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25 Tricks How to Get Organized Garage you Desire

An organized garage is a must when you want to be prepared and have more than just a few essential items inside. You can be sure that everything you need is close at hand and easy to find. If you are annoyed by the chaos of your garage, it’s time to take charge and make some changes.

Key Points:

  • First, select your favorite items that you need to store in your garage and place them on shelves. Then line each frame with a plastic bin or crate and put all of the leftovers like old work gloves, a saw blade, and old bandages.
  • Second, clear the floor of your garage. If you have a bench in your garage, make sure to put it back inside and remove any other furniture. If you want to make sure that your organized garage looks neat, put everything that doesn’t fit on the shelves in plastic bins and place them against the wall.
  • The last thing you need to do is organize all of the tools in your garage.

Most of the time, organizing a garage is an arduous activity. A garage organization puts on some unique challenges like how to pull together cars with toys, tools, sporting equipment, beach chairs, and cleaning supplies? To make it worse, you need to store them in one space.
Indubitably, it is not a one-size-fits-all mission. Hence, we’ve piled up some ideas to eliminate all clutter.

Check out these ten tricks to get an organized garage; you desire to find ways to have a well-thought-out and better-to-use garage.

Let’s take a peek! As always, this list is compiled for you by And it comes with this next awesome video. A super relevant one, I would say. Enjoy!

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List Entries:

10. Get Your Garage Empty

10. Get Your Garage Empty via Simphome
Whether you enjoy it or not, it’s the most significant thing. Yes, it demands lots of work, but the results are peerless.

  • First, it’s always easy to start from fresh because you can see it for what it is.
  • Next, you will be more motivated than ever to make it into something extraordinary.
  • Third, you will be safe from small items on the floor like nails, oil, chemical stains, cobwebs, and other hazardous items.

You’re ready to start after you clear out your garage from any materials and put them in one vast blanket.

9. Sort Everything Out

9. Sort Everything via Simphome
Have you done emptying your room? Next, sort them out. It sounds futile, but it benefits you in the long run. Let us tell you a little bit. It helps you to know what you have got. Next, it also assists your organizing process. You see, you need to put them back, right? Now, pile all of your similar items up in specific areas: sporting goods, tools, gardening equipment, etc.

8. Throw the Junk Away

8. Throw the Junk Away via Simphome

CAUTION: You must be ruthless and stick to one rule: get shot of the junk! Possibly, it is the most challenging part; throwing items away is easier said than done. Forget your childhood stuff; ignore your lovely youthful socks, snub your deep-rooted basketball gloves.

Keep in mind that the more you purge now, the tidier the garage you get. Thus, it will be easier for you to maintain. In the end, you can keep your garage clean and clutter-free for a longer time.

7. Try the Open Shelving idea

7. Try Open Shelves via Simphome
Anything stored in an open place will be noticeable. You can put in this exposed shelves idea to abridge your search. You may think it is not as pretty as cabinets, but it is convenient to use nonetheless. Gone are the days when you need to dig into a rabbit hole to find some screws.
When you need to clean up, reorganize, or you want to move in, it brushes off your worries about losing small things. Then, your packing and unpacking activities will be trouble-free and need seconds to end.

TIP: Using transparent containers is advantageous too.

6. A Shovel Rack for an Avid Gardener idea

6. Shovel Rack for an Avid Gardener via Simphome

It’s as simple as it seems, and it keeps yard tools up and off the floor. It’s constructed from plywood and supports and lag-screws. Let’s have some works:
Prepare a circular saw, a drill/driver – cordless, and a jigsaw. Measure your needs accurately and lay the material. Using a circular saw for straight cuts and a jigsaw to finish out the inside curve based on the result. Don’t forget to cut the slots for the handles.
Put the rack about six ft. off the floor and attach it to the wall studs with lag screws. If you have children, attach an eye screw and hook to secure them.

TIP: Make your slot wide enough, and the handle is usually narrower than the flare.

5. Harness the Versatility of a Pegboard

5. Harness the Versatility of a Pegboard via Simphome
If you didn’t know, pegboards have been around since the 1800s. Because of their flexibility, they have starred in any reorganization ideas for the most part.
Buy some pegboards and wire pegs at your local home depot. Use specific zones, like tools, small items, etc. It’s a brilliant way to store undersized stuff. It improves your safety because you don’t have to dig in a plastic bin and risk your hands.

4. Get Organized with Plastic Containers

4. Get Organized with Plastic Containers via Simphome
Look at them! They are both pleasing and practical. It’s artless and going for a song way to organize your mess. You need to hop to a nearby home improvement store; then, you’ll have great alternatives.
They will do good for you as your things are safe from mice and rats. Is your garage humid? Take a rubber-sealed bin.
A transparent bin will be a groovy choice; you save time and stress finding your pearl.

3. Store Them Close to the Ceiling

3. Store Them Close to the Ceiling via Simphome
Wait a minute, what if my garage has a diminutive size? Here’s your answer: make the most of your ceiling! There are two possibilities. If it has exposed rafters, turn it into generous storage by setting a few sheets of plywood across the rafters to create a room for your items. But, if it is finished drywall, there are many options without bringing the finish down. You may install a pulley system that grants you access to raising and lowering selected items just by pressing a button. It sounds good, doesn’t it?

2. A Bump-Out Addition for More Storage Space

2. A Bump Out Addition for More Storage Space via Simphome
Do you deem that your garage is too small? On the other hand, you need more space for lawn equipment, ATVs, riding mowers, or bikes. At this point, a bump-out addition may be the intelligent elucidation to your clogged garage. You don’t need to pour concrete, just build it like a deck platform. With this simple treated-wood foundation, you create an additional room in your garage.

Lastly, number 1. Decide the Zone

1. Decide the Zone via Simphome
Go to any mall or department store, and you will find particular zones. It simplifies customers to get items they need. It is what we’re going to do. Countless things in your garage may scatter your brain. Therefore, organize it into several zones. For a greenhorn, you may consider these:

• Gardening Zone
• Kids’ Zone
• Workshop Zone
• Tools
• Automotive
• Paint/Home Projects, etc.
You can think as small or as big as you want to. Once you have everything sorted, you need to assess how much space each zone will take up and then plan fittingly.
One last tip: we recommend re-organizing your garage twice a year, in October/September and June.

So, That’s all we have in our tank. It’s time to part way with your clumsy garage and make your cherished car proud to “live” there. Au revoir!
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7. Try Open Shelves. | Creating Marys Home
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5 Unique Tricks to Get More Organized Garage:

You have to admit that managing a garage can be difficult and tricky. Still, with these unique tricks to get a more organized garage. Hopefully, you can make a better arrangement and management so your garage won’t be a hot mess anymore. Creating an intelligent layout for the garage may take an extra effort, but it won’t be too complicated. Moreover, you don’t have to spend excessive money to accommodate your garage storage needs. This is 5 Unique Tricks to Get More Organized Garage by your list maker

1. Ceiling Rack

Ceiling rack 5 Simphome com
Using the space on the wall is quite common, but most homeowners forget that they can always use the ceiling to pack up the racks. In this example, the racks can be easily mounted and installed on the ceiling, providing even generous space for storage. There are small racks and big racks, perfect for unique tricks to get a more organized garage. (via Abowlfulloflemons)

2. Long and Wide Garage Shelving

Long and Wide Garage Shelving 4 Simphome com
You already include storage baskets or containers for your garage management – well, good for you! You have shown a higher level of storage wisdom. However, stacking your containers won’t be effective or efficient. Not to mention that you will still be using the space on the floor for stacking them. But with this kind of shelving, you can mount the containers easily and freely, and there will be some free space for smaller items on the floor. With the shelving, you can find the items easily without removing the stacks. After all, making the shelf is also easy as long as you are careful about the calculation or cutting. (via ana-white)

3. Hold Everything – a Special Tool Rack

Hold Everything – a Special Tool Rack 3 Simphome com
As the name suggests, this tool rack can hold anything. This kind of wall-mounted storage rack is handy without using too much space from your hammer to your sets of screwdrivers. Doing your project for making this rack is possible because you can create your slots, containers, and platforms for any tools. It is attached to the wall, so you won’t need to prepare any extra space for the storage. Having this kind of rack for the unique tricks to get a more organized garage is excellent if you are up for it. Make sure that you use a sturdy and solid type of wood to make this rack. (via Popularwoodworking)

4. A Multi paneled Modular System

Multipanel Modular System 2 Simphome com
In this design, the panels are arranged like pages of books – where you can easily flip to access different sections and different tools. It does take extra work to make this modular multipanel system, but it will be super handy since it comes with a wall-mounted mechanism. Accessing your tools will be more accessible than ever. And the flip-like design will make everything go easier. Find the video here. (via Woodsmithtips)

5. Wall-Mounted Bin Hanger

Wall Mounted Bin Hanger 3 Simphome com
You can create this bin hanger with wall-mounted construction when you have extra unused bins. You can stack them on the wall, and they have been proven to be a practical storage containers. Try these unique tricks to get more organized garage ideas and see how your garage improves significantly. (via Familyhandyman)

That’s it for now and see you again later with more organizational ideas. Wish me luck for that effort though

5 Clever Ideas How to Organize a Messy Garage: The Solutions that Work:

There are a lot of brilliant and clever ideas on how to organize a messy garage. Contrary to people’s beliefs, you don’t need a fancy working scheme. You don’t even need to spend a fortune to arrange your garage. It only takes containers, time, and also dedication to manage everything.

6. Smart Organizer Management

simphome arrange garage
There are tons of clever ideas for organizing a messy garage, as mentioned before. Make sure that each item has its organizer and container. Building your shelf of tools will be handy because you have each container for everything. The devices have their spots for hanging, and there is still enough space for boxes and clear containers for better management. You can divide each container into different sections and organizers. With the added storage on the top and below, you expand your storage areas. (via Containerstore)

7. Containers and a Shelf

simphome container
It’s okay to include an open shelf for your garage. Consider including baskets or containers to manage even better organizations and then label them. This example shows that gardening tools and sports tools have their spots and places. This simple arrangement isn’t only suitable for removing all the mess and clutters and for better organization and structures. (via Countryliving)

8. File Cabinet Transformation

simphome container storage
If you have an old and unused file cabinet, why not turn it into your gardening tool storage? Instead of using it in the regular vertical mode, why not put it into a horizontal mode, remove the drawers, and use it to hold the rakes, brooms, and similar things. Naturally, you are also free to paint the cabinet, making it more attractive. Reusing items should be included in the clever ideas for organizing a messy garage. You can reuse old stuff and deal with the mess altogether. (via Futuristarchitecture)

9. Smart Peg Boards

simphome pegboard
Pegboards are handy. You can use them in any setting and purpose. You can use the boards inside the kitchen or for your garage. This method may require a bit of extra work. You can build your custom shelf with the included pegboards. Use the boards to hang your kinds of stuff. You are free to manage it the way you like it. For instance, one panel is for gardening tools while the other is for your auto tools. Whether you want to include swinging form or others, the pegboards are handy for your needs. (via Dalepd)

10. Tool Rack

simphome tools stand
Whether you are good with woodwork or you decide to have it built by others, this tool rack can be handy. Feel free to design it the way you like it, based on your needs and wants. This is only an example design where you can place any tool you want. This tool rack is excellent for containing all kinds of tools you have, especially those you use the most. These clever ideas on organizing a messy garage are good, although there are many more. (via 1001gardens)

5 Smart And Durable Vertical Organizer Ideas for Small Garage:

Garages or tool sheds are prone to a messy state because one either just doesn’t bother to put every tool in its place or because there is simply no storage to place the devices in. If you are into woodworking, make yourself an organizer or two for your garage.

11. A Wooden Tool Rack Idea

Wooden toolchest Courtesy Simphome 1

With only a few slats needed, you can make a fully functioning rack that can hold practically every one of your woodworking tools. Fasten a few slats to a frame and assemble the frame with a screw at every joint. Hold the frame squares with clamps when completing. Make sure the last slat is oversized.

Wooden toolchest Courtesy Simphome 2By marking the edge and trimming the slat to width, you won’t have to try to size precisely every part. Make sure each hanger has a bottom groove to fit snugly. You can move this brilliant vertical organizer idea to a small garage anywhere to accommodate your new tools. if that description sounds senseless, follow the following 12 Rules for Tool Chests

12. Make Something Out of a Pallet

simphome pallet storage
Lawn tools sometimes are the primary source of the mess in your garage, so you need a place to hoard them all. Repurpose your old pallet as storage. Start by staining it and prying off some slats for a more straightforward job when attaching it later. Please attach it to the side of the shed with framing nails, and make sure to hit the studs on the other side of the wood siding. Attach the pallet to the supporting structure on the back slats you chopped off earlier. However, if you didn’t take the slats off, screw or nail them into the edges of the pallet at an angle. Note that it’s better to prevent debris and leaves from piling up at the bottom of your pallet five inches or higher off the ground. (via Realtysandpoint)

13. Bins, Nooks, and Hose Holder Idea

simphome nook storage

Store all your gardening gloves, paintbrushes, and every little tool in bins. Hang a few containers on the wall with nooks. You can also hang your baskets so they won’t take a lot of space on the ground if you have several of them. Baskets naturally come in medium to large size so they are adequate to store big tools that are prone to making the garage looks overstuffed. (via Abeautifulmess)

14. Fishing Poles under the Ceiling

simphome fishing pole

Those long fishing poles really create storage problem if you happen to have several of them. Leaning them on the wall might not be a good idea because they will fall to the floor and your kids might step on them and eventually break. Make a fishing pole organizer that is out of children’s reach. Hang two wire racks on the ceiling. Make sure the gap between the two wires are not too long nor too short to fit both end of the fishing poles. Wire racks are really cheap so this is alternative is a must! (via homestoriesatoz)

15. PVC for Scoop Storage Idea

simphome pvc storage

Get creative with PVC pipe! You will have your scoop organizer by cutting PVC pipes into 15 cm pieces and attaching them to the board. Attach two panels on the wall, one on the bottom and one about 40 cm higher. Attach one cut pipe on each panel and make sure they are aligned. Secure the pipes to the boards with nails. (via momwithaprep)

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