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12 Hidden and Secret Storage for The Bedroom

Don’t you hate it when you do your closet and find more clothes? I know I do. But who wants to spend money on a new, bigger closet? Well, don’t fret because there is much hidden and secret storage for the bedroom that makes it so you can tuck away all your things neatly. Let’s go through some ideas on storing your clothes, shoes, and accessories in the bedroom

Key Takeaway:

  • Hiding your bedroom clutter doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • The simple fold-away bed (this is an ingenious idea). This suggestion is ideal if you have a lot of stuff but only need a little bit of space to house it when it’s not in use. This one is for when you have to hide your bed but don’t want to make it obvious.
  • Floor-to-ceiling hanging systems. This is a great choice for home offices or entertainment rooms, where you have a lot of stuff that needs to be in view, but it would be considered clutter in the rest of the room.
  • A simple DIY project such as this one to create a rolling rack that can serve as a bedside table can go a long way too.
  • A Murphy bed is the classic way to hide clutter in the bedroom. Instead of having an ugly desk that takes up valuable space in your room, why not have a desk on wheels?

The bedroom is supposed to be a place to relax and sleep tight. However, if clutter has conquered your sleeping space, it will be just a dream. Still, do not allow it to hinder you from earning the ultimate comfort. Another challenge in the most limited bedrooms is how to utilize all available storage space. That is why we have prepared this article to help you achieve more storage space in your bedroom without disturbing the overall look.

Later, in the recent list video, we will give you 12 hidden and secret storage for the bedroom ideas to help you stash away clutter without sacrificing all your financial resources. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

12 Hidden and Secret Storage for The Bedroom Poster
12 Hidden and Secret Storage for The Bedroom Poster

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List Entries:

12. In case you have a favorite sofa inside your bedroom, you can try this IKEA sofa hack with armrest storage

IKEA Eskilstuna is incredibly comfortable. If your bedroom is quite spacious, you should consider investing in it. However, this sofa does not feature storage, although it is actually potential. If you cannot get the storage you want, you can make it yourself.

You just need to replace both armrests with two boxes with the same dimension as the original pieces. Install euro hinges inside the right of the chaise lounge to give you easy and sleek access to the storage.

The other armrest will also provide storage. You will have to install drawer glides so that you can pull out the racks hidden inside them. You will also need to install euro hinges on top to access the compartment for chargers. Once the boxes are ready, you can begin to reupholster them. You can use the original fabric for both bodies. However, it will not be able to cover the lids. Therefore, you need to purchase additional fabric with the same color and texture.

11. The TV Lift Cabinet: The Genius Hack for a Hidden Pop-up TV with a detailed plan!

Some people enjoy watching TV in their bedroom. It is such a great way to relax after working all day. However, the TV can also disrupt their sleep.

If you want to install a TV unit in your bedroom, but you do not want it to ruin your sleep, you can just hide it away. To hide your TV, you need to purchase a lift mechanism and install it inside a cabinet. You will also need to hide speakers in the cabinet if you have them.

Consider using cane paneling for your cabinet so that you can listen to music without popping up the TV.

Relevant instructions:

  • Pay attention to your measurement and materials
  • And then cut the wood board…
  • In order to cut the lift box…
  • Install the lift mechanism before mounting and assembling your cabinets…
  • Fix it with screws, bolts, and capacitors. Use a countersink for the latter two types of hardware so that it looks seamless when you install it on top of your cabinets.
  • Cut a hole for your TV connection cables (cords). Make sure that you create a hole twice as wide as required because you will need to wrap them with some insulation.

10. The DIY minimal plinth bedside tables with hidden storage

It has always been a fantastic idea to have one or two bedside tables in your bedroom. Not only will they complete the look of your sleeping space, but they will also provide a place to set down your favorite plant or phone.

It would be better if your bedside table had hidden storage. To make this idea tangible, you can make it yourself. You do not need to go through complicated steps to make a functional bedside table. A simple one will be enough. You just need to get some wooden boards, cut them to size, and screw them together. Finally, apply any finish you like.

9. Adopt this behind the door storage idea from @ Jessicapaski

If you think you do not have any space to store your jewelry or other small items, think again. Have you checked the area behind your bedroom door yet? If you have not, go check it.
You can use the area behind your bedroom door to store accessories and other small items. You just need to install racks in it.

Most people will screw the racks to the door so that the opening will face outwards. However, let’s do it differently this time.

Instead of making the opening face outwards, you can make it face the door. It means you will also need to install hinges and handle to the racks. You may also need to install a magnetic lock on top to keep the racks shut.

Relevant instructions:

  • Prepare some wooden boards and use a drill to make holes in them.
  • Paint the wooden boards in a color of your choice.
  • Hinge the wooden boards to your bedroom door.
  • Affix the racks to the hinge and then affix them on top of the door. You may also put some magnetic locks on top to keep the racks shut.

8. A Custom Built Wardrobe with TV and hidden Storage from @Tradectory

The good thing about bespoke furniture is that you can customize it to your liking, just like this wardrobe.
The TV stays flush with the cabinet and drawer fronts, resulting in a super sleek look.

Wait a minute! That is not the only incredible thing you can see in this wardrobe.
Apparently, the TV is also a drawer. When you pull it out, you can find ample storage you can use to store a DVD player and CDs.

To replicate the idea, you need to take note of the following:

  • 1. Measure the space that you have in your room.
    The space measurement should include any obstacle or wall that will obstruct your movements when you access your storage. You do not want to have a cabinet that will require you to do acrobatics just to open the door, right?
  • 2. Get the proper tools to make the job easier.
    You can use a tape measure or a caliper to determine the space that you need for your wardrobe. If you are using only furniture for the drawers, you can use any tool that will measure the drawer space in centimeters or inches.
  • 3. Draw a rough sketch of how you want your wardrobe to look before going out and buying all the furniture needed to make it yourself. You can even order furniture online and have it delivered to your doorstep.
  • 4. Make sure to measure the space’s length, width, and depth, and then draw how you want your wardrobe to look in a spreadsheet or table with columns that you already labeled: Measurement, Width, Depth, and Length.
  • 5. Next, draw the size of the cabinet doors next to the sketch you made on your table. You should include the measurements of these doors in your measurements column.
  • 6. Once you have all the measurements, you can go and build the cabinet. Find a piece of wood that is sturdy enough to resist damage. This will be the main support base of your cabinet or wardrobe. Make sure that it is not too small so that it can be sturdy but not too big since it will take up space in your room. If you are talented in woodworking, this may be a good idea for you to do after finishing all the other steps of this DIY project, though we’re not professional woodworkers!

7. A supplemental idea for your bedroom garden @Charlestoncrafted

Some people have a balcony next to their bedrooms, and it is such a privilege.
They also use this opportunity to grow some plants.
You can even create a small garden on your balcony.
Thus, keeping gardening essentials within your reach is worth considering.
For this reason, you need to try this DIY potting bench with hidden storage.

First, you need to make the frame and the bottom part that features slats.
These slats will allow water and dirt to pass through.
Then, you need to install wood strips on top to hold the plastic containers.
After that, you have to construct the lids.
Finally, apply a sealer to protect the potting bench from moisture and sun.

6. The Oak king bed with a slab feature headboard and hidden storage@Beaujanglescreations

Many people think that laying the mattress directly on the floor is the best solution for limited space. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Instead of placing the mattress on the floor, you can try making a bed. This way, you can have ample space underneath to store stuff, like bedsheets, blankets, throws, etc.
Even better, you can make this bed with drawers. You just need to construct a standard bed frame with slabs. Then, install drawer glides to access the storage easily.

Some preparations you need to know to adopt the idea:

  • Start with a cement slab. It will serve as a base for the bed.
  • For the headboard, you just need to attach anchoring bolts to two holes on either side of the slab and then screw them into the ceiling. Do this for both sides of the slab.
  • Next, go to your local home improvement store or order slabs. Then, make two slabs, one in front and one on each side of your bed frame. You can now build your mattress out from these slabs in any shape you want.
  • Attach rails to the slabs so that you can fit drawer glides to them.
  • Then, build your bed frame on top of the slabs and install drawer glides.
  • Finally, go ahead and make a mattress out of foam that is as thick as you need, and attach it to the frame. Using a pad under the mattress will help it stay in place.
  • You are now ready to pull out your storage bed for extra storage space when you need it.

5. The Adjustable cabinet with simple woodwork you can try today @designcraftworksh

This cabinet is fantastic. It stays flush with the wall and shares the same color, making them look inseparable. Another good thing about this cabinet is that it features adjustable shelves.

You do not need to purchase a new cabinet to copy this idea, though. You can work with the existing one. To create the adjustable shelves, you just need to drill some holes. Then, insert shelf supports into the holes you will use. That’s it!

Some preparations you need to know to adopt the idea:

  • Start with your measurement and then continue with your cut.
  • Remember to leave enough gap between the wall on the other side.
  • If you are working with a non-load-bearing wall, it will be easier to install this type of storage.
  • However, if you are dealing with a load-bearing wall, make sure that your cabinet will not cause any problems related to the house’s structure.

4. The minimalist Hidden Workspace idea

More people begin to do their job from home. Unfortunately, they do not have dedicated space to work comfortably. Thus, they have to place the home office in the living room or bedroom.
When it is time to hit the sack, you want to unwind and relax without being haunted by piles of work, don’t you? Therefore, consider hanging curtains to hide away from the home office.

3. The simple transformation to acquire Two sleeping areas in one two-room

Limited space does not give you many choices. Still, it is not supposed to hinder you from getting a comfortable place to sleep.
If you do not have much space for two bedrooms, you can share a room instead. You can install room dividers separating the parents’ and the kids’ bedrooms.

2. Upgrade your current storage system with a false bottom

A false bottom has always been a cool idea. Although you are not a secret agent that likes to hide essential documents, it is always great to have this secret compartment. More importantly, you can make it yourself without the hassle.

First, you need to get a thin piece of plywood that has the same dimension as your drawer. It has to fit snugly inside the drawer.

Then, grab four objects that have identical sizes. They can be anything. You can use corks, erasers, or scrap wood. Just make sure their height is less than an inch because you will use them to support the false bottom.

Next, glue down the supports to each corner of the drawer. Then drill a hole between two supports. You can do this on the left or right bottom of the drawer.
This hole will help you access the false bottom by poking it with a pen or stick and – voila! – you can see the things stored under the plywood board.

Lastly, Number 1. The panelized wall idea with hidden storage @designcraftworksh

Producing a transformative interior bedroom look is not an impossible mission. If you wish to have a seamless transition in your bedroom, you can give this idea a try.

You can try covering your closet doors with vertical slats to hide it away impressively. No one will notice that you have a closet in your bedroom. They may think that it is a part of the elegant wall paneling.

To copy the project, your measurement should be accurate and accommodate your design effectively. It is advisable to measure before cutting the wood.

The total measurement of the wall paneling should be measured from bottom to top and consider the thickness of each slat. Remember that you need to leave an approximately 1/8 inch gap between each slat to make it look cohesive as a whole.

More importantly, you can vary the size of each panel. It all depends on what height will work best in your room design. You need at least four panels attached with pocket holes and secured with pocket screws or nails to the wall above your closet door frame and removed when you don’t want them anymore.

Or take the creative transformation from the urbanist platform

You have learned how to make a false bottom easily. Let’s take it to the next step.
Instead of crafting a hole at the bottom of the drawer, you can install another smaller drawer beneath the existing one. You will need to access it with a special key, though.

Copying the project by adopting some DIY technique would be tedious, and you should also consider the size of the false bottom you will need to make. You have to take into consideration the width and height of the drawer.

You could also consider making a small closet on the wall as a choice.

As an urbanist platform, you could also try the approach from SHUMI. The idea involves putting drawers inside the back of the wall and covering it with wallpaper that looks like wallpaper but is not wallpaper. This idea will make your wall look seamless, presenting a false front on the wall.


So, you should integrate the bedroom with the total space of your property, from the wall to the floor and from the ceiling to the bed. In other words, it should be treated as a spacious design concept. It means you have to disappear from your room when you go back.

For your bedroom design to be successful, you need to integrate it into your life and lifestyle for it to work for you. Also, remember, transforming a cluttered bedroom will cost you some time and effort. Not to forget that other members of the house will have to adjust their sleeping arrangements, too.

A successful home interior design always starts with a planning phase. The process should be realistic, thorough, and meticulous. Make it different and distinct from the rest of the house. Also, do everything in detail upfront to ensure that you do not miss any small detail that can make or break your room design.

Why not start with a simple DIY project when you think of making a bedroom design?
In this way, you will learn a lot about yourself and your bedroom setup. You will learn how much space you need for what purposes and to make it work for you – just like how to transform your bedroom set up from cluttered to stylish in the next step. If you want to make a more detailed bedroom design focusing on function, flexibility, and aesthetics, consider hiring an interior designer. No matter your budget, an interior designer will work with you to help you reach your goals.

If you are not sure where to start, try looking at free online resources like Houzz, Pinterest, or Simphome search bar. If you’re lucky, you’ll access hundreds of ideas you can learn, experiment with, or consider trying as soon as you finish reading the list.

Still, it is advisable not to take those images as gospel. Think of them as inspiration instead – something that can serve as jumping-off points for further discovery.
Not only that but also hiring an interior designer can help you save time and money in the long run.

In the end, sleeping in a bedroom with limited space does not mean you can give up hope of carving out comfort. These 12 hidden and secret storage for the bedroom ideas has proven that it is not merely a dream. You can make it tangible.



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