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10 Various Unique and Clever Closet Door Ideas

Everybody knows what a closet is. Although its functions are pretty much the same, some people would love to spread some creativity on their closets by giving some lovely little details on their doors. Yes, who doesn’t get attracted by something beautiful and valuable? Therefore, these 10 various unique and clever closet door ideas will perk up your room. Read along, and you’ll find out some exciting ideas to decorate your closet doors

Everybody knows what a closet is. Although its functions are pretty much the same, some people would love to spread some creativity on their closets by giving some lovely little details on their doors.

Yes, who doesn’t get attracted by something beautiful and valuable? Therefore, these 10 various unique and clever closet door ideas will perk up your room. Follow along, and you’ll find out some exciting ideas to decorate your closet doors. Completing a collection of bedroom improvement lists we already published in the channel, this video is also brought to you by

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10. Sliding Barn Door Ideas

This closet has a stunning look with sliding mirrored barn doors and the natural color of the wood itself. Here you can learn that the mirrors are a nice feature added to the closet.
When you decide to include glasses on the doors, you must be aware of the wood you’ll use as the door or frame.
Because when extreme weather hits, the not-so-good-quality wood will twist, which results in breaking the glasses.

Detailed Instructions:

  • Step 1: Measure your closet, and add 2 inches to the measurement for the door width.
  • Step 2: Measure the door frame.
  • Step 3: Measure the hole in the door.
  • Step 4: Cut all your pieces of wood according to measurements and marked drawings.
  • Step 5: Put the hinges on both sides of the door. Secure them with screws and keep them tight and level by adjusting one screw at a time. This step will make sure that they won’t get loose easily while using it.
  • Step 6: Attach all your wooden pieces with screws once they’re dry or ensure they won’t move anymore while safely using them. Now, you’re all done!

9. Bi-fold French Door Make-Over


Bi-fold doors are one of the many choices you could have for a closet door. The design has a clever mechanism that allows you to fold many doors at once to create a wide-open space.
But when you feel like changing the bi-fold doors to faux shiplap, here is an idea for you.
This bi-fold French closet door had an innovative makeover, and it cost around $170 before it became something like you see right now.


First, you can remove the doors and then add a metal bracket on the top to make them stay straight.
Next, apply trim pieces on the doors’ edge and level the shiplap with plywood pieces. After that, add the strips and fix them with a brad nailer. Take the hinges off and paint them with any color you like.

Finished Idea

Other details you need to know are:

  1. Trim piece – You have a wide variety of choices for this trim piece. All you need is to measure the width and height of your door and then a thickness of a quarter inch.
  2. Plywood – You’ll use this plywood as a support for your shiplap. The width of the plywood must be at least three inches bigger than the actual width of the door.
  3. Hinges – These are available in different colors, finishes, and sizes, as well as hardware options. Some hinges are meant to work with certain types of wood you frequently used for French doors or other styles you may not have yet encountered.
  4. Shiplap – You can use any wood for this makeover, including pine, cedar, redwood, and fir. Just make sure it’s at least three inches thick.
  5. Paint – Be aware that the paint you’ll use for this project is exterior-grade oil or latex or an exterior-grade latex-modified alkyd enamel with a high content of pigment.

Once you’re done with those simple steps, you now have a perfectly handcrafted French door that shouldn’t be damaged easily by regular wear and tear and extreme weather conditions.

8. The Bypass Closet Door Idea for Small Space-bedroom

People usually link bypass closet doors with small spaces. This unique, problem-solution design helps you save some space when opening the closet. This type of door probably reminds you of Japanese who used a similar door style in their houses in the past.
As you open the door, the closet won’t be fully open. It is one of the drawbacks of having a sliding closet door.

To make the doors slide easily, you need to keep the tracks clean by cleaning the dust using a vacuum or a toothbrush. Use an aerosol lubricant to make them roll smoothly. When the rolls are broken, you can have them replaced with new ones.
You can also adjust the mounting screw at the inside top of the door if you find it hanging awkwardly. Fix the gap and make it even.

More details:

  • No 1. Measure the width of your door.
  • No 2. Measure the height of your door.
  • No 3. Mark the location of the track at the top side of your door frame when you remove it from its original position when unscrewing it.
  • No 4. Lubricate the tracks when they are moving smoothly, but do not let them become sticky or oily to prevent them from getting broken in the future.
  • No 5. Use a screwdriver to adjust the tracks, so they are level with each other if there is any unevenness in sliding tracks when you open your closet door, using them sideways in sideways orientation – left and right.
  • No 6. Replace the tracks if broken or put them aside when you want to use the closet for other purposes.
  • No 7. Secure the mounts with screws if you don’t want them to get loose when sliding your door aside.
  • No 8. Use a screwdriver to take off the covers of your door, if there are any, before mounting your tracks in their designated position to make it more user-friendly in terms of opening and closing. Now, you’re done!

7. How to Create Privacy with Frosted Glass Closet Door

When you’re into a glass thing, these frosted glass closet doors will do. This idea would be to keep the room inside the closet stay hidden. Besides, it’s a pretty closet door in so many ways.
You get a stylish and modern touch by installing frosted glass doors. And here are some benefits from them.

First, you will not need to worry about them being rusty. Moreover, these doors are easy to clean. With a blurry surface, you should feel content with your privacy.
Some people are fond of doing exercise in their rooms, be mindful not to bump the door glass with something sharp or heavy that could break the glass.

Other details you need to keep before proceeding with the experiment:

  1. Measure the height of your door, then let it be the height of your glass panels.
  2. Measure the length of your door, then let it be the length of your glass panels.
  3. Mark where you’re going to put your glass panels onto your door frame. Just below the handle area and on top of each other.
  4. Use a glass cutter to cut the glass panels to size if they are too large for you to fit inside their original place. Or, if you want smaller ones for privacy or style purposes and use them as closet partitions for smaller spaces like this one (you can see there is a louvered window treatment behind).
  5. Install the glass panels to the door frame using a level to ensure they are not crooked.
  6. Add a wood strip to support the glass panels if you want them to look nice outside.
  7. You can add a touch of cute by placing a panel in the middle of your closet doors for pretty eye candy in your room.
  8. Apply a finish onto your glass panels so they can be silicone-topped for protection purposes.
  9. Hang the doors back to the hinges once you are done with installation/finishing.
  10. Secure them with screws and let go of the screws before installing the doors to ensure everything goes well. You don’t accidentally scratch any surfaces or damage your closet doors during the installation period.

6. Closet Doors with Mirrors Idea

You can have these types of doors if you have a spacious room. An enormous closet with bi-fold doors and mirrors looks so pretty with a shade of white color. With such huge storage, you can literally put lots of things in it.

A mirror for each door helps trick your mind into thinking the room appears larger than it may seem. The mirrors become a significant feature added to the closet, and they make it look pretty.

More details before adopting the ideas are:

  1. Measure the height of your closet, then let it be the height of your closet doors.
  2. Measure the length of your closet, then let it be the length of your closet doors.
  3. Calculate an additional 3 inches for each top and bottom rail on one side of the door, and add another 6 inches on each end to account for a hinge. Now you have all dimensions to cut out from the plywood boards! Cut all parts with a good circular saw, making sure they are straight using a level or something that can help you align them straightly when you cut them out from plywood boards.
  4. Mix all the parts of one side using a nail gun, then install the rails to the door frame using a hammer and nails. Use those nails to secure those rails from rotating on those screws.
  5. Install the other side’s rails in the same way, without mixing anything yet. Make sure you get even spacing between rails for your doors to work correctly.
  6. Now that both sides are ready, you can mix all of them by taking off one rail after another or installing them all at once if you think it is quicker than making progress with one step after another.

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5. Stunning Louvered Closet Door

This simple closet in the bedroom doesn’t look all that fancy, but it really fits the room nicely. It’s a louvered closet that allows some air to be in and out without leaving the closet open constantly.
It features a slated surface, and it looks adorable yet straightforward. You can adopt a similar style of the closet door if you think it suits you. Or you may change the color to go well with your current room shade.

To start the project, you need to :

  1. Cut the wood boards into panels that will be secured to the closet door box area and create a simple tabletop for your panels.
  2. Finish your wood boards with a wood finish such as staining or painting. Its color should be similar to your main wall’s color or close to it and makes it easier for you to match the doors and other furniture inside your room. Significantly if you’ll change them up later
  3. The next step is to turn the paneled closet doors into a solid door. The best way to do that is to cut through the panels at a specific interval. And at a slight angle, there’s space for the hinges and corners of the door frame.
  4. Take out all of your nails so you can use wood screws instead and install them in an alternating pattern along the edges of each panel. And use a hammer and nail gun to secure them in place, then let it dry completely overnight or for as long as the finished product recommends.
  5. Using the remaining wood panels, make a simple tabletop to place mirrors underneath. You need to find the right size and cut them down to fit between the clear glass.
  6. Place your glass panels onto your tabletop and secure it with some wood screws along the edges of the cupboard so they’ll hold it in place.
  7. Now, you can finally remove your unwanted panels and put them back into storage.

4. Patterned Closet Doors

When painting the closet doors does not satisfy you enough, this pattern with a nice detail might change your opinion.
Adding more patterns to your closet doors can have a significant impact on the space. You can choose many designs, and this one can be a good reference on what style or idea you want the closed doors to get curved on.

In detail, you need to follow or consider the following steps:

  • Step 1: Measure your closet space to determine the dimensions of the panels.
  • Step 2: Measure and cut four pieces of plywood, and then secure them right next to each other with a nail gun.
  • Step 3: Use a jigsaw and cut out an opening for the bi-fold doors. The size will depend on your closet’s size and what you need room for storage.
  • Step 4: Next up is to paint your plywood with chalkboard paint. Once dry, you can spray paint using two or three coats to seal it. You can also use clear varnish, but I don’t recommend that option if you plan to use the chalkboard later.
  • Step 5: After the paint has dried, the next step is to make your pattern. I simply drew my own using chalk, but you can also use stencils or paint markers to complete the job easier.
  • Step 6: Use a ladder to tape off your design on the plywood across all four panels. When you are done, remove it with some tape.
  • Step 7: Using a paint sprayer, get started with your painting! Start with one coat of yellow or gold, then add another coat of black or gray for added contrast.

3. Think of the Closet Doors as Your Canvas

Instead of painting or adding patterns on each of the closet doors separately, you can try to use them all at once as if they were a blank canvas. This floral-themed closet, for example, looks great with some flowers on the doors. It’s like looking at a huge painting while you’re sleeping in the bed. It won’t be an easy job if you paint it yourself unless you know how to do it.

Luckily, however, there are many services available, and you can get it customized and choose what style, pattern, or design you would love to have. Or you can get a sticker or wallpaper and apply it with care to get a good result.

Detailed information you need to know before copying the projects are:

  1. Take your closet’s measurements first, and see what kind of storage options you need.
  2. If you need help with design ideas, contact an interior designer to match the doors to the rest of your decor.
  3. Take a virtual tour using software such as Google Maps and create a 3D model of your room so you can scale up the doors, so they match all your furniture.
  4. If you don’t want to hire someone to paint or apply stickers on the doors, consider using stencils and applying them on your surfaces with care and precision for a great result and mess-free application process.
  5. Decorate your room with flair and flair by using a decorative tape measure.
  6. You can also use magnetic stencils to stencil the same pattern you have on your simple curtains and add some lights to add a sophisticated touch.
  7. Lastly, go for an interior designer or any professional that is up to the task for more help when you need it

2. Take A Curtain as you next Alternative

When you’re a straightforward person and loves to make anything as simple as possible, this curtain would suit your style. You can simply attach the rod and hang your curtain there.
It’s a combination of simple, innovative, and unique ideas at once that anybody can afford without complicating yourself. It’s because typically, a closet needs doors, and a curtain becomes a solution that saves you from building doors when you don’t want to.

Detailed Instructions:

  • No 1. Measure your closet’s width.
  • No 2. Measure the height of the cabinet so you can have enough space to place your curtain aside.
  • No 3. Take a roll of fabric equal to the length you need to cover the entire cabinet, and then cut it out according to these measurements.
  • No 4. Take the rod you have chosen, then secure it in the middle inside of your curtain with clothespins or any other pin that can hold fabrics like carpet hooks or curtain rings. You can also use heavy-duty zippers for this purpose if you choose not to use curtains at all.
  • No 5. Use double-sided tape to secure your curtain to the curtain rod.
  • No 6. Use a sturdy pin to attach the curtain to the cabinet without making it sag.

Once you have finished designing your new closet, make sure you take pictures of it to share them with your friends and family through social media or some other way that you have access to online. After getting some positive responses, give an idea of making a new look for another one.

Lastly, Number 1. A Unique Curtain Closet Doo Ideas from Simplyfutbol

This idea also uses a curtain, which is quite similar to the previous one. Still, it’s slightly different. It’s a curtain attached to the closet, and it can curl to one side.
It really maximizes the space, and it’s lightweight, and you don’t have to be afraid the closet would be falling off the wall unless you overload it.

To get your closet door represented in a different perspective, you could:
1. Put L-shaped sections to each side of the closet.
2. Use two rods to hang the curtain, and place them at different lengths.
3. You can also camouflage your curtain if you wish to hide it completely, or you can use decorative door panels for protection even though they may not serve as a closet door.
4. Lastly, you can choose any other fabric instead of plastic for this purpose to cover the doors with appropriate care and protection style for all your safety needs.


The best closet door does not have to come from a closet. All you have to do is just ask for its help for creativity and smart ideas to get a new one.
Don’t forget that the room is not just about your clothing. But also about you, your personality, and your sense of style. If you want something distinct and unique for yourself, then go ahead and design it yourself with some help from handymen or professionals!

There is no excuse for you not to master a new skill, expand your knowledge. Or eventually, boost your career with this list of 10 different ways that you can make your closet more exciting and inviting with these charming doorways into the inner sanctum.
You should try one or some of these 10 various unique closet and clever door ideas. They can help you escape a plain and boring door style and make your closet look much more attractive.



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