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5 Ways to Clean your Carpet at Home

Your carpet at home goes unnoticed most of the time, though we regularly step on it as we go about our daily business. Carpet cleaning can be a chore, especially as you have a wide ground to cover with your vacuum cleaner.

Beyond your daily or weekly vacuum cleaning, here are 5 ways you can sanitize, deodorize, or deep clean your carpets so you can enjoy the long-lasting plush comfort of your carpeted flooring. All you’ll need are a few simple housekeeping tools and cleaning supplies:

1. Avail professional carpet cleaning services

Nothing gets those stain marks and dented spots out than professional carpet cleaning services! Professional cleaning services would have the right tools and equipment needed to bring life back to your carpets, and make them look like new. With a good, reputable cleaning company, you won’t have to worry about your carpets fraying during the cleaning process!

If you’re unsure of how to deep clean your carpets, or would like to have your carpets cleaned but don’t have the time, we recommend going for professional cleaning services instead, so you know they will get the job done timely and correctly.

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2. Dry clean with baking soda and essential oils

A popular hack among home and living blogs, baking soda is hailed as an all-around cleaning agent. For carpets, it acts as a dry clean powder that gets rid of dirt, and deodorizes at the same time – perfect for those musty, mildew-smelling carpets where washing is not ideal, like in basements.

To dry clean your carpets, mix a few drops of essential oils into a cup of baking soda. The essential oils will provide the static energy to the baking soda particles, which attracts dust for easier clean up. The mixture will leave a nice scent on your carpet too! Sprinkle the mixture all over your carpet, getting deep into the fibers. Allow to sit for 10 mins. before vacuuming up.

3. Use a wet vacuum and carpet shampoo to clean

Speaking of vacuums, your vacuum cleaner may have a wet function for washing furniture and fabrics. Usually found in shop vacuums and car vacuums, the wet function helps to draw out excess moisture from your carpet, allowing you to confidently wash your carpet with a mild carpet shampoo that suits your carpet fibers.

Dilute your carpet shampoo into a bucket of water, and wet the entire area of your carpet, making sure not to soak the carpet as the adhesive may weaken when soaked. Gently brush the carpet to loosen the dirt, and scrub out any stained areas. Vacuum up the excess moisture using the wet function, and allow your carpet to air dry.

4. Sanitize with a steam cleaner

If you readily have a steam cleaner at home, then you can use the device to sanitize, deodorize, and clean your carpets. A steam cleaner works by using a high-heat powered steam that kills off most germs and viruses from any surface it touches. The steam also breaks down and neutralizes odours, so it deodorizes your carpet at the same time.

Many steam cleaners come with their own sanitizing solution, which can be filled into the machine to turn into a disinfectant steam that cleans the entire surface. For carpets, however, you will need to have special care, as the steam can dissolve the adhesives of your carpet when applied on for too long.

We suggest that you go over an area of your carpet with a steam cleaner no more than twice at a time, and avoid soaking your carpet with the vapour. Give your carpet ample time to air dry afterwards, and face a fan pointed towards the carpet to get the material to dry faster.

5. Treat stains with vinegar

Stains on your carpets just won’t come out? Treat them with a surprising ingredient: vinegar! Distilled white vinegar actually makes one of the best stain removers in the cleaning industry, and is commonly already found in pantries and kitchens.

Dilute some white vinegar in equal parts of clean water, and place the mixture in a spray bottle. Apply the spray directly on the stain, and use a soft towel or cloth to blot the stain away. Deeper stains may need more than one application, so be patient in clearing out the spot. Once the stain is gone and the vinegar mixture has dried, don’t worry about the smell as it dissipates!

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