smartphone in the garage.

8. Prepare for Different Weathers

If you live in a city where it snows during the winters, don’t forget to leave some room for snow removal when building a garage. This is especially important if you prefer using a plough. If your garage is at the end of the driveway, removing snow will be a hassle. A little extra space will ensure you can plough the area cleanly with little effort.

Bottom Line

Building a garage doesn’t require too much money, but often people get so caught up with the idea of keeping the costs to a minimum that they end up compromising on the aesthetics.

Remember, your garage should add to the visual appeal of the house. The experience of living in it should also be smooth and convenient.

With our tips, you can build something that complements your house and is unique, safe, comfortable, and close to your heart. When building a garage, you’re not only creating space to park your car but also for working on big projects. Make sure the final product is worth it!

Best of luck!

Written by Simpson

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